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Did Forrest Fenn Rent a Car, or Not When He Hid His Treasure?

Did Forrest Fenn Rent a Car, or Not When He Hid His Treasure?

hello and welcome to a Gypsys kiss the vlog I’m Shelley Carney and I’m Toby Younis stick around after the intro and
I’m going to share with you a new Fenn unintended clue you mean the one in too
far to walk nope Wow so Toby how was your weekend relatively
uneventful but I did get some time up in the mountains to shoot some footage for
the container video that I haven’t edited yet right and and the Pilar video
how’s that going yeah the Pilar video is going I needed a little bit of extra footage
as I told you on Friday so we spent some additional time up there but I feel like
I’ve got everything so all the pieces are coming together I feel like it
pretty much this week a lot of the projects are out of the way that’s okay because you know what I like Pilar I we find more treasure
every time we go up there well you found all that precious metal this time right
the aluminum the copper then you know if I can the next time maybe I’ll find some
nickel or some silver silver yeah and I got a new pair of Berkley no less
fishing glasses out of it right we found all kinds of really all kinds of
treasure and relics and a petroglyph that’s right that I had been looking for
I found it and lost it and found it again so well it’s hard to see it’s very
faint yeah so yeah what I’m worried about it because of its location I feel
like it’s going to be abused one of these days somebody’s going to look at
it and do something stupid but it’s not very far away from the camp host though
so they can kind of keep an eye on it yeah all right so getting started with
today’s topic to rental car or not to rental car that is the question and we
promised you last week that this is what we were going to talk about so rental
cars Hertz there’s Budget why are we talking about rental cars anyway it’s
part of the big grand scheme of the story oh but as usual we need to set some ground rules so let’s talk a little bit
about some fundamental and basic assumptions okay that’s a nice new
addition to this slide yeah looks like somebody drove over the top of our slide
well we’re going to go with it because we’re already in the middle of the show that’s all it’s there so so number one if the treasure is hidden in New Mexico it is
hidden within a three-hour drive of Fenn’s home in Santa Fe
which makes sense because you go any further than three hours drive away from
his home to the north of Santa Fe which he said it was north of Santa Fe you’re
out of the state you’re out of the search area in New Mexico you’re at that
point if you go continue north you’re going into Colorado and if you continue
you know he said the search area is from 90 to 271 degrees or ninety one day
about 89 to 271 degrees but at that point you’re way out of the Rocky
Mountains you’re in the high desert at that point and I do want to point out
these are our assumptions not anything that Forrest has actually said or written
these are the assumptions we make as part of our basis for our searches so
we try to apply logic to our assumptions we do hard logic yes yeah okay so being
that assumption number one assumption 1a there is a high probability Fenn drove
his own vehicle if he’s driving around in New Mexico because he has his own
vehicle there’s no reason not to drive his own vehicle there’s there’s no
reason to rent a car right you’ve got his own vehicle and it reduces the
amount of additional effort and and then I think is an Occam’s Razor kind of guy
keep it simple mm-hmm don’t increase the number of variables
so if you’re not driving your own car and you’re renting you’re increasing the
number of variables sure number two if the treasure is not hidden in New Mexico
it is hidden within a three-hour drive of a hotel or an airport well that makes
sense because it’s as we know it’s in the Rocky Mountain region of the United
States so there would be a hotel or an airport pretty much anywhere in that
area right yeah let’s use Cody Wyoming as an
example okay we know that Fenn travels up to Cody Wyoming once a year at least
did while he was on the board of directors of the Buffalo Bill
well the wild Buffalo Bill Cody museum it’s not it’s wild Bill Hickock and Buffalo Bill Cody and that he used to make an annual trip up there for their Board of
Directors meeting so you could get up there you know and
if you needed to go someplace for a day take a drive around you could rent a car
rent a car and you could drive for three hours take four hours to hide the
treasure and then you could drive back for three hours so you could make a
similar assumption about being near an airport or or a hotel so the hotel would
be if he was traveling on business or vacation the airport if he flew in for
the day so in either case then there’s a high probability he had to rent a car
right so those are the fundamental assumptions we’ve already made that
leads us to the three possible flying scenarios okay so scenario one someone he
knows flies him in a private aircraft well he was a pilot he had his own plane
he sold this plane but he has a grandson who’s a pilot and I’m sure he knows a
