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Cleaning The Dirtiest Car Interior Ever! Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Honda Odyssey

Cleaning The Dirtiest Car Interior Ever! Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Honda Odyssey

welcome back to star garage today will be a full interior detail and I want to take you through my minivan which has come back from a long road trip to Nashville with my kids which I have four of and they do make a mess of the vehicle plus it has been a little while since I have detailed it based on the dust that you’re seen on the dashboard it is wintertime so it is a little bit tough to get out there sometimes but in this video you will see that there is snow on the ground the weather is cold there is freezing rain even but we can still get the job done so the products I’m using today are just some rubber gloves some soft bristle brushes of a couple different sizes I have a couple different types of towels a spray bottle of water and visible glass windshield cleaner 3:03 aerospace protectant and 3:03 aerospace cleaner along with my shop vac and the latest addition to my detailing arsenal is the cove commuter bluetooth speaker which I have been loving not only because it has a built-in subwoofer which is really awesome for such a small speaker but it’s got a long lasting battery life for eight hours of music it’s water resistant allows you to take calls on the speaker and to be honest it’s really nice to have when you’re detailing a car because you can throw it on the dashboard in the glove box or on your toolbox outside the car and just having music when you’re detailing sometimes helps just get through it that much quicker so I want to thanks Cove for supporting my channel and offering you guys an insane discount on this exact speaker they’re offering sixty-five percent off with the codes Stauffer so make sure you guys check out the first link in my description box below so the first thing when I do any detail to be honest is just go ahead and remove anything you can from the vehicle to give you room to work clean anything and not have to worry about moving seats back and forth so for my situation removing car seats always leaves a treasure trove of stuff underneath and the easiest way to clean the seats is just remove them from vehicle along with getting access to anything that may be landed underneath them I know I know my kids are slobs they are and sometimes on a road trip all of you parents out there that watch this video that have kids especially if you have a minivan minivans are just straight-up workhorses you guys know that on a road trip you’re just trying to get through it so kids eating the back kids playing with toys and everything else drawing and making a mess just kind of goes along with it and for those of you guys that don’t believe that I don’t know what to tell you this is how it rolls in our family it’s a little bit crazy and actually some of the stuff that I find back here I’m just truly baffled by so it’s kind of like a treasure hunt and just complete surprised at the stuff that collects on some of these seeds [Music] and I want you guys to vote above if you have a minivan if your kids are this dirty or if I’m completely just on the opposite end of the spectrum of normalcy all right so now with all the car seats out all the seats out I get a really good look of the entire mess across the seats the floor and usually I just grab some sort of Tupperware bin that I can just kind of sort and go through everything in the car that’s gonna be kept or thrown out honestly I wish I could just throw it all out [Music] I won’t close my door no matter what use the one thing to remember even with a large vacuum cleaner that’s for like a shop you still have to pick up some of the pieces of trash off the ground because you will get things lodged up in them and you don’t want to have to worry about unclog on a hose in the middle of a detail especially when it’s 20 degrees outside after I kind of pick out the big pieces the next thing to kind of go out are these rubber floor mats which anybody that has a vehicle anybody has kids especially in the wintertime I highly recommend getting some of the weather resistant map for your vehicle whether the rubber or just extra spare floor mats that are carpet once I’ve everything picked up in Maine cab and I jump into the trunk remove anything and do I even have a dollar bill the best thing about this Honda Odyssey is the fact that these seats fold down which really helps with kind of making sure I can get in the van give me plenty of access to all the different components [Music] and it’s time to start vacuuming and cleaning up as much crumbs as possible from the carpet one thing to remember most car panels are to be honest just clipped in plastic so if there are panels that are extra dirty like this panel in particular it’s got some extra extra love and attached to it which I’ll probably take out of the vehicle to clean if you can’t unclip it and it comes off pretty easily go ahead and just remove it and gives you access to the underneath the panel [Music] [Music] to some of your guys disappointment since this is a very very cold detail I won’t be shampooing the carpets doing anything intricate this is more of how I quickly can detail a vehicle [Music] [Music] crazy part is in this clip you guys can even start seeing some of the freezing rain landing onto the carpet in front of the camera as I am vacuuming so it is seriously cold out when I’m doing this detail but I wanted to get this video done for you guys and I do promise that more of these videos will be coming out on our channel I do have several of the vehicles and our fleet that I’ll be detailing let me know in the comments below if there’s any specific things that you guys want to see whether it’s polishing wheel cleaning or if there’s anything else you guys like to see from my channel please let me know in the comments below I’d love to know and that way I can create that content for you guys the one thing you remember with any detail that you’re doing is vacuuming is probably one of the most rewarding pieces of it because a lot of the detail itself unless like you had coke cans exploding across the entire vehicle just vacuuming is one of the most satisfying pieces to any detail because it gets you a lot of the results out of it pretty quickly [Music] now that I’ve moved everything from the middle of the vehicle to the front time to clear all that out so I can get access to the front of the vehicle pull out the floor mats and start cleaning some of the panels and some of the areas that are pretty damn