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Cleetus McFarland Hosts Houston Burnouts, Drags, & Demolition Cars !!!

Cleetus McFarland Hosts Houston Burnouts, Drags, & Demolition Cars !!!

what’s going on everybody it is February
15 2020 on a beautiful Saturday here in Texas beautiful as in I found a spot of
Texas that is not raining all day got last-minute tickets on a Thursday for
anybody any of my viewers follow Cletus mcFarland
he’s a he’s a car guy well he’s possibly putting on his last show ever the Cletus
and cars here at the Houston Raceway here why because he just recently him
and some other friends purchased their own racetrack in Florida so they’re
talking about doing it there in Florida next year so maybe here at the the last
annual Houston Cletus and cars so anyone got tickets to go in we’re gonna see
some drag racing and demolition derby and just a lot of car stuff bring the
camera in if I can and sheriff much as I can with you here we go I just got delivered by the way they’re
doing this till 11 p.m. tonight yeah a lot going on here track lots of
times I’m gonna walk around like a bead benders see if I can find me and find me
a magnet for my find Cletus McFarland he’s supposed to be meeting people there
check it out it’s the mystery machine from Cletus McFarland’s videos seen this
on the tracks even on his new track yeah tent and there’s the clickbait patrol
car one hand of course there is a demolition derby later tonight at dark
also the Cletus doesn’t have magnets yet you’d neither do i I really ain’t some
magnets nematic phonetic magnets lots of food options full drinks Papa John’s
pizzas over there lemonade hot dogs I’ve been to quite a few live events not
not just racecar stuff and it’s really hard to see sometimes as a shorter guy
here I’m really I’m really impressed by all the bleachers and seating they have
around everything we’ll see what goes on later tonight when we get over to the
demolition derby though also Cleatus there’s actually three channels putting
this on there all over like two billion subscribers but they have a very lenient
policy on videographer obviously they are youtubers themselves so you will see
a lot of youtubers here filming as well as are really awesome in and out policy
you can’t bring food or drink into the stadium there when you can come in and
out and check so I’m gonna be able to stick to my diet today which is I guess
probably a good thing for me plus I can check in on mr. Jack’s man from time to
time was attempting to eat bad yeah it is but somebody’s got train horn but
I’m really in control in my RV to stick to this lifestyle change diet type
things you know unless of course it’s my cheat day plus it’s still delicious you
wouldn’t like it alright my belly’s full we’ve got about 45 minutes to the
burnouts start we’ve got three hours of burnout competition so I’m gonna serve
my seat up in the s stands this is the view of the burnouts here it sucks to be sure there is something
going on way up like 15 rows back there just barge my way up there yeah push my
fear smoke you got people up on the board of bodies they over all full all right got a seat there right now thinking about going back to
the RV real quick before they get done with all the pronouns because unlike
everyone else here I brought my whole home with me I have a drone with charged
batteries I’m not in a national forest area we can get some cold throwing shots
and I won’t get in trouble go below break check you know just real quick
I just wanna make sure you’re doing okay you make a check on the little tiny
kitty I guess we can’t do any drone shots because daddy didn’t plan this out
very well yeah I have no charge drone batteries at 9 p.m. we’re going to have
the last part of the race back over at the dragster strip so got an hour to
kill us I figure out lean hanging out with Jack see if my iPhone and my other
battery will charge up work it’s pitch black
everybody’s doing burnouts out here in the parking a lot of people are leaving
early actually which is fine it’ll clearly parking-lot out a little better
later but to my driver side you’ll notice you might notice I did this on
purpose I parked at the very end so that nobody can park in the road to block me
in so that I can leave whenever I want to leave and not get stuck also using
the cones so no one parks in the road I think that’d be obvious but they’re
their race fans they’re not we’re not all there in the head I said we so yeah
that wasn’t mean like you guys to if I got to get in I got to get in I’ll Park
in the middle of the road yeah people are doing a lot of burnouts around here
and kind of dumb stuff but it’s private property so unless you get it out of
your system here in the parking lot before you hit the main road in the
interstate you’re good I got 25 percent battery on the phone for the drone I’m
gonna pop it up real quick and go get some shots real quick oh just
get the flag flat out awesome man that was fun and I
gotta give Cletus McFarland and his event organizer some credit here they
they did some magic to really bump this entire schedule all the events up three
hours it is pouring rain outside right now you hear it
yeah I’m still in the parking lot in no rush cuz nobody’s moving out even though
I have a free lane to go there’s nobody’s moving but it is pouring and we
got through early three hours early so that was really cool you know and I’m
sorry if you’re getting bombarded with all the videos on YouTube from Cletus
and cards but like I said this could be the last one in Houston I’m glad I got
to attend as for me like I said gonna take some time here make my dinner
officially Mike my chicken and corn and then for tonight I’m just gonna be going
