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Complete Disaster Full Exterior Car Detailing Transformation! Dirtiest Car Detailing Series Ep. 5

Complete Disaster Full Exterior Car Detailing Transformation! Dirtiest Car Detailing Series Ep. 5

What’s up guys welcome back to storage today’s video is a continuation of the loved roach motel You guys know this car from the previous video I did but the interior look absolutely atrocious It’s looking a lot better now, but as you guys can see the door sills are looking a little bit yucky So we’re gonna go ahead and bust out the steam cleaner for those I’m gonna clean up and protect all the door handles We’re gonna restore a lot of this trim Especially on the roof rack on the door handles and you can see here This gray is absolutely faded. And then the headlights are gonna need a deep clean as well We’re gonna clear all those up. If you liked today’s video. Make sure you hit the subscribe button below turn on notifications because This roach motel was an absolute disaster, but I have a car that I’m picking up I’m hoping today after this video that’s gonna be even worse. It’s gonna top this. So what out further ado let’s get started If you guys are interested in any of the products that I discuss in today’s video Make sure you check out the links in description box below So the first step is obviously to wash the car and I’m using the two bucket method here I have grit guards in each bucket one is filled with just fresh water And the other bucket is filled with my car shampoo and my wash meds So the carb detailing is the engine bay cleaned This is when I will knock it out and the first step is obviously to spray it down with water and I like to spray the underneath in the inside of the engine with as little amount as possible get any of the loose dirt off now before I take my all-purpose cleaner and My soft bristle brush to scrub down the engine bay and get that dirt moving before. I rinse it off with those One thing I recommend is to undo your positive and negative cables of your battery Whether it’s in your trunk underneath the seats or in the engine bay. Just undo power. Take the battery out Whatever you need to do just to remove that from the circuit that way don’t worry about any shorts After rinsing the all-purpose cleaner off the engine bay I’m gonna be letting it dry for the most part but if there’s any Pockets of water or any liquid sitting there still I’m using my shop vac to suck up that water to remove it from the engine Now that the engine bay is done now it is time to rinse off the outside of the vehicle before we start using the two bucket method When washing your car make sure you start at the top of the vehicle and then work your way down from a microfiber mitt I like to use one side for one or two panels and then I will flip it over to do another two one or two Panels as well That way I can kind of maximize and not carry over any dirt across different areas of the vehicle Once you’ve completed one set of panels with your sponge make sure you dip it into your fresh water bucket rinse it out And then you can put into your soap bucket That way you’re not transferring any dirt over to the clean side and not transferring any dirt back to the paint as possible Once I’ve washed the upper portions of the vehicle that is when I will go ahead and wash the bumpers the front and rear The different kick panels and all the different side panels of the car that are on the lower portions that get the most dirt and grime collected on them and for the rims and tires I have a separate bucket of all my tools and soap that I use just for those specific parts of the car because I know that they’re gonna be extremely dirty and you don’t want to Carry that into your wash mitts that you use for your paint Now that the car is completely washed go ahead and start at the top and then rinse your way down to get all the soap Off the vehicle in any of that dirt that has been lifted to the surface of the car So since this car is extremely dirty this is the time to start getting into those different areas of the vehicle that need to be deep cleaned and in particularly here you can tell the gas cap area is Super dirty and I’m go ahead and carved my initials here into the gas cap in the actual layers of dirt The steam cleaner comes in handy for some of the stuff that’s really caked on here It really helps with getting it loosened up and then using your bristle brush to kind of move it along This is one portion of the car that most people might overlook and not actually clean But you spend a lot of time actually getting gas filling up your car And this is one of those areas that keeping clean and keeping any dirt from going into your fuel tank and just from aesthetic standpoint Make sure you clean inside your gas cap Now it’s time to do the rocker panels in the inside of the door frames I typically do these on interior details But in this case if you guys saw the roach motel Video from the beginning there’s a lot more work to do than worrying about these areas So so for this detail, I’m actually doing the door jams now One thing I try to show is that steam cleaners are good for a lot of caked on dirt in certain portions of a detail Whereas an all-purpose cleaner might get the job done as well So what I try to show is like a blend of both and then also showing that in some cases Using both at the same time comes in handy So in this case, you can see there’s some grease that I can get off with all-purpose cleaner But then inside of the nuts and bolts in different areas that is hard to reach with it Just a rag the steam cleaner will blow that dirt out and make sure that you can wipe it up after So now we’ve got all the door dams taking care of it is now time to clean up these headlights What I’m using is this is my Harbor Freight polisher an orange Pat and then i’m using the Sonax perfect shine Which is a great One-step polish for paint and also it does a really good job with cleaning these headlights here You can see after just one pass how well these things cleaned up Real quick guys, like look you see that headlight that’s after one pass And that’s the other one on the decide just one pass That’s the result time for past two. Now. There’s many ways to clear headlights There’s many coatings and many different things that you can do to clear them up But this is just one way that you can do it quick and easy It literally took me maybe 15 minutes to do both headlights, and it’s a great one-step process Just to get that haze and the yellowing off your headlights and increase the performance of your lighting Now that the polishing is done I like to top the headlights with some sort of protectant and here I’m just using Chemical Guys butter wax it’s a simple way to do it to protect the headlights to clear them up and make sure that they beat water So for the exterior trim, I’m actually using Chemical Guys silk and shine This is a product that I’ve used on every interior job You guys hear me talk about this product all the time, but it also has a UV protectant in it And it’s great for outside as well. So I’m using here on all the great trim I’m also going to be using on the tires as well for that flat matte Deep shine that I like so much on the interior panels My favorite part is it definitely laughs between each washing and it also does a really good job of going on and then drying in a very even and uniform pattern So for the door handle in the back trim, I’m actually using those foam brushes that you guys seem to use on the inside they’re great for doing edging around all the different pieces and getting to all the different little nooks and crannies that it would be really Hard to get to with just a microfiber towel And For the engine BAM using silk and shine as well. It is a great product all across the board for any plastic trim So here I’m going to spray it liberally across the engine bay And then I’m just using a microfiber towel to wipe down and evenly apply it across the engine Sometimes for exterior windows, sometimes those can be a coating across them that needs to be cleaned off first and here I’m actually just using a clay bar to remove any of those contaminants on the surface before following up with invisible glass to clean off each window One thing I highly recommend is if you haven’t protecting your paint in a while or if it has been a long time since you’ve applied any topper coat Definitely clay your car clay barn is one of the best things that you can do before you put any topcoat on to remove any Contaminants and you can see here. How much was removed in just one pass on the hood? So I would recommend going around the entire Car and clay it and then I’m gonna be using the Chemical Guys butter wax as a topper coat Which I find to be a really great wax to make a white car shine and if you guys notice in the background There’s a special vehicle there. And that is the next disaster clean. It’s gonna be amazing. So get ready for it Make sure you subscribed if you’re not so already because it is going to be a really really tough job for me But it’s going to turn out amazing once it’s done And Here are the end Results the before and afters speak for themselves how well this cars turned out and you guys also know that the interior was one heck Of a job. So if you haven’t seen the interior detail of this car make sure you go. Check it out It is going to definitely be worth watching because it was roach motel Hashtag roach motel that kind of explains enough of how bad it was If you guys enjoyed today’s video make sure you give it a big thumbs up And I want you guys to leave a comment below and guess what you guys think is Inside that car in the background that red car, but I’m telling you guys it’s going to be one heck of a detail So make sure you guys stick around and subscribe and I’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye guys

