100 thoughts on “Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Transformation! Dirtiest Car Detailing Series Ep. 6

  1. Thought the car i did today was dirty damn (also a vw) That is nasty. The maggots im the trunk
    where do you fine these details? I love doing dirty cars. They have the crazieat transformation

  2. I need more background info on these cars yo. Like, why did it sit for ten years? Who’s was it? How much did this cost? Why was there mold?

    I’m not a ride or die girl, I’m a where are we going, what are we eating, and why do we have to die?-girl.

  3. Ahh I LOVE How dirty these cars are that you clean because its so satisfying watching them become clean. And i assume you probably found at the most 5 dollars in change.

  4. But what about the pull down cup holders in the back seat, I didn’t see them be cleaned in the video 😭 or maybe I missed it idk 🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. How much would you charge for a car like that ? Just started my own portable detailing business but don’t know how much to charge would mean a lot if you can help me out. This video was great and has motivated me to push forward.

  6. Really do enjoy watching your videos. I’ve learned a lot of techniques from you. My pops always showed me to take care of my vehicle. I clean my car religiously and can’t believe some folks let their vehicles get this way.

  7. I can’t understand why you didn’t take the seats out of this car. There’s probably small civilizations growing under there, no matter how thoroughly you think you cleaned.

  8. Good job but why not hit it with a shop vac one last time to get any other loose remaining dirt out after you use your extractor? You can see some of it and I bet it would all come right out with one more pass with the vac. Also why not wipe the panels down one last time with a clean cloth to get any of that little bit of lint off? Again not noticeable hardly at all but you can kind of see it.

  9. I would definitely have remove the seats entirely, 5min work and you would get so much better cleaning space as well clean under the seat … can't even imagine what will be there 🙂

  10. Oh is that all purpose cleaner you’re using on the seats?


    Oh, so it’s like mol—

    It’s vinegar.


    It’s vinegar pussy

  11. I wanna know the story behind whoever left this car. The textbooks in the trunk suggest they were some sort of law student. Did they have a mental breakdown and just give up on everything, their car included? They never got rid of theur textbooks. Did they die? Maybe we'll never know

  12. Oh my car need this, não está nesse nível mas uma limpeza completa seria maravilhosa ! Por mais profissionais como vocês

  13. No matter how well it’s cleaned I keep thinking about all the mold that is still in the ventilation system…like the first person to turn on the ac gets instant mold poisoning

  14. Great job on cleaning the car and removing the visible mold. But mold grows in places you can’t see. If the car had that much visible mold you know that it is also behind door panels,under the center console, inside the A/C vents, etc. The car looks great but still poses serious health risks.

  15. What about the mold and mildew under the seats, under the dash, in the vents, etc? I would think a few rounds of ozone would be good for killing it all off. I also would like to have seen the seats removed to clean properly.

  16. I've been taking change that I find in cars, and laying on the ground at work… So… I'm guessing that you got…. 50 dollars

  17. Just a suggestion. Try using a dilution of "ODO-BAN" for control of odors and mold https://www.homedepot.com/p/OdoBan-1-Gal-Eucalyptus-Disinfectant-Laundry-and-Air-Freshener-Mold-and-Mildew-Control-Multi-Purpose-Concentrate-911061-G/202560626

  18. Это не детейлинг а химчистка просто. Детейлинг это полный разбор и сбор обратно.

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