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College Moving: U-Haul Trailers for Students

College Moving: U-Haul Trailers for Students

Moving to college can be easy and fun
with the help of a parent and a U-Haul trailer. Be sure when you’re loading you put sixty
percent the weight into to the front of the trailer, putting the heavier stuff on bottom and
lighter things on top. The trailers low deck makes loading and
unloading much easier, especially on your dad’s back. As you load,
make sure to rope off your belongings in stages to keep then shifting during your move. You don’t
want to unload and find out that a box is tipped over and now your electronics are covered in laundry soap. As you start your college adventure, be sure to check the tow connection at
every stop. Drive slower than you normally do and always wear your seat belt. For those of you moving on your own, get
a free pre-tow inspection of your car before picking up the trailer and practice towing with it before you hit
the highway. Roadside assistance is click away at on your smartphone. Remember you get to
do this all over again when you head back home for the summer. So don’t forget to thank your parents for
helping you move. To get the best rates, reserve early at

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14 thoughts on “College Moving: U-Haul Trailers for Students

  1. Omg! Why didn't my parents do this for me when I went out to college? Instead I was squished with my belongings; force to leave other items at home and do multiple trips in between semester. Just when I settled in with everything the school year was up and all that shit had to come out! Smh! The horror! 😱 And I hate Sallie Mae. Just a side bar conversation. ✌

  2. Will a full size couch, not sectional but an average couch fit in the 6×12 enclosed trailer? Picking one up Tuesday

  3. Hey U-Haul, can you make videos on how many boxes can fit in each trailer? With a variety of box sizes you offer for sale in your stores I think it would be great if you could show what combination of boxes fit in each trailer. Granted, many people have furniture, but I still believe that it helps potential customers get an idea of what they can and cannot fit in your trailers and also helps them pick the right trailer for the load they are fixing to carry. #askingforafriend

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