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Community Cardio with David Dobrik and Kevin Hart

Community Cardio with David Dobrik and Kevin Hart

( vocalizing )
That was my intro beat-box to this all-new episode
of “What the Fit.” What do we do
on “What the Fit”? You should already know
the answer to that. I’m in my third season, man. This is the show where I take
my celebrity relationships and I incorporate them into
health and wellness and fun! Fit activity.
Today’s show gonna be special. You know why?
‘Cause I got one of
my favorite YouTubers, man, David Dobrik. I’m actually really scared. It’s like a first date. Kevin: I like David because
he’s uplifting, positive, and today I need that energy. Today I need a partner.
This is David! ( honking horn ) ( honking continues ) – Oh, thank God.
– There you go!
Sorry, David. – Sorry, man.
– Hello. What’s up? – How are you man?
– Good to meet you. I’m sorry.
Hey, you out here
for a long time? – If I would’ve known
you were taking so long…
– Well, David– I would’ve got you eggs,
a full breakfast. – Let’s go get some nuggets.
– No, David. No, it’s– You don’t need nuggets.
We’re about– – Okay, you’re right,
you’re right.
– We’re about to– You’re right,
you’re right, you’re right. We’re about to work out. So, explain what we’re doing. Today, I want
to lead a workout where we uplift
and motivate the city. We’re inspiring
a community to work out. – That’s crazy.
– We’re gonna be trainers.( music playing )I had a personal trainer,
and this– I don’t think this actually
happens ever, but he quit. – David, wait– wait a minute.
– Because I kept cancelling. I am the worst–
the worst person when
it comes to working out. Why were you cancelling?
What was the problem? When I want to work out,
like, I would love to play, tennis, basketball, soccer. – That’s working out.
– Yeah. But, like, lifting weights
and doing core workouts, you know, like,
this type of stuff – and this type of stuff…
– No, you don’t– See, I obviously
have never done it. First of all,
I don’t know what
the ( bleep ) this– These were sit-ups,
and this was, like,
a dumbbell situation. You just put yourself
in a coffin. We’re not doing
coffin-ups again. We’re not doing those. Right now, it’s just
about you being active and understanding that you
can have fun within fitness. Maybe I needed this show
more than I thought I did. See, now, look at this.
I’m giving you– look at what
I’m giving you. This is the first day
of the rest of my life. There you go, that’s– – Cut to me throwing up…
– Cut to you– …after our first whatever, after our first coffin-up. We got another job
that we got to do
beforehand, man. Look at this video.
This guy named Daryl hit me. He’s like,
“Yo, I need your help.” Daryl:
Hey, Kevin, I am nominating
my girlfriend Tiffany to be motivated by Kevin Hart. Working out actually
brings her joy, but for a while now,
she hasn’t had that motivation to step back into the gym. We need your help, please. All right, so,
we’re gonna basically go
to the pancake place. We’re gonna meet
Daryl and Tiffany.
She has no idea. She thinks that they’re,
like, interviewing on
some type of fitness show. Oh, that is so cool. So we’re gonna go there,
we’re gonna surprise her, and get her to come out and be a part
of this workout today. What angle do you
want me to play here? I don’t want you
to play an angle. No, ’cause we gotta make sure
Tiffany’s onboard here. I was thinking, you come in.
You go, “Hey, guys, I’m Kevin.” And I come in and I knock
all the food off… – David.
– …their table at the diner, And I go,
“What’s up, ( bleep )?
I’m David.” Okay, David, there’s no– We can play it
however you want. David, that’s not–
where do you go after that? Then there’s a weird moment
where we gotta pick up
all the plates. – We gotta say sorry.
– Yeah. We gotta order
new food for them.
So you don’t– – I won’t touch their food.
– Okay. Please go in there and you
knock all the stuff off. No, it’s just–
it’s, like, go in there, “What the ( bleep )
is your problem?” And I’m here– what?
Wait a second. Kevin: If anybody asks
what you’re doing, say you’re shooting
a reality show called
“Breakfast At Noon.” – “Breakfast At Noon.”
