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Cheryl Is Vibing with a Car Rental Employee – (feat. Abbi Jacobson) -PRANK – Crank Yankers (2019)

Cheryl Is Vibing with a Car Rental Employee – (feat. Abbi Jacobson) -PRANK – Crank Yankers (2019)

[upbeat music][line trilling]– Rentals, can I help you?– Hi, yeah, I’m calling– I rented a car
from you guys yesterday, but I am actually calling because the man
who assisted me, I felt like there was, um… some vibes. And I just–
I just wanted to call and see maybe if I could, you know,
connect. Do you remember
helping me yesterday?– No, I don’t unfortunately.– If it’s you,
I’m gonna go nuts! [laughs] I don’t know
if it was you.– Yeah, I wasn’t even working
– Hm. I mean, I kinda–
now that we’re talking– I kinda wish
you were working yesterday.– Do you remember
what they looked like?
– Um, he was really handsome, like, kind of a dimple
on one side. Okay, and I don’t remember
seeing a wedding ring!– Okay. Well, if you wanna
give me your phone number,
– Wait, would I be
giving you my phone number, like, for them?
– Yes.
– Or for you?
– For them.
– We can talk in code
if we have to. Are–are there
other people around and you can’t really,
like, tell me their story?– Possibly. Yes.– Say “escalator”
if there’s someone listening and you can’t say exactly
what you wanna say.– I’ll–I got
a couple other people here.
If you wanna leave me
your phone number,
I can more than happily
give it
to the person that may
be able to help you tomorrow.
– So you want my number.
– Sure. Yes.
– You do?
– Yes.
– Escalator, you want it.– Okay. Yes.– All right,
get that pen ready, baby!– Yay.
– Okay, ready? It’s 480-665-[bleep]. Wait, someone’s listening
to me now. Escalator. Yeah, no, I’m gonna
be right back. Uh-huh. My boss, he has
such a crush on me. Do you have that?– Yeah. All the time.
– Ohh. All the time, right? It’s like, that’s not cool.– All right, we–I got
a couple other customers here.
– Okay, me too. Okay.– I’ll transfer your number
tomorrow, okay?
What was your first name
– My name is Cheryl Brandish.
– Okay, Cheryl.
– And I’m also available-ish.
[laughs] And I work at
the Mattress [bleep].– Okay.
– You know the one. There’s like a–
– Yeah, I know where it is.
– Across the highway–
it has an inflatable gorilla on the roof,
you kinda can’t miss it. – it’s the flagship.
– Got it.
– What’s your name again?
– Carlos.
– Carlos, keep killin’ it. Escalator!– All right.– Escalators!
– All right.
– Say it, Carlos.– Escalator.– I love you, too.– Okay. Bye.
– Bye. [receiver clicks]♪ ♪

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25 thoughts on “Cheryl Is Vibing with a Car Rental Employee – (feat. Abbi Jacobson) -PRANK – Crank Yankers (2019)

  1. Honestly this skit is way funnier than most of the ones on the first episode. First episode was kinda weak in my opinion.

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