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Cost of Living in Germany – Berlin

Cost of Living in Germany – Berlin

Germany is probably the cheapest country in western Europe. Much cheaper than the UK, France or Denmark. But how much exactly is it? Well now, you’re gonna find out. There are slight differences between the north and the south of the country. The south is usually a little bit more expensive. I live in Berlin, and even though it’s the capital it’s pretty cheap here. Let’s start with the rent. My flat here has around 70 squaremeters and i pay 850€ a month, warm that includes water and heating 850€ divided by 70 is around 12€ per sqm which is quite expensive for Berlin but it’s one of the best neighborhoods so i guess it’s ok. Then on top of that you have to pay electricity by yourself, which is another 30€ a month. And internet, another 20€ So altogether i pay for my flat 900€ month. Now, i have two bedrooms and a living room. I could rent out the other bedroom, but i am keeping it as a guest room so if i would get a flatmate it would be 450€ per person, which is not that bad. Food. Food in Germany is surprisingly cheap. I spend around 250€ a month and i eat around 2, 3 times a week out. It could be less if you would cook all the time yourself. If you wanna eat out, a meal in a cheap restaurant like a Kebap or Asian is around 3 or 4€. Medium range is between 5 and 9 Euro. And everything above 10€ is already considered an expensive restaurant here. How about transport? I usually ride my bike to get around the city but public transport is really good and running almost all the time. A monthly ticket is around 80€ What else do you need? A mobile phone contract. I pay around 10€ a month and i get unlimited calls and 2 GB of data, which is enough for me. Then you have to have health insurance. Here it really depends on how much you earn. Because it’s directly deducted from your salary And it’s around 8% of your total income. If you are a freelancer or you don’t work, you have to get private insurance. Which is starting from around 100€ to up to maybe 500€, depending what they’re covering. I don’t have health insurance, but that’s actually illegal in Germany Oops. So when i go to the doctor i just pay cash and say i have an international health insurance. But don’t tell the government. Leisure. Going out here is pretty cheap. When you go to a bar a beer will be between 2 and 4€. If you buy it at the supermarket, a beer is between 30 cents and 1€ depending on the brand. You can buy a bottle of wine from 2€, a good one is starting maybe around 5€. And a bottle of Wodka, Absolut for example will be 12€ That’s not a bad price at all is it. If you wanna go clubbing, the entrance fee is usually between 10 and 15 €. I’ve never seen more than 15. So all together, to cover your basic needs comfortably, you will need less than 1000€ here in Germany. Which is a really good price for a western European country. Or is it not. Thanks for watching and if you have any questions regarding cost of living here, leave a comment below.

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46 thoughts on “Cost of Living in Germany – Berlin

  1. Please i need help ! I live in usa but im just a resident and want to move to germany im 23 yo , whats the first thing that should get ? I am a certified airplane mechanic does that help when finding a job ?! please help !

  2. Thanks alot bro very informative tutorial I was searching alot ..I m from Asia I m student of bussiness management I want get a job so I want ask that how much total euro will spend for visiting to job searching I mean tell me the exact 3 month coast of living there …or any easy way to search job in Berlin …pls guide me …leave 👌comment below <3♥️👍

  3. I was in Berlin for 3 days, just came home today and wanted to learn about that. ( thanks for the vid )
    HOLY SHIT ITS CHEAP ! i come from switzerland and here a normal dinner cost you around 25-30 chf !!
    That's it, i will find something in Berlin and work from there !

  4. Im thinking in moving to Berlin, really nice video. How about regulars salarys, im a bartender for example.

  5. I was really impressed with the cost of living there.
    We are thinking of moving to DE in 2019, and we're a family of 3.
    How's education cost for a non-EU citizen?

  6. I'm pakistani. sir can you tell me if I come for the student visa how much can I earn or which city is best for me plz must be reply thnx

  7. What District/neighborhood you live in? Which ones would recommend (same standards, I mean, since you said you live in a good one)?

  8. Thats a lot of money if u change it to IDR (indonesia rupiah) 1000 euro = 18 millions rupiah, u own the city with that money if u live in indonesia (from my perspective)

  9. Wow..😻😻..I want come to Berlin by much there racism😓 at a high rate… I come from Kenya..(Africa). ..its tour

  10. duuuude! love your videos 🤗 i am planning on coming to berlin in the next month or 2– so at the moment i'm looking for a job and WG and all that shtuffs 🤧 — would love to link up if you are keen!

  11. Hey man, Thanks for the videos it's pretty informative, but 10€/month and only 2GB is extremely expensive, in France you get 20GB for only 15€ + unlimited calls and texts.

  12. what is the average salary for an it/STARTUP company here in berlin? If gross salary is 37K is it ok to live a decent life ?

  13. Hallo!!!!!! I really appreciate your videos. I'm from Spain and Berlin in my favorite city in the world!! I've been different time with my ex ( she's German) but now is time to go single with my friends and follow all your suggestions. We'll be there from this Thursday. Our plan party is Friday Kitkat, Saturday Insomnia Club (🖤) and Sunday evening Berghain 🎉🖤🖤 What do you think? !!! We're preparing with your tips.. But unfortunately mein Deutsch ist sehr schlecht😭!! Will be great if we see you there!!!! Grüße aus Spanien

  14. That is really necessary for people ( and ME) who are going to move to Germany. But would be better if you make a video about salaries in 2019.Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Just came from Berlin, still in WAW effect… Going back in January 2020 🖤. Honestly, I think I have found my spot on this planet… City is just perfect, dirty and sexy at the same time, capitalism meets socialism, West meets East. 🖤Perfection it is 🌹

  16. Very good work Radical, put more videos about renting rooms or flats and prices for 2019 or 2020 and give us info for work possibilities for foreigners in berlin and standard of living with average salaries…

  17. I plan to move to live in Germany. Please answer, is the money you earn from working in Germany enough to pay all those bills and rents and stuff, and eat ? Thanks for the answer

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