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Demet Özdemir Failed to Buy a Valuable Car

Demet Özdemir Failed to Buy a Valuable Car

demet Ozdemir celebrity status failed
to get her a discount hello viewers welcome back to our channel where we
bring you the latest updates on the lives of your favorite Turkish
celebrities the beautiful Turkish Actress Demet Ozdemir who shot to fame
for playing the role of sanam in the Turkish soap opera Erkenci Kus
opposite john Yaman recently went to a car dealership to buy a new car she got her
heart stuck on a Mercedes that cost seven hundred thousand lira and here is
where things caught a bit messy the actress wanted the luxury car but
found the price too expensive even with her celebrity stated she was unable to
strike a deal to get the car at a discount not want to give up easily
Demet called her friends to act as intermediaries and to try to
negotiate with the dealership officials to drop the price to six hundred
thousand liras however the sellers did not make the concessions and the Matassa may have to give up empty-handed despite her best efforts while Johnny Mann who
was her co-star in our kanji kuch wowed international audiences with his
performance and is on an international and promotional tour and is striking up
deals to appear in the Italian media and entertainment industry then it stayed
back in Turkey to shoot for her next project event a Turkish drama serial
about a troubled marriage in which her character plays the wife to Ibrahim JAL
calls character that’s all the news we have for today be sure to subscribe to
the channel and let us know what you think of the mythos Damir in the
comments below don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for more of the latest inside
info on your favorite Turkish celebrities right here

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10 thoughts on “Demet Özdemir Failed to Buy a Valuable Car

  1. No creo que demet tenga problemas para comprar un auto,me extraña mucho que no se puda permitir,además ella lleva trabajando desde hace años y cosechando éxitos para ahora no tener para un coche ,además ella salio en otro vídeo público y tenía un buen coche que conducía ella no creo que sea x falta de dinero,a lo mejor en su vida hay otras prioridades.

  2. Eso no lo creo ,trabaja desde ase mucho tiempo ,talves lo pensó mejor y desidio priorizar otras cosas pero no por falta de dinero ,estoy segura que cuando dejen de ablar pavadas lo ara mi siempre REYNA

  3. After the end EK she is not only bay Car she is olso bay house. Bravo demet without help any man. Model of strong women 💋❤💎💪👍👏👏

  4. Por dios, si no se compra el coche sera por que nl quiere. Es una chica suler sensata y ella sabe lo wue es priorizar. Dejenla tranquila y hablen dd su buen hacer como actriz, que por cierto es sublime. Tendrian que estar orgullosos1😘

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