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Dealer Advice | How to buy a car from a dealer confidently

Dealer Advice | How to buy a car from a dealer confidently

Hi I’m Sharnelle Kan from
Weins Canada, one of the most experienced dealer
groups in Ontario. Operating 13 dealerships in
the province, including Don Valley North Toyota and Lexus, Audi Oakville, Parkway Honda
and Barrie Subaru. Today I have some advice for you
on how to steer you right during your car shopping journey,
make the right decisions and find and connect
with a great dealership. Here are some things to stop,
start, and consider doing in order to search for your
new vehicle confidently. Maybe you just graduated
or got a new job. Maybe you’re welcoming
a new addition to the family, or celebrating retirement.
The time is right for a new car. Luckily, finding your perfect
vehicle is as easy as picking up your smartphone
with the Kijiji Autos app. Before you load the entire family
in the car to drive over to the nearest dealership,
consider doing some research on the Kijiji Autos app.
While dealership staff are definitely here to help you
at any point in your journey, it’s also a great idea to do some
research on your own too so that you can arrive confident
in your selection of choices On the Kijiji Autos app,
start with the specific categories, where you can browse
according to what you need and easily determine the type
of vehicle that will check all your boxes. Maybe you’ve decided
on a dependable commuter like the Toyota Corolla to make
your daily drive a breeze or a budget-friendly first car
like the Hyundai Elantra or perhaps a minivan like the
Honda Odyssey for your growing family. That’s great! From there, have a look
at the model information page that lists vehicle pros and cons,
safety ratings, specifications and more. This makes it so much easier for you to compare vehicles
and shop confidently. Now that you’ve got a model
in mind, you can start using Kijiji Autos’ search filters
to make some necessary choices like year, price, and mileage.
You can also add some fun ones in there too like colour,
comfort, and tech features. You’ve now found the
exact model that you want. Are you going to jump on the lowest
possible price that you can find? Stop! With Kijiji Auto s’ price analysis,
powered by CarFax you’ll see a price calculated
against an average market value meaning that you won’t be
paying what someone wants, but rather what the vehicle
is actually worth A great dealer group like Weins
offers transparent pricing and will happily offer
a market price analysis of any vehicle in question
so that you know you’re always getting
the best price available. Luckily, with detailed dealer
reviews on Kijiji Autos it is so simple to find
fantastic dealerships like Mercedes-Benz Barrie
or Mississauga Honda. A great dealership will respond
quickly, patiently evaluate your needs, and answer all the questions
that you may have. Some, like
Don Valley North Toyota even offer service in over
a dozen different languages. But what kinds of questions
should you ask the dealer? And what information do they need
from you in order to help you find the vehicle
that best suits your needs? Start by explaining your needs
and expectations for your new car. For example, do you need
towing capacity or room for a growing family? Remember to talk about what you
expect your car to do now but in a few years as well. Consider fuel consumption
a big factor when buying a car so don’t forget to discuss
what your expectations are. A higher than predicted gas bill
can drastically affect your budget. These days, there are all sorts of
warranties that are available. A top dealer like those at Weins will happily provide a recommendation based on your needs,
so there will be no surprises when you get to the
service counter later. For all car owners, safety should be
one of our top priorities, so be sure to discuss
safety features that are both standard and optional.
A safe car is a more enjoyable one to drive and
your dealership will be able to assess your needs and provide
recommendations that fit them. At Weins, we know that some
of these new tech and safety features like adaptive
cruise control, park assist, and smartphone connectivity can be
a little bit tricky to get the hang of, so feel free to ask us for a
demonstration at any time. Now you know how to use
Kijiji Autos to search and find vehicles, and then connect and
confidently talk with a dealership who will make your car buying
journey that much easier. Best of luck in your search and
get on the Kijiji Autos app today to find your next vehicle!

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