100 thoughts on “Chihuahua Crashes Car While Owner Pumps Gas

  1. First off that’s a new model suv it’s no way that, that car would go in reverse if you had put in park…. Her ass just didn’t put it in park!!🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. She needs to stop blaming it on her dog LOL she left it in neutral instead of Park…. there's no way the dog could be press the brake and move the shifter at the same… it's a safety feature built into vehicles

  3. Chihuahua just reversed it through 2 lanes of traffic in reverse without crashing. Meanwhile An Asian Lady can’t make a right turn without causing a 16 car pileup.

  4. This does not fall under the definition of a crash. Dog puts car in neutral and car rolls for 50 feet should be the name of the title.

  5. Our dog almost ran away today, I was sitting on the couch. When I heard by mom screaming “Teddy” I ran out of the house with my babysitter behind me and I ran with them to try and catch him! Finally, he gave up!

  6. Yeah let’s blame the dog lol. She obviously left the car on and in reverse because there is no way her dog could have turned on the car, pressed the brakes and reversed the car.

  7. white cops rolled up guns drawn when they saw a DARK SKINNED figure behind the wheel then lowered grip when they saw it was a dog…

  8. Why does it not have the safety feature where you have to push in the break and then shift it into the gear that you want

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