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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: New 2019: Freshly Brewed | Eddie Murphy Clip | Netflix

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: New 2019: Freshly Brewed | Eddie Murphy Clip | Netflix

(rock music) – [Jerry] You know that
you not doing stand-up drives people crazy. You know that, right? – The last time I saw Don Rickles, and, uh, Rickles was
like maybe a month or two before he passed away, and he just, just went on and
on and on like that, like– – Really? – “Well, you have to do stand-up again and you have to (mumbles)” just went on and on about it and I was just like “Wow.” I’ma do it again, it was just… – Really? – Yeah, I just had to, you know,
everything has to be right. I gotta get up there
and start workin’ out. – Really? – I have to get up and wor– the only way you can get like a act is I gotta go to the clubs and work houses and I’m gonna do that again. – [Eddie] You still gotta
go to the comedy clubs. – [Jerry] You still gotta go the… You could have your own club. – So, you should buy
the Comic Strip and I, I’ll come work out there. – You wanna do that, I’ll do it. I’ll call it “Jerry
Seinfeld’s Comic Strip.” (Eddie and Jerry laughing)

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100 thoughts on “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: New 2019: Freshly Brewed | Eddie Murphy Clip | Netflix

  1. Jerry seriously did well for himself. Made a legendary television show, owns a gazillion Porsche’s, worth an insane amount of money…. and sitting next to/conversing with a living demi god. Good job.

  2. seinfield been washes up since the show stopped lets not even talk about Cramer or George I don't even know their real names

  3. It was great watching Eddie kind of relax through the episode. He was still tense as f*ck, and never really looked at Jerry, but it was still good. Also, why the f*ck did they bleep the word "fuck?"

  4. In this episode.
    These two multi-millionaires are making fun of a homeless guy across the street before they drive away in their Porsche.
    Instead of y’know.
    Maybe going over there and giving the homeless guy a few bucks?

    Just saying.

  5. A follow-up for Jerry's homeless joke:

    Q) What did the super rich guy driving a Porsche say to the other super rich guy as they drove by the homeless?
    A) Fuck the homeless! They give each other advice… and they're total scumbag losers!!!

    Jerry Seinfeld is really at the top of his game here! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH

  6. When Eddie comes back, it’s gonna b like MJ’s “This Is It” announcement, gonna have the whole world watching.

  7. I wanted to see you guys pull into the driveway thru at Starbucks and get coffee! Come on guys, you led me on, the description says "getting coffee". Please do a "Do Over", an this time pull into Starbucks 🌟 and order some coffee, how hard can that be? I'm sure that you could find a way to hide the cameras, do it! you don't want this idea to get away, I think that Jerry could base a whole series of shows off having Stars pulling into drive throughs. Want me to sell the idea? Okay, do a pilot run, just to convince yourself, same as before Eddy and Jerry, but this time pull into Starbucks 🌟, order coffee, how hard can that be? GOD bless you!

  8. One thing about ANY famous comic that walks in a club, u get a grace period of the applause, fanfare, shoutin your name etc. However, when that dies down u still have to be funny. No matter who u are. Eddie will definitely get a HUGE grace period of a standing ovation for about 2mins or more than when it dies down, he still has to have somethin to say. Pryor went through that every time he walked in the Comedy Store.

  9. Thats a expensive ride a Porsche Carrera GT, with Jerry Seinfeld driving and Eddie Murphy as his passenger. One for the record books, these guys are living their best life.

  10. Maybe it's a message for Jerry around 0:13 seconds, '2-3 months before Rickles passed away, he gave the same advice'

  11. I think he stayed away from stand up comedy because of the easily offended people that are out there. It's probably way harder to do stand up more than ever with the Debbie Downers of political correctness waiting to drag your name through social media.

  12. Pull ova…pull ovaa! I'm gone read him his rights…you have a right to remain silent anything you say will be held against you in a court of law…what is this?!…WHAT IS THIS?!!!

    I bet yall read that in his voice


  13. If you don’t like it you can get the fuck out! Because this is my house! (Eddies fathers impersonation ) 😂
    Comedic legend in my top 3 all time comics

  14. Carerra gt $700,000, all carbonfiber body, a race car engine v10, one of the most extreme cars of all time

  15. The only thing I like about this show is that it exposes those who are naturally funny. Eddie Murphy is not naturally funny. Surprisingly Matthew Broderick is really naturally funny. Jim Carey not funny. Alec Baldwin very funny. Jerry Seinfeld not funny and takes himself and the whole being a comedian thing way too seriously.

  16. 2 things keep Eddie away. The time to write a special you have to get into ring shape for a fight and you have to get in stage shape for a special. It takes time and also I think he is scared of not meeting expectations because the competition is better. Chappell Burr Jeffries Stanhope CK you name it have stepped the game up and Eddie hasn’t written shit. He’s not trying to fail. I can’t wait because Eddie is the guy that made me fall in love with stand up.




  18. I love Eddie but I'm skeptical….. He's been out of the stand up game for awhile and Netflix just throws him $70 million!!!! What if he bombs?

  19. Two of the funniest guys who ever lived. I love that Eddie is aware of the expectations sand work required to create a new act but man, I’d love to see it.

  20. Y'all better start frequenting the comedy store. The scene is ripe and I bet he will be working out there.

  21. The thing is, is that Eddie is still funny. He just needs time to build material. I remember listening to Kevin Hart or Dave Chappelle saying that Eddie, Dave, Chris, Kevin and a couple of others met to have a gathering and that Eddie was still hilarious. That's a great sign.

