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Dealers, Sell Your Vehicle Through Copart Today

Dealers, Sell Your Vehicle Through Copart Today

Hey guys, Brett Adair Vice President of
Sales with Copart Auto Auction, today I want to talk to you guys about selling
vehicles through Copart. Copart makes it simple and easy, all you have to do is
go to which stands for Copart Dealer Services and then
from there enter your information and a auction coordinator will reach out to
you get you registered as a seller, from there we’ll ask for a copy of the front
and back of title and then the car will be picked up ran over to the closest Copart facility, put on sale, and then one of our Team Member Sales Coordinators
will counter-bid that vehicle and get it sold with the highest possible returns
and we’ll be selling that vehicle to the globe. More than 750 thousand members in
more than 170 different countries so simple so easy, go to
and let the world start bidding on your cars and let’s get some money in your
pocket by selling cars through Copart.

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