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Chevy Traverse Third Row Seating – Mom Tested & Approved | Jim Trenary

Chevy Traverse Third Row Seating – Mom Tested & Approved | Jim Trenary

What’s up everybody? Today we’re at Jim
Trenary Chevrolet in O’Fallon Missouri checking out the 2019 Chevrolet Traverse,
most importantly understanding the benefits and the practicality of the 3rd
row seating. A lot of folks seem to think that you need to get a Tahoe or a
Suburban to have the extra space and the extra cargo room in an SUV, but contrary
to popular belief, the Traverse actually is a great option. I’m gonna go ahead and
send it over to Julie since she is a working mom with three kids who might
have a different perspective than myself. With the addition of our third child, my
husband and I knew it was time to get a bigger vehicle. We had heard a little bit
about third row SUVs, but there’s just not a lot of information. We had three
kids and three car seats and we were just not sure where to start. So we began with
online research, but we really needed to be there to test drive, to get in, making
sure all our seats were going to fit. I literally took a tape measure with me to
the dealership, along with my car seats, and I’m sure they thought I was crazy, but, it was so worth it to me; like it was important for me to be able to get my
seats into the car, and everybody fits safely, and there was plenty of legroom.
So if you’re a parent like me, cargo space is a huge deal; you’ve got
strollers, you have pack-and-plays, you have luggage. The Chevy Traverse more
than met these needs. One of my favorite features is the 40-60 backseat split. We’re able to put our oldest child in the backseat, and there’s plenty of room–hockey gear, baseball gear, all the necessities for the day. So if you find
yourself in a similar situation I hope you know that the Chevy Traverse is a
great family vehicle. I hope you get to spend less time in a showroom and more
time with your family. To see the spacious third row seating of
the 2019 Chevrolet Traverse for yourself or any other vehicles that we do have, you can come visit us in O’Fallon Missouri or go to our website

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