  22. I watched this. I noticed Eddie can't make eye contact with Jerry. He doesn't have confidence. He's never coming back on stage. I'm sorry to say. But he doesn't have even the confidence to look people in the eye on a one on one setting. For Netflix, no less.

  23. When Murphy gets back in the Comedy run, he will destroy the political Correctness and the toxic idiots out there !😁👍

  24. This is too much for me to take. Take my money! Sitting front row if they announced appearances/tapings in NYC. Gotta see Eddie live before I croak.

  25. Immediately saw this last night while browsing Netflix and saw Eddie on the thumbnail. He’s a great storyteller and is very good at transitioning someone’s comments or conversation into a little story. When Jerry brought up Mike Tyson and the part about Planet of the Apes turning into a story about Bubbles and Michael Jackson are great examples of that. Even the Tracy Morgan bit. While the impressions came out of nowhere, they weren’t random. They brilliantly came out as responses from something Jerry was already talking about. Great stuff!

  26. One of my favorite things Jerry has ever done is in this episode when he says LeMans not LeMaaa..I don't care how its supposed to be pronounced when people say LeMaaa it makes me want to punch a baby

  27. Just watched it. Good segment but kinda bummed they did not show any clips of people coming up to say hello or get a picture taken with.

  28. Eddie Murphy so different than in his movies… a very quiet and introspective man, while I expected someone loud and over the top. He seems very level headed. A sound mind in a sound and forever young looking body!

  29. This was the first episode of the series we’ve watched and it had us in splits.

    But what’s with all the pouring of the coffee, that was a bit too much!

  30. Ug Seinfeld. Eddie Murphy used to throw some raging parties and had the weirdest GIANT picture of his wife and him above the fireplace 👍

  31. I saw the episode, really awesome.. Eddie recognize he is lazy 😆 doing nothing is his favorite dish… Man.. I would pay any amount to see him again on a stage. He is a legend..

  32. As much as I LOVE Eddie Murphy I'm not holding my breath for him to do stand up again. I don't think he really wants to do it.

  33. In this episode.
    These two multi-millionaires make fun of a homeless guy they see across the street before they drive away in a Porsche.
    Instead of y’know.
    Maybe giving the homeless guy a few bucks or something?

    Just saying.

  34. All these great comedians are pushing Murphy to get back up there. That’s Eddy’s ultimate position is as a stand up comic. I’m not one for nostalgia and bringing old things back but eddy Murphy getting behind the mic again is a different story. If he still has the ability to write material without worrying about his image as a family friendly actor and does a his real routine. Damn that’d be fire. Get up there eddy!!!

  35. His comeback in Dolemite is My Name, Coming to America sequel (God I hope) and this supposed Netflix stand up series may set off a plutonium influenced explosion everyone is NEEDING to happen.

  36. Imagine seeing the following advertised at an arena near you…

    “A Night with Dave Chappell and Eddie Murphy”

    Shit, I’m buying my tickets now and this show doesn’t even exist!

    A 2-night, 5-arena tour (LA, Chicago, Madison Square, Atlanta, and Dallas/Fort Worth) followed by a Netflix Special (newer material of course).

    Out of respect, Dave would “open”, Eddie would them follow and they would then both share the stage for a 20 minute back and forth “encore” where the 58 year-old Murphy ends the night by passing the torch to the 45 year-old Chappell. (damn, this is beautiful!)

    I just came up with the most epic stand up experience in the history of comedy…

    ….Cash in Netflix, Make this happen!

  37. Let's face it folks, the man lost his comedic edge decades ago after the Nutty Professor and to me, that was a mini-comeback that did not last. Now, he over acts with that hard grin that really isn't that funny. Here is what I think. When he made gay jokes early in his career and let's call it what it was, he MOCKED THE SHIT OUT OF GAYS, he was hilarious and that can still make people crack up today, but the powers that be will crucify him for it and he knows it. When he parodied Richard "I'm still in the closet" Simmons, how funny was that? Come on folks, we all cracked up at that. We now live in a world where comedy is dying because comedians have to walk on egg shells. If the wrong word comes out of their mouth, or the wrong person gets offended then it's over. He didn't do too bad in Daddy Day Care or Dr. Doolittle, and of course, his voice character in Shrek is unforgettable, but that is about it these days. The silver lining is that he will be able to play old funny black folks without costumes and makeup in the near future. That should be a good comeback for him to help him go out with a bang when his time comes.

  38. Eddie's successful return to stand-up is contingent on audiences doing something that audiences, especially American audiences, don't like doing. Namely, not losing their shit.

    The only road back is via clubs. On top of that, the only way for Eddie, as with any top tier comic building a new hour, is to appear unannounced. Ten minutes here, 15 there, over and over, building and refining and re-ordering repeatedly until the hour is ready to go.

    But in order for that to happen, for Eddie to deliver the best new hour he can, audiences will have to restrain themselves when he jumps on stage at the Store or the Cellar or the Laff Riot or the Chuckle Buckle for his little spots. Resist the urge to give him ten minutes of goodwill wherever he goes.

    To be fair, an appearance like this, or any other appearance where we get to see Eddie in the general context of stand-up comedy, can only help to offset the looming specter of comedy club audiences going into weird paroxysms of ecstasy.

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