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Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Transformation! Dirtiest Car Detailing Series Ep. 2

Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Transformation! Dirtiest Car Detailing Series Ep. 2

What’s up guys welcome back to Stauffer garage and if you guys are new make sure you guys hit the subscribe button below So you don’t miss out on any of the new detail videos that I’m putting out today’s video is going to be about the dreaded minivan This has been completely kid trashed and I have to say it is actually My kids for minions that essentially have wreak havoc to our minivan and we have number five on the way But let me go in and show you what it looks like On my minivan now if you guys are minivan owners as well You understand this that honestly I did hashtag work trucks need love to hashtag minivans need love too because minivans are workhorses in my opinion because you’re just trying to survive as a parent sometimes and sometimes you just don’t care things get messy in the back because you have other things to worry about and Sometimes it’s just not worth it you fight a lot of battles and sometimes you just gotta let some go Everything that I recommend in this video I have linked in the description box below So if you want to check them out, make sure you go ahead and check out those links All right, so the first step with any detail is get everything out of the car I usually have some sort of Tupperware bin that I just kind of dump everything into in this case I had two one for trash and one for stuff to sort and figure out if I was gonna keep it You can tell there’s a lot of different things in this one. I got crayons. I got books. I got toys I got food It’s a mess get it all out So that way you can see what the surface actually looks like and I made a big mistake by starting without wearing gloves Make sure you guys wear gloves when you’re doing detailing just so you can kind of keep the products off your hands that you use but also you have no idea what you’re gonna Find and touch it’s always best to wear gloves So when remove car seats from a minivan This is kind of the mystery segment or you’re not really sure what you’re gonna find underneath when you remove them That’s when you’re gonna see the true damage that the kids have done in the back. And in this case, it was truly disastrous but we’ll be able to get it all taken care one recommendation I have is if you have the Ability to pull out the seats from the car and there are stains in between or underneath it will make your life ten times easier if you can go ahead and pull them out of the vehicle plus you can get to all of the stains more thoroughly that are Underneath those seats without having to miss any spots as you can see this messes everywhere. Luckily the rubber floor mats cut There’s a lot of it. We do have some stains that we’ll be extracting We will be pressure washing or just cleaning off the floor mats I’ll show you how to do that along with how to use a steam cleaner to get a lot of these clean and also with the Disinfecting that needs to be done and then also we’ll be taking care of these leather seats Let’s go ahead and get into the bulk of this detail You have a minivan Make sure you get all Weather Floor if you have kids when I talk about if you have kids get cold weather floor mats It’s one of the best things that you can do The only thing that I don’t have that I’m regretting right now the protectors underneath the seats All right So all the seat covers those are gonna go directly into the washer machine and wash them on hot water by Themselves and then let them air dry and then each of these seats I think when I’m Ana villain is just pressure washing them and cleaning them out that way Because I mean they had just have so much stuff caked in the bottom I’m just gonna probably just wash them take the hose to them and scrub them and it’s just it’s bad Some of are worse than others, but regardless they just need to be cleaned. I mean look at the amount of stuff that Came out of I mean like why does my kid have a key to a master lock in the back in their seat? That’s disgusting So one thing to remember when you are vacuuming try to get into all those little nooks and crannies and some of those inconspicuous areas that you wouldn’t normally go into In this case underneath the spare tire. Well that will collect more dirt and more debris than you could possibly imagine so Get underneath there Push the seats forward and back to get underneath all of the fan rails and different components in the front that you wouldn’t normally get to Just try to be as thorough as possible because you’ll be surprised at the amount of stuff you’ll find but also it’s just a nice touch to have some of those different areas that Maybe you wouldn’t look at it immediately as an owner But after your car gets detailed if you see that it is clean as well. It’s just a nice little extra touch So if you’re planning on doing any sort of extraction or carpet cleaning the vacuuming stage is something not to skimp on because it’s