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DIY Replacing the Transmission Mount on a Ferrari 360 is a PAIN in the BUTT

DIY Replacing the Transmission Mount on a Ferrari 360 is a PAIN in the BUTT

good more YouTube today we’re gonna
change out the transmission mount on Stu’s Ferrari 360 the better part of the
day the transmission mount I’m not going to show you right now because actually
in the freezer that’s a tip we learn we stick it in the freezer the night before
because it needs to be kind of compressed as much as possible the trans
mount is actually directly underneath this big box that has all the air intake
stuff these all need to come out this big air box needs to come out and then
the really tricky part is this aluminum subframe actually has to come out and
there’s little access panels underneath the convertible top obviously this has
coil in it and stood just drove so we don’t want to burn ourselves so we got
to be really careful with this and not spill it all over ourselves Rigo flatheads on those alright there’s
a little latch on that goes the way can’t get the air filter back on you couple leave all right we’re gonna pull
off those panels and rank it get the access down here get the air box out yes this video is specified where can be
America so we got the parts from Academy America for this so thank you for gaming
America so go visit became America calm use the code NGS 10 they’re gonna hook
you up with 10% off because they’re awesome
they’ve been sponsoring a ton of these videos huge thanks to the Camby America
for doing all that did you know that Rick Tom be you mean spare parts in
italiano Craig gets to crank it right with it
no I’m remove your watch that’s a nice watch and we’re clear there we go detach the coolant overflow
box from the air box and get the air box out of here
so looks like just about 10 mils toasty he’s a hot knit or something extensions this metal subframe as you can see it’s
what kind of holds the transmission mount so in order to get that out
because basically the transmission mount is right there so once we disconnect all
this stuff we have to get that metal subframe out of the way they’re aluminum
I should say aluminum but we have to just take all these hoses and wires off
of the subframe set when we disconnect it we can pop it all the way now the
trick is before we actually disconnect it we’re gonna have to make sure we have
a jack floor jack on the transmissions you know it’s better than one chop dog
to shove dogs yeah good car wash water bring we have a
nice walk yes we’re gonna be chill now pickles pickles this new SHOP dog Moses
is Dan’s apprentice shop dog still needs to chill yeah hey what’s up boy just
look like your heavens in the know it’s not that it’s not quite quick Jack’s
under it we’re gonna use the quick jacks to lift it up so we can get off the
under tray aka the Millennium Falcon she’s flying your baby’s flying it’s
divorce yeah there is use the post well that’s
all ran release to recover a lost washer it went through my floor tiles one of
the downsides of having these Swiss francs floor tiles is sometimes I do
drop some stuff between them and it also it’s really bad when you spill like oil
or coolant then you just you’re screwed extremely large quantity of bolts in
three this is how you remove the Millennium Falcon
aka undertray okay we got all the bolts on the Millennium Falcon off oh yeah
josh is here now because josh just did this recently so we’re gonna learn from
his trials I figured they may need some help because it sucks yeah this sounds
like it’s a total pain in the butt alright josh is unbolting all these
hoses and wires and crap we got to get off the aluminum frame before we can get
that out of there do is finalizing the Millennium Falcon removal think around
the last bolt got it two holes here we are yep thank you yeah Megan demanded I
film the the sack as we call it yes the the cul-de-sac of car no scout we got
good doggies on the sack he’s come out right yeah okay now in my car this stuff
was not mounted to this then may need to be loosened but we’ll find out after we
get those front bolts off yeah how much movement this has yeah it’s really like
this is this is different to this hoses gonna have to pop out of this little
bracket yeah yeah there goes the Millennium Falcon do you have a torch torch yeah I have a
colony torch okay whenever you’re right before you’re about to put it on it’s
best to heat this up oh yeah all right well he’s cranking on those so what’s
happening right now the bolts are being loosened up and are coming off of the
frame support they call it the cradle the transmission is supported right now
oh yeah Jack we got a jack the there’s like a little fall it’s kind of like a
mount we got sitting around that if I push
this thing higher the whole car will pop right now to get assault still in place
and for that this piece there are four bolts that hold the back of it in place
we still need to get the bolts off of the front and or anything else that is
connected to it screwdrivers you’re not supposed to use it as a frightful pry
tool one safety goggles I get an actual hammer just the tension from this okay
all right we got all eight of the bolts back here off so now Steve I’m not going
to crawl in successfully so we raise raise the roof and once the roof is
halfway we can actually get access to these little panels there you go that’s pretty good push
this up manually yeah and prop it up with like a wooden dowel or something
yeah watch your head this case right in your face dude okay
we are successfully out so the bolt should be accessed through this little
rubber thing we have to pry that off there there these are actually pretty
loose that’s scary okay the rear ones don’t have pop-up oh
he’s our huge yeah weird so we can do the back careful guys we had the head
casualty theoretically that’s oh we just got into
this that one goes that way this one pretty oh that wasn’t bad at all no not
at all okay we could put a ratchet down there