dirty all right guys so this video is now the second part the first part of it I had to delay if you couldn’t see all the freezing rain falling in the car it was like 5 degrees at that point with the rain and I was freezing yeah that winter storm came through and kind of kicked my butt so I’m picking up where I left off and now I have to clean up the front of the car it is still snow on the ground it’s probably 15 degrees but if you guys can’t see there is sunlight pouring in it is a clear blue sky so it is a perfect opportunity for me to get out there and try to work as fast as I can even though it’s cold out get the job done but I need to finish the front of the car and then we’re gonna go and go it over the rest of the car with the quick detailing spray is gonna go over with the rest of the different products that I use to detail the cars so let’s go [Music] [Music] keep [Music] Oh [Music] now that all the vacuuming is down the next thing I like to do is just go through all the windows and the vehicle and start cleaning them product that I use is stoners or invisible glass invisible glass is a nice foaming type spray that’s safe on window tint easy to apply and it does come off streak free you can see here one trick that you do when you clean a windshield is you kind of rotate your body and turn around where you do like an under hand behind the back when you’re cleaning so that way you can get all the way down into the crevice of the dashboard in the windshield and then you can come all the way up and clean the windshield without missing any spots it’s kind of a trick and kind of a contortionist thing you have to do but it is truly the best way to get to your dashboard and get all of the window under windshield clean now the windshields clean I don’t want to dirty it up so I use a fresh microfiber towel and spray my 303 aerospace protectant on to it to saturate it and then go across the dashboard wipe everything down which not only picks up all the dust but also adds another layer of protectant which is dust repellent and also gives the – that nice matte look that I like instead of a shinier look from some other products [Music] so I mentioned this was a quick detail but one nice thing to do is grab some soft bristle brushes like I picked this one up from Harbor Freight a toothbrush or even just a small paintbrush will work to is go around the vehicle around any buttons the vents any of the switches because you’ll find dirt that’s kind of collected in those areas that you won’t be able to ever get to at the tail it’s kind of going that extra mile but you’ll appreciate it later on when you’re driving around and everything just looks brand new and you’re not going to see those little annoying pieces of dirt that are kind of stuck in those corners you can even see here based on the sunshine all of the dust that’s kind of flying around from the brush as I’m going through it and it really does help get into those corners that you wouldn’t be able to get to at the tip [Music] now that I’ve done all the dusting essentially and wiped everything down with the 303 Oh sprays protectant the last step is take a fresh microfiber towel and I just use a little bit of water spray the towel and go across any of the screens the plastic gauge cluster the screen up top on this car and just use that to wipe it down instead unless you got something seriously collected on there just using water in a microfiber towel is probably one of the easiest ways just to get those areas clean without using any corrosive products [Music] after going through the dashboard the next thing I’d like to do is go through the door panels the door handles do any of that dusting like I said to get any dirt that’s collected in those cracks and this applies for any of the sliding doors in the rear any of the panels and the ceiling or the roof or the sides and especially in the trunk area you can do all this process as well you can actually see where I try to spray my protectant onto the door panel it actually froze as I was trying to wipe it off so I had to start up the car warm it up get everything nice and toasty inside before opening up the door to spray it down and clean it off pretty quickly before it froze with the windshield be in the exception I do like to do windows on the sides and the rear any glass besides the windshield after I use 303 aerospace protectant because and it doesn’t make it a quicker process without having to worry about overspray [Music] without being too pluggy 303 products is kind of a product that I’ve used for kasha things been over 15 years it’s truly my go-to product when it comes to just a basic clean none of the components here were overly dirty so like a 303 cleaner first wasn’t really applicable whereas when you spray the protectant on as you’re wiping it up with a microfiber towel you’re collecting all that dirt but you’re also buffing and put applying the protectant as well next is the seats which ones those car seats remove they are pretty nasty I just used 303 aerospace protectant again spray the seat itself these are leather in particular so it makes it easy and if you guys want to see any cloth seat cleaning videos or leather care and protecting videos that are more intense than this let me know in the comments below if you want to see those videos but after you spray the 303 on just use the brush to agitate and the cracks and any crevices and just kind of do a rotating motion to kind of agitate and get that area soaked so that dirt gets loosened up before you wipe it up with a microfiber towel [Music] the next thing I do is go through the floor mats which these rubber floor mats are super easy to clean I just use water to agitate the dirt kind of get everything up and lifted from the surface and then I use a clean microfiber towel to wipe it off [Music] [Music] once I’ve cleaned up all the old water and dirt I just spray 303 protectant on to the surface and then buff it off [Music] alright guys so that wasn’t the perfect detail but we got the job done despite the ten degree weather outside probably notice a few times I struggled with the product because the fact that the just so cold out so every time I sprayed the the side panels or sometimes like that the product would actually freeze so it was kind of hard but warmed with the car a couple times I was able to get the job done but for the next view detail in videos guys I promise I’ll have all of my lights of my garage set up so that way I can do this indoors if you guys enjoyed today’s video make sure you give it a big thumbs up and thanks Co for sponsoring today’s video as well and I’ll see you guys next time bye guys