like with any project prep is the most important part and Vacuuming is kind of that prep because if you’re not getting out as much as you can in an initial stage It’s gonna be much more difficult To get it out when you’re doing your extraction or you’re pulling out more stuff and not actually getting the stain out that you’re trying to focus on All right, so for the interior panels itself and excuse this crazy hair whatever it is Anyways, I am using chemical guys all clear. Plus this is a citrus based concentrate fluid So it needs to be watered down for interior panels, which is just 20 to 1 for the water with water I’m using an invisible glass on the windows and then I am using silk shine dressing from Chemical Guys as well This is my new favorite stuff for interior panels It’ll be my top coat for the plastic and for the leather on the steering wheel along with the leather seats after I’ve cleaned those With the all-purpose cleaner, I think I think it’ll come out Well, this stuff is non greasy and non sticky too, which is nice It should kind of make them shine nicely and be a nice topper coat and then from a brushed standpoint I have two small bristle brushes and then also this big scrub brush So my last video you guys actually gave me a tip that I did not realize before is when you’re cleaning glass windows after you’ve cleaned the whole surface crack the Window down so you can get that top edge as usually inside the gasket and that was a suggestion that you guys gave me that I am now implementing in all of my details. So thank you guys for that And with that being said if you do see anything that I am doing incorrectly or have any suggestions on doing something easier Let me know in the comments below So when I’m doing the cleaning stage I like to spray the vents directly use a brush to agitate them get any dust or dirt that’s collected inside there and then turn on the Actual fan itself to blow air out. It’ll blow out any dust and debris that’s kind of collected in there at this point when it’s just in the Initial cleaning stages and that way when the customer gets the car back They’re not going to turn the fan on and then all of a sudden get this dust or anything blown out at them So now it’s time to bust out my favorite tool the steam cleaner I have been using it now for a couple months and to be honest I really don’t understand how I haven’t had one before in the past It really is helpful with getting out some of the more difficult Stains that are stuck in a lot of these cracks because it is pressurized It’ll actually blast a lot of that dirt out which helps a lot because you’re not pulling onto your brushes You’re not having to go through all this struggle with getting some of these things out the steam cleaner takes care of for you And just remember, you know always keep your steam cleaner moving don’t keep it in one concentrated area for too long You know, it is boiling water, right? I mean it is super super warm and hot so you will melt through plastic if you leave it sitting there against the panel and Holding it full down full blast. And as long as you’re just not holding it there you won’t have any issues Now I’m getting to work on these brackets that hold in the center section of seats and the steam cleaner is coming in handy and Getting into those different holes where the screws are located and also those different areas that are harder to get to with just your finger And towel or a brush and the whole time. I’m doing this I didn’t get to the conclusion that I should probably just take out the screws take out the whole plastic panels you can get to The areas underneath them where dirt has collected underneath the plastic panels themselves, but also when you’re doing a carpet cleaning now I’m going to be able to get to all of the carpet and not have any overlap or the plastics covering some dirt that might Be underneath the surface Alright guys yesterday I left off with cleaning the carpet and getting these plastic panels out today The main goal is going to be getting this carpet clean Which now what these panels are removed here and all of these areas clean Getting the carpet will be so much easier and these panels that I pull it out I’m actually going to soak them in that bucket so that way the dirt and everything else that I did not get will come off Today we are going to be tackling getting these cup holders clean We’re gonna be tackling getting the rear seats cleaned as well and then getting the cup holders over there and then getting everything put back Into the car before we finish dressing and covering everything with our vinyl protectant So we’re cleaning the carpets I am using the pizzelle little green machine It’s the tiny consumer product that you can use inside and outside a house and it’s nothing commercial or super powerful But it gets majority of the jobs done that I do. So, I like to use an all-purpose cleaner in this case I am using the Chemical Guys product that I have linked in description box below I’m just using that and diluting it per the ratio on the bottle itself into my carpet cleaner One thing I like