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Do you WANT to MAKE MONEY? Do you LOVE CARS? Watch this!

Do you WANT to MAKE MONEY?  Do you LOVE CARS?  Watch this!

good more YouTube I am going to pay one
of you to help me find my next project Ferrari if you do to channel my name is
dan this is my garage and this channel is all about the supercar ownership
experience buying and selling to maintain them and even DIY work on them
and every once in a while we do a project fry so we’ve done kind of two
project Ferraris so far first off we did Tim’s 348 you needed an engine out major
we drove up the Tennessee picked it up drove it back down here to Austin pulp the engine out did a full major on
it yeah toki don’t be a little bitch and then
now he’s enjoying the hell out of this car and it’s absolutely incredible a
beautiful beautiful car the second project car was actually in
1987 Ferrari Testarossa oh shit it’s not a Prius well let’s leave damn it he said
it wasn’t red and unfortunately we have some weird logistical problems with the
shop that we were using so that project actually got halted midway through and
so we never really finished it all right puppy here we go so I was having a discussion with my
investor the other day when I caught with interesting cool ideas to get
people really interested in the channel and well frankly we thought you know
given the current situation with the global economy maybe we can help one of
you guys out by paying one of you guys so here’s what we’re gonna do we’re on
the hunt for the next project car for this channel I’m looking for some car
preferably a Ferrari definitely a super card that’s undervalued right now need
some love and then once fixed up could be sold for a profit so that’s where it
really comes into play is it has to make money any profit that comes out of the
car we’re gonna split 1/3 evenly between all three of us my investor gets 1/3 I
get 1/3 and you get 130 so here’s how this is gonna work go to
my website normal guy supercar comm and in the menu select submit a project car
once you’re on that form just fill it out and submit it I’m only gonna let you
submit so many cars like if you start submitting like every single car on auto
trader I’m obviously not gonna allow this try and keep it to five cars or
less or so if more than one of you submits the same car whoever submits it
first is going to be the one that gets considered we decide to limit it to one
hundred and fifty thousand dollars budget total so that doesn’t mean you
could go out find a car that’s one hundred fifty thousand dollars that
needs twenty thousand dollars at work no because then we’re spending one hundred
and seventy thousand dollars you found like a hundred and twenty thousand
dollar car needed thirty thousand dollars at work total spend would be a
hundred fifty thousand dollars any expenses related to working on the car
to buying and selling the car shipping the car whatever all those costs do have
to come and get paid first before we consider the rest of the profits so its
net profit at this point in time I am NOT willing to consider a salvage cars I
don’t want to have to deal with a salvage title and frankly that’s kind of
not what this channel is about we’re not trying to restore cars I’ve been wrecked
we’re trying to take cars that maybe just need a little love haven’t been
totally taken care of properly I don’t want to have to replace body
parts I’m not really much of a body or paint guy so if it has massive body
damage or it needs to be hammered out or repainted oh my god I’m probably not
gonna consider it as mentioned it needs to be a supercar preferably a Ferrari
and the reason I have a strong preference for Ferrari is I already have
a lot of connections of the frie world so I’m gonna be able to get parts better
in some cases free I’m not opposed to Lamborghinis and MacLaren’s although I
probably wouldn’t do a McLaren just because you can’t get parts for easily
Lamborghinis I just don’t know much about Lamborghinis yet my confidence of
my ability to make money on them is not as strong so again strong preference
towards Ferraris doesn’t matter the year doesn’t matter the model it just needs
to be one that can make money so that’s the ultimate goal here is it has to be a
car that we feel really confident can make money a great example is the Freud
testa Rossa that we were gonna try and work on we got for a ridiculously low
price and it was almost full proof that we’re gonna make
it didn’t need all that much work it needed the major but once the major was
done that car was probably worth six figures if we paid well under six
figures for it I’m actually going to say I’m not as interested in doing a major
at this time so if the car doesn’t any major it may not be considered just
because I don’t have somewhere to do it at the moment my garage doesn’t have the
capacity to do a major so I’d have a strong preference to not have to do a
major at this time in order for you to get paid on this you have to be willing
to participate in the video so I don’t necessarily mean you have to come down
to Austin because well travel right now could be kind of difficult and certainly
flying is not even advised you have to be able to at least do like a Skype call
or something we basically we want to involve you and show that hey we’re
actually helping one of you guys out and that you’re actually making some money
on this we want to get you guys involved and really make this a win-win-win so
everyone’s went in here so here’s a few tips for the cars that we’re looking for
finding that on major websites like Auto Trader probably isn’t gonna be super
helpful because I already browsed those so frankly if it’s on one of the big
websites and it’s already looking like a very obviously undervalued car I
probably am already aware of it har that doesn’t mean if you do find a screaming
deal on it maybe I missed it don’t feel like you can’t submit from auto trader
or one of the big websites but I have a strong preference to avoid those just
because I think those aren’t going to be where you’re gonna find the screaming
deals also as mentioned you have to submit the car through my website so
again go to normal guys supercar dot-com then select the submit a project car and
fill out the form and again whoever submits the car first is the one that’s
going to be considered and that’s would be where it’s really cool is once we’ve
gathered a bunch of cars if we have more than one I’m gonna have you guys vote on
it now ultimately I’m still gonna have veto power because if you guys choose a
car that just can’t make money or something like that we’re not gonna do
it but what I’d love to do is gather a bunch of the cars that you guys submit
and then do a video where we say hey here are all the cars have been
submitted which one do you guys think has the best chance of making money
which one do you guys really want to see me work on also you can kind of root for
your buddies your friends submits a car you like hey we want Dale to win a
couple grand so speaking of the money again we’re gonna divide the profits one
third one at 1:30 so that means let’s say we found
a car for $100,000 we put another $10,000 into it and then we sell it for
120 that means our total investment was 110 and we made $10,000 profit it means
each of us is gonna get three thousand three hundred thirty three dollars and
33 cents that’s a pretty substantial payday to not really do a whole lot of
work I hope this excites you guys and now I like that that also means we’re
gonna have a bunch of cool videos of taking and doing another project car
probably a Ferrari so given that I have a lot of experience with the 458 and
f430 those are obviously cars that I’m gonna strongly prefer just because I
know them very well and my confidence on my ability to fix them is really high
other interesting cars would be pretty much any of the v8 Ferraris I think
would do pretty well if we can find one at the right price I’m open to trying a
v12 Ferrari I haven’t really worked on one I’ve never even driven one yet well
no I have I haven’t driven him a lot let’s just say that I haven’t driven a
v12 Ferrari very much I’ve only driven like one or two of them I think that
would be absolutely cool tell me what car do you really want to see us work on
what would be the coolest project car that you can think of submit that in the
comments below maybe they’ll broaden the search
parameters a little bit if you find something’s really interesting ok so
again one last time go to normal guy super car calm select the submit a
project car page fill out the form submit it and then if we select that car
to be the one for the project car you’re gonna get one-third of the net profit so
that’s how it works as simple as that again make sure it’s a supercar make
sure it’s not a salvage title I’m not gonna do sell its title at this point
it’s just not of interest to me and make sure it’s something that can actually
make money so it needs to be undervalued and it needs to have work that I can
actually fix bodywork is probably gonna be a no-go
unless it’s something really simple like maybe like replace a bumper I don’t know
how to weld I don’t know how to paint at this point I’m just not capable of doing
those things and they cost a lot of money to do those things so basically it
means the net profit goes to zero pretty quickly as soon as we have to start
paying other people so hopefully this sounds really interesting you guys I’m
really excited about this I think it’s to be very cool so hopefully we find a
really cool car I’m really excited about that part of it
you guys are awesome thank you so much for watching don’t forget we have
giveaways going on we have the slip low scrape guards which you can buy a bit
that Lee / NGS scrape use the code mgs 10 you get 10% off your entire order
also if you want to win one of those scrape cards go to my website normal
guys supercar comm join the email list or binding my merch or become a member
of my channel if you do any of those three things as soon as we hit fifty
five thousand subscribers one of you they’ve done that is gonna be chosen to
win we’ve got a lot of cool car stuff corner a so you’re gonna want to stay
tuned it’s gonna be sweet