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100 thoughts on “Cleaning The Dirtiest Car Interior Ever! Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Honda Odyssey

  1. I have a 2008 Chevy cobalt, it’s a hand me down car and it is a mess! It was my older brothers car and he used it as a winter beater so he didn’t take care of the interior very well. I wanted to know what cleaners I can use on the seats, carpet floors and doors. What are some of the products you’d recommend? Let me know?

  2. I thought this was a clients car at first and I was like oh my god who left their car seats and kids stuff in the car for you to pick up?! But it’s yours lol

  3. Your minivan looks just like my brothers minivan. He has 3 kids and his looks like yours on a daily basis. Don’t worry you’re fine.

  4. My 3yo niece has been taught to hand her empty wrappers to my sister when she's done with her crackers, or put it in the built-in cupholder in her carseat, so nothing gets thrown to the floor. Crumbs are inevitable, but for the most part her car is very neat and clean. My friend with two kids though, her car is like yours 24/7, 365… It can't be helped, when you have more than one, it's too hard to control!

  5. lol. i always have question popped up. this one is how often do you clean to keep relatively ok condition after detailing? understood with kids are different stories. but like in general? every month vacumm or such??

  6. This has to be one of the most disgusting minivans I've seen. I drive one but I never let it get this dirty, holy shit…

  7. My parents would have never let me get out of the car and leaving it in that condition. My mother would have woke my butt up, out of the bed telling me to go and clean up that mess now! Both of my parents would have inflicted severe consequences. Now as a man I think God for that discipline; a little discipline helps bro. If you don't train them, who will?

  8. Everytime my kids get out of the van I have then pick up the floor. Also everytime I fill up my kids know while I'm pumping they get out and pick up all the trash

  9. Me: Man, the van sure needs to be cleaned.
    Weather: It’s 15 degrees outside with freezing rain.
    Me: Come to think of it, I’ve been wanting to upgrade to a newer model.