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100 thoughts on “Complete Disaster Full Exterior Car Detailing Transformation! Dirtiest Car Detailing Series Ep. 5

  1. I Took Environmental Science and learned that washing your car on the cement and letting the dirty soapy chemical water flow into the sewers is more damaging for the environment than washing your car on the grass.. the soil and grass absorb all the water and its environmental friendly!

  2. Dude you must have arms of steel to be doing this all the time. I wash / clean mine and think midway through "screw this" lol

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  5. I’ve been detailing cars for 10+ years and I’ve been watching this channel for 2 days and have learned so many new tricks of the trade!! Amazing!! Keep up the good work

  6. I like your'e video's but i think working outside breathing chemtrails is having a detrimental affect on the brain are you cleaning a car or a vehicle? one minute its a car the next its a vehicle, in law there's a very big difference.

  7. Appreciate your videos very much. Small suggestion, might be a good idea to remind people what cleaning agent you are spraying on? Also, do you have a video about deep cleaning leather seats?

  8. Please wear a mask when working with/inhaling all the chemicals. Even outside you can be getting alot in your kind as fine particulates. Thanks for your videos.

  9. I seriously cannot even express how much joy these videos bring me!!!! Last week I was so pumped up and inspired by the red vw that I went outside and detailed both my and my husbands cars!!!! Love this!!! I asked my husband for a steam upholstery cleaner for my birthday so I can do our seats!!!! Eeeeeeeep!

  10. Love your videos! Got lots of tips on how to do things properly. Any tips for a classic car detail? My car is 68 years old and won’t take being pressured washed etc. Ive been using the two bucket method for it, but I’m trying to get it prepared for a ceramic coating

  11. Here a a link to a good car cleaning tool, my dad uses it and it works really good.
    Also he uses this cleaning product called Simple Green. It also works really good. I love your videos! It’s satisfying when it’s all foamy on the floor and then you take the sucker thing that you use for the floors and suck it up. #ROACHMOTEL

  12. Your sequence of of washing, claying and plastic restoring is unproductive. Wheels first always, then wash top to bottom, when using the clay bar, always wash afterwards, this will help considerably with compound, polish or wax, finally plastic restore(shine) and headlights. Please tape around areas you're going to compound, so it doesn't destroy the seals anymore than they already are.

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  14. Ex detailer here

    Invest in quad zero steel wool for Windows for overspray and contaminants

    It will save you clay bars, you're welcome

  15. Hello, your work is incredible and its results I am subscribed to the channel because I am close to assembling my car wash in my city, I have obtained several of your tools and every time I learn much more in being able to give the best service, he says goodbye from Coyhaique, Patagonia, Chile, Patagonia Green wash (use google translate)

  16. I watch your videos…
    I know how to clean a car!
    Hmm… never thought of that…
    That's a good idea…
    Oh yeah…
    I thought I knew how to clean my car…

  17. St least it’s a damn ford! They circled the salvation from the other vehicles makers(mainly Chevy/GM) oh & headlights are still in hazy shape. Should have bought new housing instead of wasting time on shit that was proven over & over again that does not work like they claim it does. Always buy new headlight or tail light housing cause the shot people buy to try to restore them does not work!!

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    The order was a little bit off but a gr8 detail overall! Giving a car 2nd life feels gr8!

  23. One recomendation is when you wash the engine try to avoid water in the alternator and starter because even the battery is disconected you can damage the alternator and starter. I hope this is usefull to you.

  24. Can you do a video where you clean underneath engine like you do but be more specificon what we can and cannot spray water on. Can you make a list. Also how to avoid to get water in those parts. And the cleaning spray.because I'm nervous that I'm going to put it in the wrong spot. And I'm nervous too short something out and ruin my car. And how long should you wait to use your vehicle after you wash the inside like that? I thoroughly enjoyed this video thank you

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  26. Noticed that your tap water pressure is enough to spray out road dirt from the air conditioner condenser through to the radiator. I usually do that once a month with my own car…and the amount of dirt coming out will always worth the effort.

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