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– Today we’re going to
do something awesome with Coke and Mentos. We have three cars, and we get to design our own modded car, and we’re gonna see who can launch their toy car the fastest. On your mark, get set, go! – [Narrator] Welcome back
to Kyle’s Toys & Games. Let’s have some fun! (plane engine roars) (bell rings) – Hey guys, welcome back. And today we’re going to do something awesome with Coke and Mentos. It’s gonna be so fun. So our good friends, Stephen
Sharer and Grace Sharer, did this awesome video. They mounted these Coke
bottles to these toy cars and when they put the Mentos inside, it had like a rocket effect, and it flew right down the road. It was crazy! We have three cars, and three of us, and we get to design our own modded car. – Basically just gonna
put the Coke on the car, and we’re gonna see who can launch their toy car the fastest. – The winner gets to
race an actual RC car, with the Coke and Mentos. – Before we start, make sure to go follow all of our TikToks. We make funny and awesome videos there. Kyle has a TikTok, I have a TikTok, and also my mom and dad have a TikTok. So make sure to go follow
those for more funny videos. Okay so Kyle, which car do you wanna pick? – I’m going for the biggest one. – Awesome, I’m gonna go for this awesome Jeep right here, sweet. – Okay, I guess I’m going
for the tiniest car. – Have fun, Gage.
– See you later! – Bye, I’m gonna go mod. – Bro, what are you doing? – Improvising. – Ta-da! – Awesome, we have all
of our Coke and Mentos bottle rocket RC car
thingamajigs ready to go. Gage has his monster truck ready. – Mine is a pretty simple design. It’s the mini RC car. I unscrewed the top case of it, and then I just secured the bottle of Diet Coke
on it with some zip ties. – I basically demolished
the entire top half and then just zip tied
the Coke bottle on here. Looks pretty good. – Okay, what I did is I took
this part off right here. Then I put the Coke bottle in and I put zip ties right here so when I flip it over, it
doesn’t do anything and fall out. – I guess we will start the race, dudes. – Yeah, let’s do it. Take our Mentos, and let’s go! For the first race, we have Gage — – Whew! – versus Luke! – Yeah! – He has his awesome Jeep, and Gage has his awesome car. Racers, are you ready? – Yeah! – On your mark, get set, go! Go, Luke! – No!
– Oh, shoot! – Oh, Gage won! Gage, you totally won though! – Totally won! – Oh my gosh, yes! – Your reaction was way more precise. Good job, man.
– And guess what. Now you have to face the destroyer. – Oh no. – Guess we’ll see who wins. – Gage and Luke went a little too slow, so we modified these caps. This one actually has a slit in it. – And this one just has a little pin prick hole that I’m gonna use. And hopefully it’s gonna
spray out with more force and make them go way
fast down the driveway. – Like way more pressure. And we also have these Mentos that are in the middle
of some Scotch tape. We put that on the lid,
then we shake it up, and then we set it down, and it’s gonna go so fast. – Are you ready racers? – [Both] Yeah! – In three, two, one, go! (loud cheers) – No, gosh dang it! – Yeah! – Dude! – Oh my god, I won! – [Gage] Yours did so good! – The cap totally made it go way faster. – It’s still fizzing. I got so wet. – With your Coke and Mentos mod, your car went way faster
than any of ours, dude. Good job! – I’m the Coke and Mento mod master! – Good job, dude! – Now that we’ve had some
practice with our experiments, it’s time to race all three of us. Whoever wins that run, gets
to go against the RC car. Let’s do this. – [All] Three, two, one, go! (upbeat music) – No, come on! – Oh, man! – Go, go, go! Come on, go go! Keep going, keep going! (loud cheers) Yeah! – I think the little car went the fastest because it’s so light, but I think my car’s the best because my first round was super good. I am ready! – [Kyle & Luke] Three, two, one, go! (Luke laughs) – Go! Oh no! It was so close! And I got sprayed, too! – The thing is, I went as slow as I possibly can, and I still won. – So Kyle’s RC car is the winner. – I was like an inch away from the finish line, too.
– That was so close. – Thanks for watching. That was it for this video. If you guys liked this one, you’re definitely gonna
like these other ones because I picked them just for you, and I’ll see you guys next time. – [All] Bye! – Gage you totally got me. Good job, dude. – Let’s go drive some RC cars. (upbeat music) (engine roars)

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