  10. I would love to learn about wheel cleaning. What brushes you use, products, best way to tackle. Thanks for your awesome videos!! 🙂

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    Car are expensive luxury items in any society. You are not teaching your children to take care of what you work hard for.
    You are full excuses mom's are expensive transport. Your not just getting through it it call teaching your children to respect your car . Your hard work my parents never allowed me to behave like this we would drive six weeks around Europe and our car never looked like that. Even now my parents would not accept that from the grandchildren. Even in winter which for the British is almost all the year. Lazy parenting sorry to call you out in this.

  12. Yes my three kiddos within a week of cleaning either of my vehicles. Looks like a hurricane came through my car's lol. I try to keep up with them now but as you said it's hard to some times with kids.

  13. Hell naw…i wish my kids would….for my sanity they cannot and will not…..😬😒 ive drilled in them to know its not acceptable..and they need to take care of things including our truck! Love your vids tho!! 😃😃

  14. Other end of the spectrum, my goodness. Trash bags on road trips might help a little. Training kids will help a lot. I hope this was plan to make a video.

  15. Can u clean a infinity
    With leather seats I have an infinity with leather seats and my kids made a mess

  16. I don't have a mini van but I do have a Suburban and 3 kids. It can get quite messy!! It's almost amazing how messy it gets but I do empty it out on a regular basis and clean it as much as I can. The weather Tech Mats are amazing and we do use towels underneath the carseats and have mats to cover our seats where their feet go.

  17. Best advice I can personally give you is … you and your wife make the kids pick up after them selfs, not just in the van but in their bedrooms… life will be much easier for you and your wife… I have 2 kids and from early age I played games on picking up their toys stuff dinner plates … life is easier …

  18. First, I’ll say something nice: you do a great job; the van looks like new when you’re done! Now for the truth: This isn’t normal!!!! Even if you are on a road trip with a carful of piggy kids that you must feed in the car, you stop for gas, right?? Reach in, grab some garbage, toss it into bins within feet of the pump! Do yourself a favor, dear man, teach your kids before it’s too late to respect where they live/ride!

  19. Im about to have my second child july 12th and i hope i can keep my car somewhat cleaned when we start taking road trips, so that way we don’t have such a big cleaning task when we get back home

  20. Sir, we always cleaned up as we went with our four kids. When you have a gasoline break, potty break, food break take your trash out. Keep bags for trash in the van. It works great.
    Great job on your van.

  21. 10 degrees?  You are dedicated, my friend.  As a postscript, I hope you are benefitting financially from what seems to be a CONSTANT interruption of advertisements and the same one among them over and over.  As bad as watching broadcast commercial TV where an hour's program is actually 44 minutes or less!  It truly takes away from enjoying your informative, entertaining videos.

  22. My sister in laws car looks just like this. I guess to each their own but I maintain my SUV really clean or else I get anxiety. I have 3 little boys.

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  26. Yes!!! I’ve been watching your videos for awhile now and I was feeling so bad, but ours looks the same it stays clean for about 5 minutes we have 5 kiddos

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  29. And every European: "20 Degrees? That's the perfect temperature to work outside! Oh, that is Fahrenheit? Lol, then not. :O"

  30. My dad has ADD, so he isn’t even aware of the mess he leaves in his car. I’m somewhat numb to it, but my mom goes to town on cleaning/tidying up on his bar whenever she drives his car. But even when my mom had a mini van (same model but different year lol) she always kept the mess me and my brother mad to a minimum, it never got that messy.

  31. The messy kids are totally normal. But if you want some advice, put old bath towels under the car seats. Really saves wear and tear on the leather.

  32. I love your videos so much! I also absolutely love the music you have in them, too. It’s not boring elevator music and it’s not distracting to the video at all. It’s so relaxing ❤️

  33. This video reminded me that on a road trip one time, I lost a $200 necklace, my dad was pissed😂😂😂😭 I was really sad, my dad bought it for me and it meant a lot to me🤷‍♀️😂😂😭

  34. I find these types of videos very soothing, you also give us great tips for our own vehicles, and cleaning in general. Subscribed! 🙂

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