to do is spray an initial pass where I’m just actually spraying fluid onto the carpet and then Agitating it pretty aggressively and then following up with a pass with the sprayer nozzle itself Do then extract all that dirty fluid and if you look here on the top right of your screen You’ll actually see the fluid level slowly coming up and how dark and dirty it truly is So here’s the money shot this is the dirty water that just came from that trunk section that I was cleaning It didn’t include the front section that Hardy had been dumped out. So I was kind of blown away How much was actually in just that back area? But now that I’ve done the extraction portion? I like to follow up with a vacuum this is to primarily pull out any remaining fluid that my wet vac might be pulling out extra over my carpet cleaner and then I Like to use a hard bristle brush to brush the fibers in one direction It allows you to see if there’s any other spots that you might have missed and it’s also exciting Pleasing to kind of get some sort of direction with your carpet kind of like carpet lines when you’re vacuuming inside your house So when it comes to doing door jams, I usually do that when I’m doing an exterior detail But I’ve recently started doing it when I’m doing the interior as well Because sometimes you’re not doing both at the same time. And in this case, I’m just doing the interior So it’s nice to have a clean door jamb and this steam cleaner comes in particular handy here where you’re able to get a lot of that dirt that’s kind of caked on or grease that’s caked on there get it moving and get it off the surface that it’s Stuck to and you’re also running water down those door jams where water supposed to from the steam cleaner And then you can just wipe it up as you’re going through with a clean microfiber towel Here is the beauty of an all-weather floor mat All you have to do is take them out vacuum em Spray them down with an all-purpose cleaner Scrub them with a scrub brush and then rinse it off with a hose and you’re done and that’ll take care of Majority of the process but if you have anything else lingering you can always use a steam cleaner or pressure washer But in this case I didn’t have to do any of those steps and then follow up with some sort of Protectant which in this case, I’m using the Chemical Guys silken shine So now that we’ve used the all-purpose cleaner on all the plastic interior panels It is now time to follow up with some sort of protectant on the surface and in this case I’m using the Chemical Guys silk and shine which has a UV Protectant to help keep those panels from a fading and de coloring over time One way that I like to apply silk and shine is to spray it liberally onto a brand new microfiber towel and then use that to kind of coat and go over all of the interior panels and As you go through each panel you spray a little bit more onto the towel saturating a little bit further So eventually as you get to the last panel you really don’t have to add a whole lot more product and it allows you to get the most bang for your buck in my opinion So for different types of screens and plastic panels on a dashboard I like to use different products when it comes to the gauge bezel that has a plastic covering over the gauges or some of the screens with plastic panels as Well, I’ll use invisible glass glass cleaner on those. But if it’s an actual LCD screen, I’ll just use a clean microfiber towel That is damp with just water and use that to clean the screen and then follow up with a dry intel afterwards to leave No streaks To you I won’t close my Door no matter what, you say bring it down. The clothes are still on my door They speak to me now The screen If you need room to breathe it I’ve got lessons too So for the bolts I used all-purpose cleaner with a wire brush to lightly scrub them to get any dirt. That was inside the head itself But also to get some of the rust off the surface So now it is time to clean the seats in the middle that had the really really nasty cushions from the car seats on top of them that we saw at the beginning of this detail, and I’m just using All-purpose cleaner with a bristle brush to pretreat the stain soak it and then agitate it with members or brush and wipe it away I was actually shocked with how easily the cake Donggu came off and how good the seats looked after I cleaned him and then protected him with the soap in China And Here are the end results which turned out incredible from where we first started So if you guys wanted to see the difference just go ahead and skip back to the very beginning and then come back to now And you’ll see how much of a transformation this car has gone through from being dirty to clean now So if you’ve made it to the end of the video I just want to tell you thank you personally for all the comments you guys leave below for Subscribing and if you haven’t subscribed make sure you hit the subscribe button below so you don’t miss out on any new amazing Content that I have coming out. So with that being said see you guys next time

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