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[CC/FULL] Sign EP05 (1/3) | 싸인

[CC/FULL] Sign EP05 (1/3) | 싸인

This is… This is… A simple car accident
due to hit and run. A murder case in disguise
of a simple car accident. Please help me. This is the corpse found on the national
road near Kyunggui Province. Considering several external
wounds and skin damages, the coroner presumed
it was hit and run. The corpse was found on a
local road near Gooil-myun. Considering several external wounds
and skin damages, the coroner presumed
it was a hit and run. Considering that the victim’s
upper tibia has been damaged… I presume that the car had a
bumper at least 50 centimeters high. We presume that the suspect’s
car was big in size. After the primary impact injury… The overturn injury finalized the death. Turn off the light and
get the UV light ready. Do we have a UV light here? We only have it in Seoul. Do we have to send this corpse to Seoul? I know where I can find
UV light around here. It’s not very far.
It takes only 10 minutes. It’s room number 2. Welcome. Hello, I’m from NFS… This is for a meeting between NFS employees. Yes. That’s not true. In fact, we need… We will only stay here for 30 minutes. Only 30 minutes…? Yes. Room number 5. Do we have to pay first? Thank you. Were you going to ask her to
rent something for the autopsy? She wouldn’t have let you do that. Then what is your plan? Is this your first time at a karaoke? Take the light off while I am singing. What? Don’t you want to find the evidence? It’ll be over if the victim’s
family wants a funeral. This is on the house. Hooray. Be careful.
I don’t want you to break anything. Thank you. I am sorry.
I will bring this light right back. I am back. What is that?
This is a black light used in a karaoke. Please close the curtain. Ultra-violet photography…
we also call this infrared photography. With the naked eye,
ultraviolet light allows us to find out evidence that
is hidden within the skin. The suspect’s car was a light
weighted blue pick-up truck. There must be a special
emblem below the windshield. The suspect’s car was a light weighted white pick-up truck with a special
emblem below the windshield. Circumstances say she was
killed about a week ago. Listen, now I understand
what you mean. However, why do you think
it’s not a hit and run? She got run over twice by the same car. Isn’t it obvious this is
a victim of hit and run? This wound did not happen at the same
time as the wound on her tibia. This wound was healing,
can you see? She seems to have gotten wounded
at least a few days ago. Do you think it’s likely
that she got run over twice by a car with a same
emblem within a few days? She got run over twice
within a few days. Isn’t it unnatural for her to not have
resisted against the same aggressor? I can only tell you about what
I found about my corpse. Considering that she got run over twice
by the car with a same emblem within a few days and the aggressor
didn’t break the car, I think it was an intentional car accident. Why did the aggressor
kill her so violently? I can’t tell you about the
aggressor’s psychological condition. Like you said,
the victim must have resisted. So, the aggressor must
have used a sedative. The blood test will help
with your investigation. I will let you know when
the test result comes out. The autopsy is done. Please begin suture. Did you say the blood sample test? Yes, the blood sample test.
Don’t you want to check? I am sure that this case
is a simple accident. However, don’t you want
to make sure of it? Mr. Gu, this is a really important day for NFS. There is nothing like
seeing for oneself. The vice minister must have learned today how important an autopsy is
for a criminal investigation. However… It will take at least two days
to finish a blood sample test. I need an immediate conclusion
to impress the Vice Minister. This is for the future of NFS. That’s why we should be
even more careful with this. Don’t you trust me? Of course I do. I am sorry. It’s so skillful. Don’t you think Korean
people are very skillful? You did a good job. I heard the autopsy of the car
accident case is the most complicated. However, it was wrong. Otherwise,
you must be really good. I am so flattered. All the medical examiners
who work for me are skillful. It’s very much like NFS. This is nothing special
as a public servant. I am afraid you said that to
ask me to increase budgets. I am sure you must have
been bored of my autopsy. Why don’t we have a cup of tea? I already have some tea and
cookies prepared for you. Are you in charge of this case? Hi Dr. Gu.
No, this is not my case. I just stopped by.
Just curiosity… That was the ultra-violet photography. In the forensic medicine, we use it to identify the aggressor
by the teeth mark. There are so many
interesting things in NFS. By the way, what did you find out? Under the ultra-violet light, we have found a trace of a
eagle-looking emblem. I heard she was originally
from Gyungsang Province. How come she died here? A dead man doesn’t say anything. By the way,
what brings you here? Written document examiner
asked me to come. This is what I found from the evidence. This came from his T-shirt pocket
