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DODGING HEAVY STUFF with RC CARS!! (From 45m Tower)

DODGING HEAVY STUFF with RC CARS!! (From 45m Tower)

And we Right track here at the tower And we’re gonna give ourselves one minute to complete as many laps as a little track as you can oh But huge battle the other two I’m gonna be throwing stuff from the top and Bill’s all sorts of ridiculous things We’ve really got the craziest stuff And you will not have to even complete the one minute let alone do any laps this guy called Goldberg anyone seen Mighty Ducks They’ll know that Goldberg got a bit of X Factor unpredictable But he’s a big unit and he was just power on through I heron you got three seconds to name your car steel blue steel is that short for BS That’s from Zoolander course it is orange car must be named in three two one all right. It’s called the zebra Goldberg blue steel and zebra three of probably the worst names we could have come up with but at least that segments done Lisa spelled Zebra, I think oh, we’ve got to show you the artillery before we get started so we’re gonna head to the top This is our mat. This is where it gets good. We’ve got Pitchfork axe you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball oh We’ve got home Alone’s brick We’ve got the anvil stoked about that that’s a milk basketball bowling ball melon You’ve got to have a good watermelon in a video and big Javelins, so we’re about to get underway here, and I’m kicking us off. Which is a bit exciting right here What are we going to drop first? I’m thinking of dual wielding on the first time I’m gonna go bowling ball and javelin my concern is just staying in the track And I’m thinking the best I can get is maybe six seven laps in the minute all right this way. It’s contest How many items are gonna miss the cars over the whole video? Let’s just so there’s got to be a fair few you can have a guess or you can actually try and work it out from the footage Isis or the best chance I get PINNED The good thing is he doesn’t know what’s coming and he can’t see it Did you see me jump over the brick. I think I hit the wheel with the brick I think Dropping things on a can’t even move like The robot they just stop they just couldn’t get past it. How did I get bogged man that frickin sucked? oh man, the melons just That is good all right. Well, how many laps one and a half it was only a second I Mean who can enjoy this artillery well we get three laps I think I’ll have Freddie covered You can’t draw these things to save his life, so Got the win the wrenches didn’t get used last time so wrenches must be used. We’ve got a whole bucket of golf ball and Scott wants to unload them all would you? Are we dropping the iron? Yeah? I mean it everything’s got to go It’s a it’s a clearance sale a little bit nervous now would it be a bit dog if on the three Two oh why not on the two, oh just hit him on the stuff. I’m the stuff With what a brick what about the old? I’m less than Scott. This is not good And dies Devlin on Oh times up hold on a break Did he pay you no He didn’t quite the disappointment, but leave my casa thought you went way too far launched on the start. Oh So I’m my first lap I’ve escaped the hammer the old bowling pins and the watermelon and then as I’ve come around I’ve gone way off course And I’ve ended up crashed into the pool noodle and getting stuck and the boys have rained down all sorts on me Pitchfork has gone right through a sign that thing is lethal. Okay? What the old golf balls were hectic I? Mean I gave them cold heads just out of just it was just so hectic Oh Dawn still in the lane what happened there, man. My theory was just go slow on the first two and beat Scott Didn’t work now. The you know. What was good the fuel wrench hammer It was like all around on the first lap. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I definitely got stolen. I’m pretty happy I think one and a half star debate. All right Goldberg the futures in our hands I’m gonna try and hit Britt on the start line with a bowling ball. Even if I don’t hit him I might just leave a crater in that um down at a wood. Let’s get it right out of him I think I’ve just got to stay on the track That’s all I’ve learnt from the other two battlers strategies simple slow and steady you know what heck. Let’s just go for it We don’t really have a plan what overthinking it That’s just a knife keep it simple throw stuff slow and steady who taught us over there hair Goldberg the golden tortoise 20 seconds I think there’s a DA in my wheel oh let’s go Slow and steady approach has dropped me the wind and I’ve survived an absolute Bombardment of object the anvils missed me by about a foot but goldberg With the brave soldier has come through for the wind that was acting all right dude. How close is my? Bowling ball like I put it within thirty centimeters of the first hour later. I was watching my brick sow well wrong Oh, how good’s winning slow and steady Stanford wins the rice How good was my just a little pot round a? Little Nana lap I mean look we haven’t really done a concept like this is video Oh, it was good fart was heaps of fun So we need we need you to comment right now your ideas for another video with RC cars And we’re gonna be back here with more anvils more more experiments, so if you’ve got more ideas for tea for club Thanks for hanging to the end. Thanks to have only said they’ll buy a t-shirt because they are coming soon. I would buy a t-shirt

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100 thoughts on “DODGING HEAVY STUFF with RC CARS!! (From 45m Tower)

  1. I spent to long on this but here is my guess.

    First number of items that missed the car: 12.
    Second number of items that missed the car: 156.
    Last number of items that missed the car: 105.
    But my answer is 275.

  2. #44Club, who knows where they got permission to use the tower and what it really is for? Science or something else? It has a cantilever shape that makes it great for what they are doing !

  3. My son's idea for an RC car stunt is to drive the rc car on the trampoline while dropping stuff on it from the tower.

  4. 13+17 (I didn’t count every single ping pong ball and dart, count the ping pong balls as 1 and the darts as 1)+ 18 (did the same for the one before)

    13+17+18=48 misses in the entire game

  5. Add more cars/racers higher chance of hitting something, it will be more interesting, and add 4 wheel drive! make the track peanut shape, other than that you guys did a great job love your channel!!!

  6. Hhjk is the season to start a year off the end to a season to win a season with the season in the end season and a few more season of the game will make PUBG game

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