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33 thoughts on “Do you WANT to MAKE MONEY? Do you LOVE CARS? Watch this!

  1. Dude, few weeks ago someone sold a 20 years abandoned 1 owner, 25K miles Testarossa (Rosso Corsa with black interior) for $50K here in Puerto Rico. All vins match, car was complete but really really really f*cked😂😂
    Let's see if they can really restore that thing. I really don't think that will cost less than 100K and for that much you can just get a perfectly fine one.
    At the end of the day , we all have different perspectives…

  2. Havent watched the video yet but I wanna say, Ferrari 360 👍 they are pretty cheap and the timing belt service will be easier than the older cars👍👍

  3. I have an 88 rx7 gtu solid car zero rust! And my share would go to fixing my 88 10th anniversary rx7 1 of 1500 I've had for 22 years! Surgery stopped all projects in 2017..💜💙🙏🤔🤔

  4. @normalguysupercar get ahold of #samcrac and purchase his #360 and finish it. Its already been started and no #major on a #360.

  5. Theres a 430 in MA that needs a clutch, water pump, convertible top replacement and decklid repairs i know of thats for sale. High mileage too (almost 80k)

  6. My choice would definitely be a F355 from 1995 and up. With an average value of 70 to 90k and the 6 speed worth even more, you can find one that needs a service and that is something you are familiar with. Also, you love this car which would make it even more awesome. Find one for under 60k which is feasible and with the additional cost to get it back to shape and make a profit.

  7. Ferrari 412i. Or something I have wanted to do is buy a Jaguar XJS with a blown V12, source a Ferrari V12 of the same era and swap. The GM transmission should mate up. Not sure you would make an$$ on this, but it would be a cool Frankenstein project

  8. Nothing to lose let's put some elbow grease on this and see if I make the cut !!! Done this is Way COOL !!!

  9. Ok just finished watching. I know you’re not going off the comments but I’d suggest any V12 (Front) engine Ferrari, 430, or Gallardo, & Murcielago. But Murci I think will be the most $$ to work on and maybe harder😩.

  10. Fantastic idea, Dan! There, honestly, may not be a lot of profit at the end, but the content on your channel will be awesome! I'll see what I can come up with.

  11. Love this channel, you work and try things out unlike a lot of other youtubers who send the cars to mechanics.

  12. In our current world, you might have trouble making a profit because the market for super cars (cars in general) is a buyers market. Even if you did manage to sell the car, it it would take a while to find a buyer willing to pay your price. It would be an amazing video series though!

  13. great job in creating opportunities !! that excites me most !! that 348 sounds incredible and whats up with the wheels? i see you got them back…they look shiny 🙂

  14. Think of all the years of videos you'll do, Before you make a profit. Just a laugh of the times. Ill watch all 300

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