lot of pilots because he’s that would be his group of friends right well it is
one of the kind of sub assumptions I made is that when he sold the airplane
he sold it to someone with the kind of agreement that Forrest would make and
what he would say to the someone is I’ll sell you this airplane at a reasonable
price maybe even a discount if I can be assured that when I need an aircraft and
it doesn’t compromise whatever you want to do with the aircraft I can rent it
from you at a fair rate mmm-hmm so he it is very likely he had access to more to
at least his own old aircraft and perhaps even the aircraft owned by
others and lord knows you could walk into any airport in America and find somebody
who rents aircraft at an hourly rate sure number two he charters a small jet
like a Learjet or a corporate jet somebody who does that as a business a
corporate jet they they can be hired out or chartered and he could fly himself
and anybody else he wanted to take with him up to Cody or anywhere else which
make which makes sense to me if for example on one occasion he wanted one or
more occasions he wanted to take Peggy with him mm-hmm getting in and out of
the Malibu because it’s a low winged aircraft or even a high winged aircraft
for someone that age is difficult enough and Peggy is a petite little thing anyway
so it would be hard other than to fly her on a on a charter aircraft which has the
stairs which has the bursar which has the flight attendant and if she needed a
wheelchair they could manage that as well
exactly yeah so they had that right so that’s a reasonable option as well sure
number three he flies a commercial carrier like one of the big airlines or
a small commuter airline United commuter out of Albuquerque to Denver Denver to Cody or Denver to West Yellowstone hmm easy enough so as I look at those three
scenarios the commercial carrier seems to me the least likely right why is that
well it would increase the number of variables right he would have to do one
of two things with his baggage either he’d have to check it check the baggage
with a 42-pound or 2 20 pound pieces of metal in it it may not be inspected but
now it’s flying in checked baggage and its uninsured right and who knows what
can happen after that and he had a strong attachment to those things it was
it’s doubtful he’d let it out of his sight like that right if he then if he
didn’t do that and he decided to take it on board with him now he’s got to go
through security it would go through the x-ray machine and he would be asked to
open up now he open his luggage up now he could he could answer the question
where did that come from or what is it or how did you end up with all this gold
he can say it’s mine and that’s a perfectly reasonable answer sure but the
TSA agents aren’t mute well they might tell their friends well not only might
they tell their friends they would at least pull you aside and have a conversation
and maybe even ask you to prove that that was your gold and why are you
traveling with this it just leads to a lot of questions so I think that
eliminates at least the commercial the idea that you flew a commercial airline
but I’m I don’t know like you go back going back next yeah oh here we go we
crossed off everything now yeah so why did we do that so we did that
because in any of those cases he couldn’t have done that without someone
else being involved in case one at a minimum
his grandson or a pilot he doesn’t he’s not related to has to be involved at a
minimum a car rental agency in some airport north of Santa Fe you know in
Colorado Wyoming of Montana has to be involved so there ultimately if
if I was responsible it was my treasure and I wanted to hide it and I
didn’t want anybody to know where it was I wouldn’t give anyone any reasons to look
any place else right so a flight plan or the fact that you could track an
aircraft or that even your grandson because he says nobody else knows what
do you how do you say this to Shiloh I want you to fly me to West Yellowstone
wait at the airport for three or four hours I’m going to rent the car and then
I’ll be back you know I’ll come back so you’re you’ve already got more people
involved than you want to be and it’s just as true if even you know and you’ve
got somewhat of a paper trail in the form of the rental car
if you charter an aircraft the paperwork the paper trail goes up exponentially
right now you’ve got a contract you’ve got liability papers you’ve got
insurance papers you will definitely have a flight plan you have a pilot you
have a first officer you have a bursar you have a flight attendant and whether
you can afford it or not is irrelevant what you can’t afford is that more than
you know that any of this you know that you’re chartering this aircraft that’s
more people than you care to so I’m starting to exclude the idea that he
actually flew out of New Mexico mm-hmm but then this happens to rental car or
not to rental car that is the question didn’t we already do this well I’m
bringing us back to it because that therein is the conundrum we just talked
about flying we didn’t talk about cars right but the flying conclusion that we’ve come to is that he probably didn’t fly
badly and breaks the rules of if more than one person knows a secret then it’s
