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Crete | City Hopping With A Rental

Crete | City Hopping With A Rental

Every large Cretan town, and some of the bigger
villages, have car rental agencies. They’re also at the airports of Chania, Heraklion
and Sitia. The agencies are almost all branches of large
global and national firms, so reliability can be taken for granted. There is usually an adequate supply of vehicles
of all sizes for rental, at reasonable rates, though demand soars in the summer months,
of course, and it’s also recommended that a car be booked weeks in advance. You can rent a car in one town and leave it
at the branch of the same agency in another. Yet driving in Crete requires caution. Though the roads are generally well-paved
and signposted, they get very twisty in hillian places, with plenty of unexpected hairpin
bends. The rule of thumb as a foreigner at the wheel
in Crete is: defensive driving. Cretans are notoriously cavalier on the roads
and it’s all too tempting to get involved in an ego contest. Resist the temptation. You’re there to enjoy your holiday and nothing
else. That said, however, renting a car is the best
and most efficient way to get around Crete, as you can drive the whole length in half
a day.

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