that he wore when he set the fire. Isn’t this a toll gate receipt? It’s much damaged. However, we tried to restore this. We finally realized that
it was a toll gate receipt. Unfortunately,
I couldn’t restore any date or time. The problem is that there
was more than one receipt. We found seven toll gate receipts
from Goo-il toll gate. It may be his house or his work place, but we know the aggressor has
something to do with that place. Goo-il Toll gate? Where is it? It’s close to the
Southern annex of NFS. Dr. Yoon. I have been looking for you. Where are you going? I am busy. I am going to return this to its owner.
Don’t you want to come with me? Didn’t you hear that I am busy? You don’t have any autopsy to do. Plus, it’s not even far from here. You’re bothering me. This is not for me, but for our autopsy.
So shouldn’t we bring it back to her? Why do I have to do this by myself? Move. Who do you think I am? Honestly, you don’t want to get
in an awkward situation, do you? No, I don’t. I am sure you do. What are you waiting for
instead of doing your job? Do you really believe that helping me once
will make you become a medical examiner? You’re nothing but my assistant.
Do your job and don’t overdo. Okay, I will be going. Please go back to your job. Why did it take so long for
you to answer the phone? Your precious daughter is
on her way back home. I am sorry for not being able
to answer the phone earlier. That’s okay.
I forgive you. Thank you. Are you still far from here? I am almost there. Bus stop? Then wait for me there.
I will be right there. That’s all right.
I am almost home. Is that you mom? – What?
– Nevermind. Why isn’t she answering the phone? Okay, I am almost there. I will be right there after this. Ah. Yeah.. Are you Sergeant Yang Jun Ho
from Goo-il precinct? Wait for me.
I will be right there. Nice meeting you. I am Sergeant Choi Le Han
from Songpa precinct. Hi, I am sorry for asking you
to come all the way here. Because I am so busy… That’s okay.
I am sorry since you’re so busy… By the way, what was it about?
Wasn’t it about arson? We have taken care of
a serial arson case. I am almost sure the arson has
something to do with this area. Because we found a lot of Goo-il
Toll gate receipt in his belongings. Seriously? Don’t you have any
arson case around here? Even though arson takes place,
nothing will be serious. Please help me. I haven’t properly slept at night because
of that jerk for the past two months. I am working on something. Wait a minute. Hello? Please go ahead.
Let me do this for you. Okay, I will be right there. I have already reported
a missing person case. Okay, I see. This is… That’s a complicated hit and run case. Because someone claimed
that it was a murder case. Murder case? Ignore it.
Didn’t you say it’s an arson case? We’re looking for evidence under the skin,
which we can detect with our eyes. How did you know that I live here? Wasn’t it you who told me where you live? Did I? When you passed out after
drinking with your colleagues. Do you mean you brought me
here that day? Why? I don’t know. It was you who asked me to
come before you passed out. Did I? Which one is yours? Keep going straight. You drive me crazy. Which one is yours? You don’t remember anything
from that day, do you? No, I don’t. Are you sure you don’t remember
anything about that day? You passed out and yelled at me… I shouldn’t have done that to you. Don’t you remember
I brought you here? Hopefully, you didn’t
come into my place? I did. Why didn’t you leave immediately after you brought me home instead
of coming into my house? Do you want me to sue you
for sexual harassment? How do you expect me to leave a
drunken woman in front of her house? And even though I got into the house, I wouldn’t have been able
to do anything to you. You’re not my type of girl. I am rather picky about girls. So, is that why you came
all the way here? Of course not. I am someone who is very busy. Then, hurry up and tell me what you
wanted to tell me before you leave. Please don’t be so rude. Because I have brought
you an important case. Anyway, no one will believe this story. Only a dirty materialist like you should
be interested in a case like this. This is a serial killer case. Both victims are from
Gyungsang Province. Even though Yu Hyun Ju was found
dead near Gyunggui province. However, both victims were run over
by the car with a same emblem. Didn’t you say that according
to the NFS autopsy result, it was a hit and run case? Yes, that’s right for Yu’s case. However, Gu’s case has been presumed to be a murder case in disguise
of a simple car accident. I don’t think we have enough evidence
to qualify this case as a serial killer case. If one more person dies in the same pattern… We found her. Jung Eun…
My daughter Jung Eun… Jung Eun! Mommy’s here! My daughter Jung Eun! Mommy’s here! Jung Eun! My daughter is not dead… Jung Eun! Mommy’s here! Jung Eun didn’t die.. My daughter didn’t die.. My daughter didn’t die.. Jung Eun! Jung Eun! Mommy’s here! Jung Eun! My daughter is not dead… Jung Eun!

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  2. I don't think Dr Yoon is a bad person can't wait to know why he's not associating with others
    Sergeant have his way of calling lady prosecutor names dirty materialistic

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