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DIY: Cheapest Engine Oil Extractor, Drain Fluid Easily and Free

DIY: Cheapest Engine Oil Extractor, Drain Fluid Easily and Free

today I’m going to show you how to drain engine oil with a vacuum cleaner without damaging vacuum cleaner this is a clear plastic bottle just
going to give you a demo. I have a tube I just stick the tube into the bottle and
use tape to seal it. The other is the vacuum adapter I also seal it. For this end of the tube, I’m going to tick into the oil dip. I am going to measure how long this will be. at least this much to go in. So I am going to stick the tube in. Ok, so it is in. its in vacuum adapter doesn’t connect to this. It connects via the bottle. you’ll see the bottle will shrink and
that’s okay I’m just trying to do with a demo and will show you the oil will come out. Before you drain the oil, make sure you open the cap so that the air can go in so that you can drain the
oil easily. So first I connect this through here and I’m going to turn on the vacuum cleaner, and you will see this world shrink. anyway, still it would come out. The oil will not coming to the vacuum to the top. If your tube is too close to the bottom, it would suck the oil out. But right now it is fine. And I going to turn this off, I will show you. Turn this off. Alternatively, if you don’t have a paint bucket, and if you no longer use this one, you may use this one. This is a gasoline tank. You can seal a vacuum adapter on one end, this end you will stick your tube in. So let’s test the results. Here is a paint bucket, I drill a hole here, and connect a tube. You can test by just blocking the tube to see how strong the suction is. But I am going to suck the water here. so that works. This one (adapter and tube) shares the hole. Make sure this tube is not too close to the opening of the vacuum adapter. I am using water to test, it’s clean so that in case of accident, I am not really damaging the vacuum cleaner. ok, it works. Let’s try this device. let’s see this device. it’s done. I also tried this, this is a 5-quart engine oil container. It looks soft, but I still want to try it. I am sharing this because I don’t want you to waste your time. Because I spent the time doing the experiment. Would this work? I will test it. I drill a hole on the cap, and then I drill a hole on this side. so the tube (and the adapter ) would separate. Otherwise you are too close, you will suck the oil into here (into the vacuum) if it is too close. Ok, let’s test this one. It will crumble, it will not hold its shape. it’s not strong enough. you may use a coat hanger. For example make then more structured strong you will need quite a few of them. so try to stick this into the inside. make quite a few of them this still will crumble but not as much. I don’t have enough coat hangers to put in. so I am putting in block of wood in here. just have a thread so that I could align it. and it’s really not easy to do but you may have more elaborative/ creative idea. but in the end, this may not be the best. if you want to reuse the tube you don’t need to clean inside just hang like this and after a day like this. it would get clean see, it is pretty clean inside. I did not have to wash inside. draining oil is slow because its
viscosity is high other fluids such as brake fluid, power
steering, coolant are much thinner therefore would be faster and easier

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33 thoughts on “DIY: Cheapest Engine Oil Extractor, Drain Fluid Easily and Free

  1. No wonder they conquered the world! The Brits have no more Engineering/ British car manufacturing, thanks to the genius of Asians.

  2. LOL, ARE YOU SERIOUS ?????????? ONE mistake and you are done with the Vacuum, even with a CHEAP Vacuum, it's like almost 100 Bucks at Walmart . Go to Ebay and search for 12V DC Oil Pump Extractor – EVERYTHING included and it's $16.00 plus free shipping. Man…. And to think and say Asians People are Smart !!! You SIR !!! You are making Asian People look DUMB !!!

  3. i like your ingenuity and thank you for sharing your knowledge. curious if a 1 gallon arizona iced bottle will work?

  4. Great video, here's a cheap dyi oil extractor that I made.

  5. OR………. you can jack the car up 4 inches and unscrew the drain plug , then change the oil filter ..

  6. during this video, i took my car to the shop, had an oil change, went to the panda express, got my food and came back home…im still watching it…i love Chinese food…

  7. I would of had it up on ramps and the drain plug off and filter off in less than 5 minuts. And I would have it back toghter and running in under 20 minuts this is too much work to try and stay clean. And I could of put a quick drain plug on that would of only taken me an additional 2-3 minuts.

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