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Disney Cars Toys GIANT EGG SURPRISE OPENING Lightning McQueen

Disney Cars Toys GIANT EGG SURPRISE OPENING Lightning McQueen

What! It’s Lightning What’s inside that tent? take it out What! It’s a Lightning McQueen Car I wonder if anything else is inside the tent What! It’s Dusty Kids did you see the propeller spinning? Welcome to Ryan ToysReview Kids let’s crack the egg What! It’s Mater and Lightning On top of Mater’s head? Let see what else is inside Color Changers? I’m so excited to open these color changers This one is my favorite I wonder what else is insdie What! It’s Lightning McQueen suitcase I wonder what’s inside this suitcase What! There are so many cars inside A lot of toys I wonder what else is inside? Dusty packback. I wonder what else is inside this dusty packback What! There are micro drifters micro drifters? wow that’s a lot of micro drifters wow what you doing? I’m putting rocks in the dump trucks And then I’m going to have a race He’s upside down wow, what you doing? I’m covering Sally wow, there’s Sally Who do you think is going to win kids? Salley won If you want more Giant Egg by Ryan, then please subscribe wow Giant eggs are awesome Go Lighting McQueen, Go Lightning McQueen Go Lightning McQueen, Go Lightning McQueen Bye don’t forget to subscribe see you later bye. If you like this video, please subscribe Where’s Ryan. I wonder where Ryan is. Why is the tent moving on it’s own, what’s going on? why the tent moving on it’s own what! What’s inside there Lets take a closer look Surprise kids Ah, it’s Ryan

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