100 thoughts on “Dirty Guy Wants to Have Sex With a Prostitute Without a Condom (Sadam)

  1. This goes to show you…. and sad to say….. MONEY TALKS!! She wanted that money!! At that moment she didn't care about anything but that Cash. Wow!

  2. Just re titled upload as
    Dirty guy wants to have sex with a junkie who sells herself to anyone to feed her habit
    When got no will power to get away from that life and get a decent job

  3. She didn’t want to engage in sex without a condom until the last moment, and when he had already run away, she began to stop him. The nature of the feminine essence

  4. Damn where is she at I'll go pick her up,, hope she likes herpes hehehe LOL I might be able to talk her down to 200 I'm a pretty smooth talker.

  5. I'll do sex with you fuck my ass make pragnet after touch my parts fuck me and you can go bite my parts make me scream first kiss me than throw me into your bed and make sure your fully naked as you drive me crazy make fully naked go deeper and deeper enter my body roughly to drive me crazy I like to touch my whole butt and bite privarte part roughly with your teeth when I said stop don't stop continue when say stop a billon time than you stop suck me make all yours

  6. Tell me your number on WhatsApp I'll text you after that you come singapore to fuck me

  7. This girl needs real prayers for deliverence. She is doing prostitution against hee own will, she doesn't want no condom but she finally accepts no condom because she is enslaved by sin . And luck. The reason Jesus came to this world was to destroy the work of Satan of enslaving people like her.

  8. This îs not funny… But ofc allot of virgins will think this îs funny… Hope that girl finds Love în her heart and finds happiness… And all of you beta cucks that think this îs funny need to sk a Dick…

  9. Funny thing is that when you ask her nothing , when you walk away she agrees , that's a life . that's called the magnet effect

  10. Ничего себе у них там проститутки на трассе стоят. У нас как правило на трассе стоят страшные, за редким исключением, а тут такая красота! Дааа… Завидую её детям

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