now you’re not the giant boat okay remember the direction that this bolt
went through not on the right right nut right now right she said the right ones
bigger than the jack the transmission until this becomes loose and then you
should just pull right out okay well the whole Carmen yeah you might
have to lower it you got to lower it raise it lower it until you I got it bending Jack it up a little more all
right Tavian loose I had to use a pry bar start move oh I saw it move yeah the
trans move but frame kind of stayed so basically get it to the lowest point
right there and then the frame has to come up from there I had to use my big
pry bar to get this up yeah I don’t think little things then do it
there’s the largest crowbar ever still stuck on those sides yeah I saw the
frame like the car moved over there yeah look at the whole full car moves alright
finding up on the side semptember five damn I mean I could push a lot harder
but I don’t want to bend this frame I know it’s only aluminium maybe if you
pull up and then we do that what are you doing it yeah all right so you jack and
he push right yeah that broccoli so we put the pry in there
or the chisel yeah we just got you on that side no yeah like the pry bar that
the guy had at home alone you remember that it’s totally outside by the
trashcan I think his name is Harry Harry’s one of the bad guys I’m talking
about the old man next door named lowly moving yeah oh shit take the chisel there okay now is the trick to this is
to move everything out of the way so that though yeah don’t get out of the
way yes trance oh we can lower right some more try
OOP oh there’s one of the washers yeah there’s washer on each side of this you
just can’t suck in all the crap yeah you’re just so much oh they’re good now
what I did is I that to the side I got real high and then yeah I had enough
that was good it might actually fit don’t go too hard don’t stir this up you
can’t these cake by the way that is sold a trick can be America looks like a
weighs at least 20 pounds pretty heavy yeah 15 so plan is we use this to press
out the guts of the bushing and then we’re cut it using that hacksaw you just
put a slice in it right and then once you do that it alleviates the pressure
and should pop out right this is all in theory so this thing you have to have
enough room with the deco for this thing to go on this side or you
this thing to go on this side geez okay come on this is how I broke my goddamn now you should be able to get that side
if you can get the bottom of this on top of here you’re good because I that’s how
I did I balanced the bottom is on top of here all right there’s the bushing and
we got the frame barely resting on top of the trans so we’re gonna stick this
in there all right watch your fingers in case it pops you just put this washer on
to push the center out oh really just the washer oh because that actually
is that say this is the bushing yeah that’s the one for the bushing okay all
right three clear one side 7/8 on the other and just gonna smash it right
through destroy that rubber this is where they you’re a ratcheting wrench
might come in handy if you have a my neighbor made pie we’re we’re literally
having a pie break Bek Bek demanded that we show you that we like it we have to
be proper neighbors and be like look at the pie shop dawg go bother someone oh
oh we getting success nice so this is the guts that came out of the center of
the bushing so basically we used that to push through this first and now that
that’s out we’re gonna saw a chunk out of this guy and then we’re gonna try and
press out the actual bushing so we get the Sun threaded through the hole that
we punched out and now he first got solved through the rubber and then
through the metal this is our cardio workout for the day
it’s super close look at this it says thank you
basically there all right so we’ve got the tool to remove the bushing in place
wrench on it until it pops out theoretically of course Josh said to be
very careful if you feel 2-inch resistance stop because you’re gonna
just snap the bolt he actually did that once already so we don’t want to do that
no it’s their only bolt I’ve sprayed a little PB Blaster and thread so
hopefully thread a little bit easier all right look at that sliding right through
I’m holding it with my fingers I think it’s cuz we cut it like I said we cut it
it makes it come out like butter oh yeah look at that there she be nice man badass sandpapered
it to make sure there’s no goobers in there and I’m gonna spray some PD
blaster all over the inside of it kind of wipe it out and make sure it’s lubed
up really good just checking out her cam B’s website in it note so there’s the
bushing and it notes that the diamond shaped plate should be wearing it
directly upward in the gearbox case so I’m assuming they mean the center
diamond should be straight up and down in that horizontal like this so that’s
good no before we start trying to jam it in there alright here’s our part been
the freezer overnight part number two three seven five three one is the
transmission bushing this is for the 360 and 430 so it needs to go up and down
like that mm-hmm and see there’s a taper you ever want that taper to go in first straight that’s the biggest thing is it
straight oh shit I don’t know it’s right over here take the whole thing off yeah so you’ve
been here a little bit difficulty with that stupid press so I’m using the
swinging press and actually I’m making more progress because what happens is
every time as using the press the normal press they start twisting in and so with
the swinging press at app and on one side it starts to kink a little I tap on
the other side it’s kind of going wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle and it’s actually
making a lot of progress so we switched back to the regular press
and now that I got it started pretty good secret going in I’m using a pretty
small ratchet and I’m not using that much force yeah
resorting to power tools no no no no no no you’re the bolt is going in Wow