– “Breakfast At Noon.” Not–
that’s not for you, David.
That’s for the crew. Hi, Tiffany, I’m shooting
“Breakfast At Noon.” No, that’s not for you. Tiffany, we’re here
with “Breakfast At Noon.” That’s for the crew.
Jesus. Okay, ready? – I’m so nervous.
– Try to be as “inspicuous”
as you can. – How you doing?
Hello, how are you?
– Hi, Kevin Hart. – How are you? Hello. Hello.
– Hello. Come on. Come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on. Where they at?
I gotta find ’em. How you doing? Oh, there we go. Over here.
Come on, David. – Oh, ( bleep )!
– How are you? Hello? – What’s up, champ?
– What’s up, man? – Daryl Williams.
– Good to meet you. Pleasure.
This is Tiffany, right? – I’m David.
– Hi, Tiffany. How are you? Tiffany: Good. – Hi, I’m David.
– That’s David. – How are you?
– Sorry, everybody. I don’t want to disturb
anybody’s breakfast. I’m here to meet Tiffany. David: We’re here with
“Breakfast At Noon.” Sorry. No, David.
That’s not– – No?
– Don’t go with the
“Breakfast At Noon.” – My bad.
– You don’t need to do that. – Oh, my gosh.
– You cried! I got one. Suck it, Bieber. Oh, my gosh.
I can’t even believe I’m sitting in front
of you right now. Well, I hope
I look taller in person. I said, “I hope.”
You don’t have to say
if it’s true or not. I’m saying, “I hope.” So, David,
who is a good friend of mine,
and who’s such a– As of today.
It’s pretty cool. Will you–
will you stop it? I’m not gonna let you
lie to these people. – We just met today.
– No. David. You’re right, you’re right.
It’s Hollywood. We’ve known each other
for a while. No, you don’t–
So, Daryl sends me a message and there’s a worry just of you maybe losing
your joy of the gym life that you guys once had. When him and I met,
I was in the gym every day… – Daryl: Every day.
– …eating very healthy. I loved myself, and it just–
it just went away. I feel like it is there,
I just don’t know how
to bring it out in me. We’re in the same boat.
I’m ready to be
inspired by Kevin. – That’s why I’m here.
– Yeah. – $75 an hour.
– Okay, just– you don’t have to say
my prices, okay? – Sorry, sorry.
– That’s undisclosed. – First session’s free.
– Yeah, but I think you just need to get
back to a point of seeing the joy that comes from this particular world
that you once were in. – Yeah.
– So, today, we’re trying
to inspire L.A. We got thousands of people
meeting us at a set location, and I’m gonna lead a workout. Okay. My request is
that you come join me and we see if we
can light that flame
that once was there. – Yes. Yep.
– Pfft. That’s my lighter noise.
Pfft. – Pfsst, pfsst.
– Pfft, pfft. By the end of the session,
you’ll know how to do the– – Pfft, pfft.
– Pfsst. – So, I got you?
– Yep, you got me. Yep. Told you. You know
what he wanted to do? He wanted to come in here
and smack all your food
on the floor. He was gonna throw
everything on the floor, and go, “What the ( bleep )
are you doing?” – David, we gotta go.
– You’re coming with us. David, leave before
the bill comes. Let’s go. We’re not gonna do that.
So, let them– yeah. Close your tab.
I’m not paying for that. I’m not paying for that! Kevin: All right, so,
this is about us inspiring community,
putting on a big fitness event. Hopefully, Tiffany,
having more people like you that may have lost
that mojo or never had it, and today, pfft,
we’re lighting it. – Right, gonna light
this thing on fire.
– We’re lighting it. – Guys, we’re here.
– Okay. – Talk is cheap.
Actions are louder.
– Oh! Let’s go inspire a whole
community to be fit. You want me to wait here? – No. David–
– Okay, okay. You’re getting out.( music playing )– I’m here to see
my boy Kevin Hart.
– David Dobrik, whoo! David,
if you’re watching this… All:
We love you. – Kevin, we here for you.
