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[CC/FULL] 49days EP17 (1/3) | 49일

[CC/FULL] 49days EP17 (1/3) | 49일

Ji-hyeon! Ji-hyeon! Where are you right now? Hello? Could I track a taxi? Do you know where
Song I-gyeong is going? Seoul Station, please. Seoul Station. My wife just got diagnosed
and has gone to die. That’s why she left her phone. If she knows I’m after her
and she jumps out of the taxi… …will you take responsibility? This is about life a death.
Please help me. (Seoul to Pusan) This is as far as I can help you. Thank you. Hey. Please bring I-gyeong back. Song I-gyeong. I’m sorry to startle you.
It’s really urgent. I needed to ask you something. I am Han Gang. How… I saw you get in a taxi
in front of your house. I need to find someone.
But I need you… I don’t know how to explain this. I need you in order to find her. I know. What? I know what you’re talking about
and who you’re looking for. You do?
How? She is not here.
She didn’t come with me. Where is she, then? I don’t know. I left because of her. No, Ji-hyeon can’t be
revived without you. I can’t find her
and she can’t come to me. You know that, right? You’re weird, why should I let
a ghost take over my body? I’m sorry, I-gyeong. I’m sorry for being mad at you. It was because I wanted to
be alive again so much. Just 10 days.
Please let me stay for 10 days. If you don’t help me… …I can’t do anything. I just have to die. What is it? Is Ji-hyeon here? Is she here with us? I know I might die. Just 10 days… Just 10 days please.
I might be able to live. If 10 days is too much,
just give me one day. Let me see my parents one last time. Please let me tell this friend
one thing before I go. Some handsome guy
seemed to like her. Why did she live like this? What man? Some guy came looking
for her after she left. Did they meet? She was already long gone. When are you moving in? I’ll take care of the room.
You can leave now. Okay. Are you saying that you can
see and hear her talk, too? It wasn’t always like that. But I can see and hear her today. You must be very disturbed. No, I’ve been feeling her memories
and feelings for a while now. I know quite a bit about
her current situation… …and what she’s been through. Are you saying that
you’ve shared her memory? Not all of it. Min-ho might come and see
you if he knows you didn’t leave. Should you go back to your place?
I heard the room has been taken. You should hear the rest
from your friend, later on. How is Ji-hyeon?
Is she feeling better? Tell him I’m okay. She says she’s okay. Congratulations on
getting back safely. Gang knows about
I-gyeong and me. What should I do now? Just do as you have been doing. I think your friend
will manage well. I-gyeong can hear my voice
and even see me now. It sometimes happens. Some souls can communicate
better than others. It’s because she’s such a pure soul. Don’t move around during the day.
You don’t have the strength to. Let’s talk later.
I’m too nervous in front of her. Is your name Ji-hyeon? You can call me Ji-hyeon. I’m sorry you got into
that accident because of me. I’m the one who wanted to die. I was too rash. It’s not entirely your fault. I wouldn’t have been hurt so badly
if I hadn’t undone my seatbelt. Is that why you came to me? No, it’s not like that. I can’t tell you the details
because it’s a secret of nature. But I was sent to you. You said you had
10 days left, right? Yes. You can use 10 days for yourself.
It’s my way of repenting. For myself? Why are they talking for so long? You must have waited long. I’m really glad to see you. – Me, too.
– Let’s be more casual, Song. We agreed to be friends, right? I’d like to keep our
relationship distant. I might make mistakes
if I’m too relaxed. Okay, let’s do that then. Instead, let’s shake hands. Thank you. What did you decide to do? I need to do something at home
today, I’ll see you tomorrow. Are you going to stay here? Yes, I am. Okay, you must be really tired. I’ll take care of the rent
problem, you should rest. No, you don’t need to do that. I can take care of it.
You should go. How will you take care of it? You should leave now. – You go in first.
– I want to watch you leave. You should call me tomorrow.
I’ll come pick you up. Thank you, Gang. – You’re here, I-gyeong said…
– I know. You do?
Can I do as she said, then? They say it’s up to the
person who’s providing the body. How can they not protect
the body provider like this? That’s right, you’re related
to the body provider, right? Who told you to choose things? Don’t take this the wrong way. You have to finish your 49 days
without any further trouble. Only then will I be able to finish
my 5 year term and get my wish. So I’m not just worried
about I-gyeong, you know. Do you know how grateful
I am for bringing her back? I guess you don’t care whether
I live or die in 10 days’ time. I can’t interfere but that
doesn’t mean I don’t care. I guess I’ve become
quite attached to you. Does that mean I can
do as she suggested? You should express your
gratitude with the best beef. I can’t use more than $50. She doesn’t have any seasoning,
so I had to buy all of these. I can’t buy this.
Take it back. No. Let’s just have it once, okay? What’s wrong with you?
I’m Shin Ji-hyeon. I can’t believe this. I’m sure my boss chose me to
test the patience of a Scheduler. That’s right, you and Han Gang
seemed to be getting quite romantic. I won’t allow you to touch
him while you’re in I-gyeong’s body. I barely let you hold his hand. What’s with that expression?
Do you want to hold him? I just need to get
I-gyeong’s permission, right? Permission? One thing I really wanted to make
you do was to eat properly. I threw out all the cup noodles. Thank you so much. Try the spinach, too. The soup is a little salty, right? It’s fine. It’s okay to eat more. I’ve been training your
stomach for quite a while. Song I-su told me
your favorite foods. Don’t be startled. You talked about I-su before, right? How do you know I-su? He has been waiting for
5 years in order to meet you. What do you mean?
He died 5 years ago. You’re alive, so you
don’t know these things. There are many things that cannot
be explained in the afterlife. You pretended to like spinach. But that was just so
Song I-su would eat it. You liked sausages
but they were too expensive. So he pretended to like them. One, two, three, four. Okay. We went to school while earning
our tuition and living expenses. I-su couldn’t sleep much because
he had to earn my tuition, too. But he still managed
to pack our lunch. Tada! Song I-su, when will you stop?
I told you I’ll pack our lunch. The kitchen at your boarding
house is full of men. I won’t let you cook in there. I’d rather you slept
instead of making our lunch. I can sleep all I want when I die. Then quit the night club. I got a scholarship
for the next semester. I can’t quit until we save
up enough money to rent a place. The tips are great.
There’s no better job. Besides, I can learn to play
the guitar from the band, too. What if you fall sick
because you can’t sleep enough? I won’t fall sick.
Who am I? I’m I-su. This is so good. Did you really see I-su? The photo that you saw… She took it without his knowledge. The trouble you had with him
was purely because of the music. This is all I can tell you. You should hear the rest
from him when you meet. Will I really be able to meet him? I don’t know the exact date. But it’s not too far. He can’t appear before you
before that time comes. So please wait a little.

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