not a secret how does he how he does it but basically says I can
tell you the secret but then I’d have to shoot you well so why are we telling
about a rental car well because that’s the conundrum that’s the thing that kind
of screws this all up and it happened at the moby-dick at moby dickens at the moby Dickens bookshop mm-hmm let’s play that clip
okay Forrest Fenn we’ve got a question from your online fan base that we gotta address too who is it this one’s anonymous okay well
I’m in trouble now was the car you walked back to after hiding the treasure
rented was it rented you know that’s the first time I’ve been asked that question
but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about that that’s why I’ve told
people that I buried the trea– that I hid the treasure chest when I was either
79 or 80 years old because I don’t want the exact date to be known because I’m
afraid somebody will go check the rental car records and how many miles did Mr. Fenn put on a truck or the car so I don’t answer those kind of questions
but shoot that person who sent that email well that was sort of a roundabout
non answer don’t you think what happened there so it was interesting because
Forrest used over 30 seconds and I think I counted 99 words when I looked at the
transcript not to say no or yes good point or he could have just said I’m not
going to answer that easily could have said but he didn’t do that he could have said the correct
answer the the one that would have caused the least consternation on his
part would have been I can’t answer that either way because it would be a clue
right it would be a clue right one way or the other it would be a clue that’s
right he can’t say yes because then you know
it that it was outside of New Mexico he said yes I did rent a car if he says no
then you know he drove his own car and it’s probably in New Mexico so the best
answer would have been I can’t answer that it would be effectively a clue so
what instead he did was what he did one of two things from the perspective
of a former intelligence analyst mm-hmm he he used over 30 seconds and 90 words
not to say no which would indicate what that indicates that what he told us
was had nothing to do with a car what he told us had to do with what is the first
clue in the poem the first clue in the poem well what do you mean what’s that oh I
was going to tell you all about that but let’s save it for next week okay next
week make sure you tune in to find out what Toby’s talking about the first clue
in the poem and how Forrest just told us what it was okay until then please
check out a Gypsys kiss dot com that’s the blog and everything’s there we have a
lot of written articles all of our videos there’s a lot of conversation
between searchers and Toby and there’s a great place to visit to go back and look
at all the history of everything as well by the way if you go if you go back far
enough you’ll find an article entitled why the treasure is in New Mexico read
it I wrote back in 2013 as a matter of fact it was literally within a week
after the Moby Dickens video was produced take a look at I think you’ll
find it interesting you can also find all of our videos on slash gypsies kiss including any videos of force that we have
please contact us through a Gypsys kiss if you would like to express
an opinion or if you have a question and again all of our articles pictures
videos you can see there as well and this is the Forrest Fenn at Moby Dickens video that you saw just a little clip of today and Toby’s going to tell
you how to see more of that so back in October and late October and
early November of 2013 Forrest did two presentations one at the collected works
bookstore in Santa Fe one at Moby Dick Dickens bookshop in Taos moby-dickens is now closed I happened to be at both of them and I recorded both of them
including having microphones directly in front of Forrest
I had them up on YouTube for a while but I have since put them up on Vimeo and
given accents access on demand if you FORREST FENN AT MOBY DICKENS NOW FREELY AVAILABLE ON OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL moby dickens presentation it’s in Word
so it’s searchable you’ll also get two sets of notes the ones that I made on
the same night that the collected works event took place and the ones that I
made on the same afternoon that the moby dickens events took place
you will find them extremely informative and beneficial to to your search so I
highly recommend as I said earlier that you go and take advantage of those of
those videos on Vimeo you can find them at slash on-demand
slash thin at mopey Dickens so alright so check that out if you’re it all
intrigued about all the other things that Boris had said that day that’s it
for today well unless you want me to give you more
clues about what we’re going to talk about next week next week we’re going to
talk about the clue that was given as Forrest was answering that question
about the rental car you might even call it an unintended clue unintended clue okay so
be sure to tune in next week and watch for it okay
so thank you so much for joining us today i’m shelley carney for a Gypsys
kiss and I’m Toby Younis we’ll see you next week bye bye you

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