six miles north in here actually gonna be boondocking at a Walmart six miles
north because tomorrow is the big day tonne of 500 race that I am so looking
forward to cannot wait for that race gonna watch it in the RV and and hang
out with Jackson yeah so anyway it’s all parks this looks like a pretty quiet
Walmart here in Baytown so I’m going and get a few supplies before I go to bed
spend a little bit of money at the store that lets me overnight man I love race
fans I always have sports fans in general yeah
but race fans I can relate man I get along with them a lot better okay I will
check back in in the morning guess yeah I really didn’t sleep too well last
night here maybe I was kind of set up for that to happen but last night
because of the event I guess this whole Walmart parking lot was just a non-stop
burnout arena like once every five minutes someone did a burnout and it’s
not like that soothing sound people talk about ambient sound like the ocean or
the Idol of a trucker no a burnout is like from zero decibels to like 130
decibels you can’t sleep through this I didn’t get good sleep I made to take a
nap or I may have to go to bed early tonight I don’t know but can’t worry
about that now it is Daytona 500 race day whoo yo Kevin
Harvick still my boy he’s still with the same team and has the same sponsors but
Kevin Harvick pulled a nomadic fanatic he dropped
Chevy he’s in a Ford now yeah I love it no kneeling or protesting like other
sports just drain American goodness whoo so we’re not racing yet it’s raining in
Daytona like it always rains in Daytona every single day they have a Daytona 500
it always rains a little bit so they’re just driving around for fun here waiting
to start literally I joke about that a lot but you know I’ve been to the the
racetrack there twice and both times it poured and it was sunshine I guess
that’s kind of Florida weather it just absolutely pours every single time they
have a race there and then it kind of goes away a little bit so they can race
and anyway this is lap five of just going around Paul in the face car kind
of a kind of a boring start this year dang it they pulled all the cars back on
wrapped them and now the drivers are gonna go in and hang out for a while
once the rain stops it’s gonna take another hour or so to dry the track
every year man look at this every one two hours in 16 minutes after the
proposed start of the race we are going to drive I think finally even though
there is more rain in the forecast they have already turned on the lights here
at Daytona or you turn them on we will finish under dark now because of this
just like last year whoa big NASCAR changes this year essentially what they
just told us is that there’s been a change this year if we complete more
than a hundred laps of the day of the Daytona 500 they call the race after
rain they don’t postpone it and then start on Monday Tuesday Wednesday or
later in the week the race is over after a hundred laps and we get another rain
delay Wow I mean I guess they’re kind of doing
that because it always rains at Daytona but I couldn’t really be
a short race I mean actually you know on the track racing yeah we’ll see what
happens go Harvick everybody was getting soaked
down and turned to I was trying it never rained and turned for everybody until
the turn two was soaked yeah so we’re back under yellow 21 laps and it’s
raining and we’re just gonna circle the tracks and Miller kind of frustrating
man that’s funny they kind of just gave up their re-airing last year’s Daytona
500 which I was camping at inside the infield track at yeah so we’re gonna
watch last year’s Daytona instead okay well summer NASCAR and Daytona
International Speedway have officially rescheduled the Daytona 500 for tomorrow
Monday I think 4 p.m. Eastern they’re gonna try again I feel really bad enough
I’m not trying to tease you guys but it always rains at the Daytona races it’s
in this weird pocket where it just like everybody thinks that sunny Daytona
Beach know it rains nearly every single day at least a little bit at Daytona
Beach you guys from around there no but they just cancelled or rescheduled the
last race there the fall one and then here’s here’s the big one I’m not
camping there I almost got Daytona tickets this year but my plans change to
come back to Texas they’re kicking the campers out as normal so the RV years
and the campers they got to put away in the rain and drive through the muddy
grass and everything I remember people get stuck in there and got to get towed
out they don’t get to come back and see the race you’re just kicked out all that
money you spend and it’s at least 1,500 dollars to camp in there and see the
race there they don’t get to come back and I am so sorry if you’re one of those
people NASCAR doesn’t really make it up to the campers they don’t but you know
and you get to watch it tomorrow night from home or wherever you park your RV
elsewhere I’m just one of those things that nobody can control is the weather
but you know Daytona races in February it just doesn’t make sense to me it
never does cuz it always rains every single race it rains I am going to a
NASCAR race this year in 2020 not not in Daytona
Florida you guys take care I’m not giving up on Houston yet it is not
currently raining here so haven’t given up even if it’s gonna rain the next week
every single day it always does in Houston I will wear wear rain gear or
put an umbrella I’ll be that guy put the camera in an umbrella cuz I want to do
some Houston I do you guys stay tuned I’ll have a new weight-loss Wednesday
video for you coming up in a couple days and then Friday hopefully some new
Houston stuff sound good all right you guys be we’ll take care
bye-bye you

