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Hey Guys we’re on our way to Lake Como
it’s about 8 a.m. in the morning and only 1C degree out. Say Hi! We’re going to Lake Como we’re waiting for the tramway to catch the train and let’s
have fun and very long day to Lake Como before we get going be sure to Subscribe
and like the video! Lake Como is a very popular area to
visit and it’s also a very wealthy area as well. Many famous people have
houses here such as Madonna, George Clooney, Richard Branson, and even Sylvester Stallone. As well, as many others. it is easy to take a day trip
from Milan to Lake Como, as there are two train stations in Como. However, you can
only leave your luggage at one of the stations, at the San Giovanni station and
as of now, it costs 5 euros per bag, per day. We also saw the Christmas market
at Como which again was full of all types of cheeses meats pizzas cookies
and strudel Just went inside the cathedral and you
can’t take any photos, so right now I’m just taking videos from the outside but it’s very impressive it’s enormous inside though
absolutely enormous. Full of tapestries and paintings, murals, and mosaics. It’s pretty cold here right now in Lake Como. We are here in Como, so it a little cold, maybe it’s for 4C or 6C degrees in the winter so make sure you bring
your winter clothes we wanted to go to Bellagio that is one of the most
the important little villages, but the thing is that we missed the first boat,
so we have to wait for the second boat. Today is Sunday we don’t know if there are just two boats that run but then finally, we will have to take the bus and then maybe or hopefully we’re taking the boat to come back to Como and then later come back to Miller We just arrived in Bellagio after about
an hour and a half bus ride and it is a better idea to take the bus than to
drive because most of the streets are just very narrow, so they’re hard to get
around. But we’re taking the boat back and there are only two boats today. It’s also a little expensive about 15 euros per person. But those are the only two
options unless you want to rent a car so we really recommend you to buy the
tickets ahead of time if you have the possibility, online because if
not maybe you cannot take one of the boats that we wanted to take in earlier in
the morning at eleven because everything was booked out. If you’re on a budget and
decide to visit Bellagio. As we did, it may be a good idea
to eat before you go to bring snacks as Bellagio is more expensive than
Como and the place that we ate at Bellagio was not worth the price We have to get up super early in the
morning tomorrow though, I think at like 4:00 or 4:30 in the morning and it’s
already pretty late right now. So we need to get to bed, but we like Lake Como it’s
a little more expensive when you go to places like Bellagio and it is a good
idea to check ahead of time to make sure that you have the tickets for the boat
if you want to take a boat as we couldn’t take the boat earlier today and
we had to take the bus to Bellagio and then we had to take the boat back. But it
was already dark so we couldn’t see anything. But anyway I’ll see you tomorrow morning in Florence Be sure to like the video down below and to Subscribe!!

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4 thoughts on “DAY TRIP From MILAN To LAKE COMO | TIPS | BELLAGIO | Xmas Market | Explore-BCN

  1. Here is the second video of the trip to Italy! hope you enjoy it! We had a great trip to Lake Como but
    we would suggest when you go to arrive before all the other tourists.

  2. Such a great film edition, an impressive views from each point of Lake Como, and the most important thing, you and Elizabeth doing an excellent job telling us the experience in that area.
    Thumbs up not only for James but the trip partner

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