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Dealership Lot Capture – Take Vehicle pictures easily with this App

Dealership Lot Capture – Take Vehicle pictures easily with this App

Stuart: “Hi. I’m Stuart Bendall, the director of training from Strathcom Media. What I’m
going to show you how to do today is take pictures with new
app that we’ve developed. It can be used on the iPhone, or of course, the iPad. Getting
your pictures online as quickly as possible is of the paramount
importance and um, I’m going to show you how to take the pictures and then upload them
with a description, it’s very straightforward. So everyone likes to see how big the truck
is. So we’ll get a couple of pictures inside the trunk; how many golf clubs etc.; How much
luggage.” [pause]
Stuart: “Get a nice picture of the side of the vehicle. So you can take a picture of
your Taurus badge. Again, it paints a picture in people’s minds, you want
to get the touching and feeling the cars just like they would in person, but they’ll be
in the comfort of their own home.” [pause]
Stuart: “Take plenty pictures of the back. There’s no science to taking the pictures,
um, you just got to sell the car. You got to sell the car, just like you
do in person, trying to sell the car. There are thousands of people looking at your website,
or, there should be, and we want to sell these cars with these pictures.
That’s what we’re trying to do. Picture of the front, take a nice picture of the Ford
logo. So we got a bunch of pictures of the outside, then we’re going to move inside
and take some pictures of the toys. So just jump inside, don’t need to spend hours
and hours doing this. Obviously want to take a picture of this, take a picture of this,
take a picture of the odometer. Stereos very important to people. Take a picture
of the A/C. We got loads of pictures, and if you end up not using them, it’s fine. But
at least you’ve got enough to keep things going inside. If it’s got cup
holders, these are all selling points. These are things that you do during a walk-around,
so you also need to do them when you’re taking pictures. You’re not limited to 10
pictures. You can take 30, 40, 50 pictures and upload them to easy loader. It’s very,
very simple. So here is when the application starts to
impress. These days, people can type on these faster than they can type on these. So, uh,
what we are going to do now is actually type the description. The fantastic
thing about this is that you’re actually in the car. In days gone by, you use to have
to take a clipboard out, if you are writing a description because a lot of people
don’t see the merit in it. It’s extremely important to write descriptions about your
vehicles. So what can we say about this 2011 Ford Taurus?
Let’s say that this 2011 SEL in Kona Blue, is truly stunning and the head of its segment,
with features and a ride that will leave you wanting more. Obviously you
can go on and elaborate, talk about options. The description doesn’t need to be too long,
but it needs to be long enough to get people interested, and long enough to make
you stand out in a crowd, just like the pictures. And that, my friends, is pretty much it. All
you got to do then, is click save, and that is now live on your guys’ website. So now
if we head inside and check it out online, we should, and we will find that vehicle
live online. So all I do is type Taurus. There is it. 2011 Ford Taurus, are there pictures?
All the pictures that we took just moments ago are live on your website.
Description, 2011 SEL in Kona blue is truly stunning and ahead of its segment. So that’s
how easy it is. It really is, and there’s no excuse for it taking certainly weeks, but
taking even a matter of hours to get your vehicles online. Of course once they’ve been
reconditioned. If you want this app free, you
can go to the app store and search for Strathcom Lot Capture and it will be all yours within
seconds. All you need to log in then is with your easy loader account and you guys will
be good to go.”
[music] [end]

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