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100 thoughts on “Cleetus McFarland Hosts Houston Burnouts, Drags, & Demolition Cars !!!

  1. Good for you Eric! You don't NEED that fat food. Just look at the people eating it…FATNESS!
    I know some certain people that would go totally ballistic over that event with all that CO2. Hahaha! Got have some fun, right?! Those drivers are nuts at the demo derby!!


  3. That JD shirt you're wearing – special memory: someone gave me the same shirt for my 17th birthday many, many, MANY years ago, partly because it was cool, partly as joke because I don't drink. I wore that shirt to tatters.

  4. Hell yeah!!! I cant believe this!! I only subscribe to 8 people, 3 of you are there!!! You , Matt from Demolition Ranch, and cletus, matt is the one who rode in the burnout cop car with cletus. Their first meet as well. Too cool!!! I want to go to one of these and id love to meet you all. Iv watched you the logest!! Keep the vids coming

  5. Had to give you a thumbs down for that “No Kneeling” comment after showing Trump. They kneel for a legit reason Eric. I love America just as much as the next guy but please keep your political opinions to your self. I like this channel as watch all your content please don’t run me away.

  6. Cleetus used to be great but now all they are doing is this burnout nonsense. Every idiot can shred a set of tires – no skill needed. Wish he would build a proper drag car and become truly competitive. Would love to see him in a Funny car or dragster one day, but now they only keep buying junk cars.

  7. While you are in the Houston area you should really check out Brazos Bend State Park if you haven’t already it’s just down the street from where I live me and mine go there all the time

  8. Hi Eric and Jax! If you are still in the Houston area check out the San Jacinto battlefield monument. This was the last battle for Texas Independence from Mexico. We are S.W. of Houston in between Victoria and Gonzales. Stop by.

  9. I'd like a magnet that is a metal rv that has an opening door where Jax sits and meows when door is opened … huh? Elaborate… a motorcycle on back with a button that revs… idk…it could get crazee.

  10. Ohhh come on man, you're a Washington native….they dont use umbrellas LOL . The demo derby looked fun, the 500 will more than likely turn into a big expensive one also. Have fun on your travels

  11. The parking lot at the Raceway was used after Hurricane Harvey by towing companies to park flooded cars after the Hurricane until insurance companies could inspect them pending disposal. As all good things have to end, after 5 months unclaimed cars were towed to scrapper.

  12. Needs to be a different time of year, like family reunions in Texas on Memorial Day weekend…. storms most every time.

