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Contour SCT™ – Preferred By The Pros for Removing Paint, Primers, Fillers & Rust! Eastwood

Contour SCT™ – Preferred By The Pros for Removing Paint, Primers, Fillers & Rust! Eastwood

yeah and that’s what the professionals are
saying about the eastwood contour SE t surface conditioning tool that cost
about one-half to one-quarter of the competition and we expand our wheel or
abrasive drum it’s definitely the new must-have tool for your garage this tool
was developed to remove rust and condition metal all in one motion while
making the surface ideal for primer and sit conditions the metal giving it to
while removing the rust it saves you time and money because you only need one
tool and you only need to go over the area one time typically you’d remove the
rust and then grab another tool like a sander to go back over the metal to prep
it for primer but the eastwood contour SE t does it all at once but there’s
even more to this tool if you need to remove paint roster body filler attach
the expander wheel with sandpaper or the abrasive drum and quickly get your
panels down to bare metal in fact the tools even great for sanding wood and
preparing your deck for fresh stain or paint it comes with a non woven nylon
drum perfect for removing light rust while prepping the metal for paint it’s also good for giving a brush metal
appearance with the handle behind the drum not only is it easy to control it also
prevents twerking of the drum this economic in line design prevents torque
load keeps the drum turning so you can keep stripping the rust paint and body
filler without adding too much heat into the metal it has a speed control knobs
you can dial in the tool to meet your exact needs has a building soft-start
feature that gradually increases speed to prevent a tool from pulling up if
you’re using a tool for an extended period of time you can lock the on
button this tool is built to last with an industrial-style gear drive rather
than a belt like you see on lesser quality tools changing the drums is
simple just depress the drive lock button and remove the cap screw remember
it is a left hand thread so you’ll need to turn in the opposite direction than
usual remove the drum slide on another style
like you’re abrasive wheel and tighten the screw the contour SE p will pair
through paint primers and layers of body work with ease leaving you with a clean metal surface
ready for fresh primer you can even get into contours with the edge the tool if you need a tool that’s great
for removing rust we’re prepping the metal for primer you need the contour SE
t from eastwood plus it’s great for removing paint body filler and even
heavy rust in fact it’s awesome for around the home where you can use it to
refinish deck stairs and railings one tool that’s so much more one tool that
will do the job of many not only on that restoration but also around the home and
garage if you don’t believe us check out the professionals who have
been using it awesome footage and an enormous amount of views on their social
media sites click the button visit and get more info or your
contour SCT today plus you can check out what everyone is saying about this great
new tool

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12 thoughts on “Contour SCT™ – Preferred By The Pros for Removing Paint, Primers, Fillers & Rust! Eastwood

  1. Being serious now, it is a great tool. Mine is used every day. Prior to getting one I used to make scotch brite belts for a modified belt sander, lots of scotchbrite pads hot glued onto a sanding belt!

  2. THANKS ALLOT EASTWOOD for taking soooo daaamnn looong to get a toll like this out on the market. I restore W.W.2 trucks for a hobby and love doing everything myself. The one thing I hate paying for is sandblasting, and thanks to your snail like pace with holding this tool from us, I have lost thousands of dollars to the sandblasters. LOL.
    Seriously though, I have another truck that needs about 21,000 layers of paint removed, so I am going to invest in your Surface Conditioning Tool…

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