bolts make it slowly I felt it really spin like it’s stripped or something
yeah so even working at this for three hours and here’s what’s really
determined this has a slightly larger thread size than this versus this has
the proper thread size for this so what happens is this is tight but then as
soon as it starts to pull this thing jumps the threads and as you can see
what’s happened is the threads are just getting torn to hell on this rod okay so
we’re gonna make a Home Depot run by new nuts and maybe a new rod yeah never pine
or pine nuts and rods we’re back we got a new bolt because the old one was
getting kind of messed up and I got some new nuts and I bought a blowtorch so we
can heat it up because we’ve heard that that actually helps quite a bit so we’re
gonna put some heat of a sucker the good news ladies and John is
progress progress the bad news solution is going in it’s slow but the tool is
working alright we got the big gun at the air tools out so we kind of
destroyed the threads our bolt now it’s stuck in there so I’m a sawzall that
sucker off yeah sawzall so I’m sawzall off the tip of that so I can beat it
with a hammer and then maybe we’ll cut the nut off okay after beating the bejeezus saddest
thing we think we got in place as far as it’s going to go so now what we got to
do is we actually jack up the transmission with the jack you got to
put it in these two little washers between the two sides and then we put in
the bolt once we get that bolted I think by doing that it’ll drop the jack down a
bit and I should pull the cradle back into the proper position if the washer
in place I take the bolt – if I remember right we had a screw it kind of in there
anyway so I’m try and tap it in with a I don’t want to go all the way through
because I got to put the other washer on yeah there you go yeah yeah manipulating
it from the side perfectly it’s not quite the washer maybe in place so we
get the washer and the lock nut and I don’t have any clue what the torque
specs are in this I suppose we should look at that so that big sucker goes to
98 Newton meters which is approximately 75 foot pounds these bolts are 28 and a
half meters which is about 20 foot pounds alright so at this point we’re
just trying to realign the frame to get the bolts in I got one bolt in and
basically I’m just using a crowbar and kind of jimmying the frame around
up-down left-right to manipulate it to get a line with the holes and once I get
the holes aligned I just kind of pop in a bolt and tighten them down yep yeah
sure yeah maybe maybe maybe got it nice and now we’re gonna have to
get back underneath the b-pillar just so we can put in the back in the
screws thank God these ones are going in really
easily so you got these long ones in the back kind of gotta feel them around till
they go in the hole and once they do there we have to put back the rubber
covers good on you for remembering she’s inflation she looks purty I’m sorry all right having I got those ones
tightened down Dan feverishly working on the final nut let’s get a kind of panned
out view get the foot against the wall put on the Fox for leverage this is one
taken out an hour because one damn thing damn it torque specs are on that one not
doing it yeah okay so we’ve got all the hoses and various vacuum lines and wires
and whatever all reconnected back to the aluminum frame so the frames bolted down
those are tied down we need to get the air box in there we need to put those
things back in the air box and we still have the money and Falcon to do this job
really sucks by the way I got the air box Sammy just kind of bolt it down and
kick those hoses up to the back side of it : Tex back home air box is back on
air filters are in side trim is on I think the only thing left is the
Millennium Falcon I think Stuart’s passing out it’s like a
midnight and we’ve been working on this for know this is about 11 yeah 13 hours
oh we had an hour break for lunch lunch yes true oh wait till I forgot dinner yeah all right money Falcons under no
he’s gotta get bolted up yeah we are beat up moving so slow right now
Oh have fun over there I’m not going no worries all right Dilek tired cuz I’m
tired are you are you tired too dude well I could go I could do another
service let’s do it come on you know no you’re right
oh my god yeah that took us about 12 hours of actual work yeah it’s a pain
the butt task it’s not super comfy it’s just difficult because of alignment
issues and by the way you will need a pry bar
you will need some sort of crowbar or pry bar or something we use the crap out
of that today jibing around the frame and all that
sort of stuff also I did buy a blow torch which I don’t know if that helped
or not yeah yeah sniffing propane yeah that’s real good
something that happens on these 360s and 430’s after a long time the rubber in
the Mount degrades and then collapses same thing at the engine mounts so we
were gonna do these today but we’re not gonna do them because we’re exhausted
we’ll do these another day yes again this video was sponsored by our camp
America so go visit with kami America calm use the code NGS 10 you’re gonna
save 10% off on all of your stuff by the hill engineering tool from economy
America it will save your butt it’ll help you get out the old motor mount and
it’ll help you push in the new one yeah you could not do this task without that
twelve period so we got some more DIY stuff coming obviously we’re we’re doing
some Antrim out soon I’m gonna go bed you guys are awesome
thank you so much like share and subscribe hit the nofa Cajun Belle all
that sort of cool stuff maybe go buy a t-shirt so go to my website go to normal
guys supercar comm buy t-shirt or you can buy a hat I got hats oh I got
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spend like three bucks and I get like a dollar all right guys we’ll see see
we’re gonna do a lot of car stuff it’s gonna be sweet it’s gonna be sweet

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