– We here for you, brother. – Team Kevin!
– Let’s go. Oh, wow,
look at this, David. – David: Wow!
– Tiffany: Goodness gracious. David:
Oh, this is nerve-wracking. Dude, I’m about to start crying.
I’m literally so nervous. – Kevin: Why are you
gonna be nervous?
– I don’t go to gyms because I’m scared to work out
in front of people. Tiffany, Daryl, you guys
are gonna be a motivation. David: I can’t work out
in front of anybody. – I’m already nervous.
– Nope. You’re gonna be great. David: Oh, boy. There it is. – ( cheers, applause )
– David: Hello. Kevin: What’s up,
what’s up, what’s up? Thank you for coming out,
Los Angeles. I hope you came out
with a great attitude because that means you’re ready
to put some great work in. Show some love to my guy,
David Dobrik. ( cheers, applause ) Our purpose of being here
is to inspire, to motivate, to give some people the push
in that right direction. Daryl and Tiffany
are an amazing couple, and today is Tiffany’s
first step back in
the right direction. So, show Tiffany some love. The beauty of working out
with a group is that the energy
is contagious. This can act
as that first start, that first lighter– Remember what I told you?
Make the noise, Tiff. – Pfft.
– We’re tying to light that– we’re trying
to light that fuse. Do it, David. Do it, David. – Pfft.
– Pfft. There you go.
We’re trying to light that fuse. Pfft.
That’s what I do, people. Pfft. David, you lead
the people on stretching. – Okay, guys.
– Right now. I haven’t worked out in a little over four years, so bear with me here. I want you to put
your arms like this… – Kevin: Good!
– …and now reach to the sky. – And now everyone
yell, “Whoo!”
– Whoo! And then when you come down,
go, “Whoosh.” – Whoosh.
– And touch your toes. That’s kind of
the only stretch I know, so I think
we’re done for the day. Wait, we have more.
Give ’em one more. Go like this with your arms.
Let’s stretch the arms
out a little bit. I can’t believe
you guys are all listening
to what I’m saying. – Kevin: Yes, this is great.
– Oh, oh, this, this. Like, really stretch out
this leg right here. – Okay.
– Turn to your neighbor, pay them one compliment. Uh, your hair looks nice? You haven’t even seen it.
I’m wearing a hat. I like the way your hair
sticks out your hat. – Thank you.
– Okay, good, good, good. – I like…
– What do you like? You couldn’t think of
a compliment to give me? Give me my
( bleep ) compliment. You’re a good listener. Thank you.
I am a good listener. All right? All right! The first thing
that we’re gonna do– oh, ( bleep ), my easel. Okay, this is dropping. David? David? Sorry. David, just put it
to the side. – David: The first one!
– The first one. Little difficult,
but you guys can see it–
what we’re gonna do! – Tiffany: Whoo!
– David: The ( bleep ) is that? We’re gonna do
a partner workout. One person is gonna
do the plank. The other person
jumps over the person – that’s doing the plank.
– David: Oh, God. You’re the partner.
Get down– get down now. David:
Come on, guys. The quicker you get down,
the quicker we get outta here. Let’s work.
Jump! – ( whines )
– ( grunts ) – Ah!
– ( grunting ) – Hold the plank!
– I can’t. – Daryl: How you doing, Tiff?
– Whoo! – Time!
– Oh, ( bleep ). Whoo!
Good job, jumpers.
Clap it up. Switch! – David: How many seconds?
– Kevin: 45 seconds, David. Actually, no, Kevin’s
on the ground. – Let’s do two minutes.
– No, no, no, David. We’re doing partner burpees. We’re going. – Whoo!
– Two. – ( groans ) Oh, my God.
– Three. Ten! When you’ve done your 10,
let me hear you clap! – Tiffany: I didn’t do 10.
– David? Yeah, sorry. Grab your partner’s feet,
and throw it down. – ( bleep )
– Don’t let ’em hit
the ground, David. I know, you didn’t
tell me that before. – Ah!