  13. Thank you for sharing…only video I have seen so far on this event. Brings back some memories of drag races , dirt racing and demolitions I have gone to as a kid .
    That looked fun. liked how the look a like mutt cut van was in the demolition.
    Safe travels and new adventures to you and Jax.

  14. Eric nice to see you having a good time rain or shine it's always fun there even if you don't get to see the race and its entirety just being there can be fun Florida next year so maybe see you next year hey if you're still in Florida be really really careful because the crazy drivers seem to be in abundance this year I had a joker come to a complete stop before he turned onto his exit ramp on I-95 just before Belvedere in the pouring rain and the less had to swerve and hit a concrete wall my arms all smashed up now can I have to have three surgeries with steel pins and rods I'm going to be out of commission for at least 3 or 4 months good luck to you God bless Give Jax big hug for me take care

  15. Love the drone stuff 👍 my wife heard only 2 Daytona’s have been rained out, but I think she’s just a troubled Bush fan😂 teamFord 🏁

  16. You should have flipped the channel over to the XFL football game. It was at Houston and they actually have a fairly big fan base in Houston already after only 2 games. They also have a pretty good team too. Be cool if you could make it to one if their games and let us know how it is. I was checking on tickets and you can get tickets on the bottom tier for about $25.

  17. Eric you need to go to a NHRA NATIONAL event. you need to experience top fuel ( bring ear protection seriously) 340+ mph in 3 seconds , 10,000 hp+

  18. Cool video!
    Yeah, I lived in Daytona and it does rain daily about the same time for 30 minutes. It was strange but we got use to it and planned according to the weather.
    It was only certain times a year but usually when events were planned. 😆

  19. Those cones are a great idea! There are some events here in Colorado where the parking is in fields and I could've used those for my little car!

  20. UPDATE: I've been notified that Daytona is actually allowing campers to stay an extra day. My report in the video comes directly from Daytona's webpage stating portable toilets and wash stations are only for use during allotted camping dates. And that ONLY grandstand tickets are eligible for rain rescheduled races. It looks like there is some leniency there to allow up to 24 hours extra stay, but per the rules, the camping areas are usually NOT eligible to remain on property past 11am Monday after each race week. So, this is good news for campers who stayed to see the conclusion of the race today. 🙂

  21. Loves me some drone shots at the race track… Always love your videos when your at a race a sprint car race fan the most, Nascar is still great too, this was an outstanding video Eric, thumbs up fer sure

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  23. Hell Yeah best vlog of the year NF !!
    Love the hell outta some bad ass car footage!!
    That food probably could've got me to ruin my lifestyle change!!
    I've been eating healthy but i haven't become a tater hater lol! Have a good'nnn

  24. Looks like you had fun. Glad you got a strategic parking spot. There is a Buccees in Baytown. They sell a few things there that are healthy, lol.

  25. Hubby cued this up as we are sitting here stunned watching Ryan Newmans crash. I pray he is ok but my gut is telling me otherwise. We will be at the Phoenix race but I am guessing you will at Texas.

  26. Eric your in the town of Baytown were I was born. Awesome and  please do be careful. I've been to Houston Speedway as at one time my nephew raced there. Since then the place has changed from what I understand. If you get a chance to go to Herman Park (In Houston) please do so as there are a lo of great places to go there. Also you can ride the train around the park. I grew up in Houston and the only real bad thing about the place is the traffic. Do hope you have a great time in your adventures around. Hugs to Jax. Thanks!

  27. Dude you cleetus and Matt from demolition ranch are my top 3 favorite channels of all time and all 3 of you were at the same place at the same time. I’m so happy. Did you see Matt? He was with cleetus for a while. He has a video of him behind the scenes on his “off the ranch” channel.

  28. Eric I have to say thank you for sharing this video with me I love NASCAR anything to do with racing 👍👍😍😍🏎️🏎️🏎️🏎️🏎️🏎️

  29. Seattle in recent years had an 80 day dry spell. But, the month of January this year had rain every single day but the 1st. Nov through February, it rains most of the time. Why am I pointing all this out? Because Seattle has the reputation, but Florida gets twice as much rain!

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