34 thoughts on “Counting Cars: Dean’s Classic Collection (Season 7, Episode 13) | History

  1. This guy completely redid my old co workers old 67-68 mustang ! so crazy that this is the actual guy haha . Never would have guessed . I just know that my buddy waited almost 10 months for it to be fully restored .

  2. My uncle has a t model like that it won the world of wheels few years back and now set up it is still in great condition and his father had before him

  3. The guys on this show would love coming out where I live. There's old vehicles laying around everywhere!

  4. I always love the ford fastbucks especially the mach 1 fastbacks with or without the louvers , you know Ford fastbacks starting with the 63 and a half galaxie 500 what a beautiful fastback car

  5. Dean Pickle is a good friend of mine, known him for many years now. One of the most down to earth people you will ever meet. Always willing to stop and chat about cars.

  6. Hi Danny,,, After watching the latest You Tube video from ' Curiosity Incorporated ' , titled Crusty Caddy, Will it Run? ,,, I thought of you,
    A garage find from the original owner,, (still alive, and spunky, :-), Parked for 16 years,,, Rust Free,, 1974, All electrics still working,, Runs and drives, Looks like new on the outside,,, inside is good,, just needs cleaning and front seat recovered,,, You might be able to buy it from him,,, 🙂

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