– Oh, ( bleep ). Oh! That’s five.
Stay down, David. ( vocalizing ) – Oh, ( bleep )
– Nice job, David. – Oh!
– Good job!
Get up, get up! – Tiffany, are you with you?
– Yeah, I’m watch you–
I’m with you. I need a bucket
to puke in. Kevin:
If you’ve got water,
you can take your water break. – David, you get some water?
– No. – You didn’t get water?
– No, I don’t need water. You look like
you wanted water. I’m a movie star, dawg.
This is easy. This is how I train
for my roles. For what roles?
What movies have you been in? “Angry Birds”! I got one line
in “Angry Birds” and I made
a big deal out if. – We’ve–
– ( cheering ) They’re really pumped
about it. Give ’em the line. This is my one line
from a movie. Give them a line
from “Angry Birds.” – “Oh, it’s on.”
– ( cheering ) Thank you guys
for coming out. Yeah. That’s actually
a really good line, though, man. It is– I lucked out
with that line. – That’s a memorable line
in “Angry Birds.”
– Thank you. Now, I wouldn’t be myself
if I didn’t have a surprise. If you saw “Jumanji,”
make some noise. ( cheering ) Do I have any Dwayne “The Rock”
Johnson fans here today? ( cheering ) Can y’all make some noise
for my guy, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s… …little brother.
His little brother is here. Yeah, sorry guys.
I should’ve led with that. I got so excited.
My face went numb. No, David. They got so pumped up.
I lied. He’s not here. – She’s crying.
– He’s not here,
( bleep ) him. ( bleep ) him. That’s right,
this is our workout. We’re leading this charge. So, look, I want
to finish with a bang. We’re gonna try our best
to hold this squat. This looks like
the most challenging one. No, it’s the most
challenging thing that you’ll ever do
in life. David, put
your back to mine. This is what
it should look like. – Got it?
– I got this. He doesn’t have a partner! Come up here, big guy. You’re gonna be
our partner. All right, get on this side
behind us. Let’s go. Trio, ready? We’re going for a minute! Time starts now! – David: No, ( bleep ).
– Whoo! – Oh, my God.
– Let’s go! Tiffany:
Oh, God! Ah! – ( groaning )
– Whoo, yeah. Yeah, that’s supposed to hurt. It’s called exercising. – I’m pulling you down.
– Hold it! – Oh, no! I’m sorry.
– Come on, Tiff. Ten seconds! Nine, eight,
seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Ooh.
Clap it off. You okay. It’s just legs.
You’ll get new ones. – Here you go.
– Thank you. I want to say something
on a serious note before we finish
this whole ordeal. I love to joke around,
I love to be silly. That’s my job,
that’s my profession. But in real life,
what I truly love is using what I have
to help make people better. So if you feel a little inspired
and motivated, let me hear you make some noise
right now, everybody. ( cheering ) Kevin and I want to give
Tiffany something. We’re giving you
a gym membership for a full year.
We’re paying for it. Making sure you can continue
doing what you’re doing here – and inspiring others.
– Wow. Wow. Oh, my gosh.
Thank you guys so much. I will definitely use it. Hey, you know what?
He said “Kevin and I,”
but he’s a liar. – That’s from David.
– Yeah, it’s coming
out of my pocket. He may be
an A-List celebrity, but he doesn’t have
his wallet with him
at any time. Okay, just stop it.
David, you’re making me
look bad. Man, another amazing episode
of “What the Fit” in the can. – We’ll see you next episode.
– Bye! ( cheers, applause ) See what happens
when you join Kevin Hart
for a massive work out. You get fit and you get
to have fun. For more of these,
click on my videos, subscribe
to my YouTube channel
Laugh Out Loud. – Do it!
– ( cheering )

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100 thoughts on “Community Cardio with David Dobrik and Kevin Hart

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  3. This what filmed at my school and I didn’t get the memo , wow nice El Co !
    Good stuff guys , thank you for hitting our community.

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    Kevin Hart: you now what he wanted to do he wanted to smack all your food off the floor


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