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CC]카파도키아 직접 자동차 렌트해서 레드투어 해보기! 아침 벌룬구경부터 일몰까지~ Looking around Cappadocia with rented car #S3E19

CC]카파도키아 직접 자동차 렌트해서 레드투어 해보기! 아침 벌룬구경부터 일몰까지~ Looking around Cappadocia with rented car #S3E19

Ice cream! Hello! (humongous!!!) The biggest event of Cappadocia travel is to take a picture of the balloon in the morning. The sun rises here at 5:20. I’m going to a place called Sun Set View Point in time for the sunrise. Oh! The balloon is already floating! (There’s already a hot-air balloon floating before sunrise.) ♬♩♩♪ Hello~ Good morning~ Wow~What!! (I met the people I traveled with in India again!) (a balloon filled with Chinese people) (It feels like time has stopped here because of the air balloons that move slowly in the sky.) Hi~Hi~ It’s only 6 a.m. after the sunrise. I’m starving! / I’m really starving too. (We promised to go back to the hotel, sleep more and meet again.) Turkey Expert(T.E); Enjoy your trip! See you again! / Yes~ (Say good-bye to the group that traveled with me yesterday.) come again! / Okay! I will be back soon. (Good bye~ Toitoit.) I’m going on a Red Tour in the afternoon after watching the sunrise this morning. We’re going to rent a car and try our own Red Tour! Chinese…Oh!No, I am going to rent a car with a Korean. Ta-da!
(show a map) How much did it cost to rent a motorcycle? It’s available for 8 hours between 120 and 150 lira. (about 30,000 won) But since the car rental is 175 lira in 24 hours. I think it’s better to rent a car! (about 35,000 won) (150 lira in 8 hours, 175 lira in 24 hours…
What’s your choice?
) Is this the right way to go? / It’s probably right. I don’t think it’s here. / No, this is the right place. Let’s not argue. / Yes~ Yes Huh? I’m having a lot of fun! / Me too! Uh… no? (embarrassed.) IC~~ I told you to look at the map! (bickering) (Somehow we found the rental shop well.) (We used HIRO TOUR in Cappadocia.
Kakaotalk counseling is also available.) We rent a car in 175 lira and we’re on our way. Car rentals are simple with an international license and money. Don’t rent a motorcycle, if you have an international license, rent a car! (It’s hot outside!) And the car is in pretty good shape. The car model is Hyundai i 20. I thought the rented car would be a manual gear, but it’s an automatic gear. I’m driving… (LOL) How much is the admission fee here? (I’m very curious about how much money I saved by purchasing a regular ticket yesterday.) How much it is? Three? / FREE!! Thank you very much… Hahahahah!!! (The two had mixed feelings when they were told that the admission fee was free.) Unfortunately, admission is free…, Smurf Village? Is it made from weathering and erosion? I don’t know. Yeah.. (I don’t know, either.) I only know this is Smurf Village. Everyone! You should meet your party well on your trip. I think I met you well. ME TOO!! admit it! She doesn’t steal anything. You’ll have to be a little careful from today. ♬♩♩♪ ♬♩♩♪ (The weather is hot but cute Smurf Village.) ♬♩♩♪ beautiful~ V The second stop is the Open Museum!? It is. 3 lira. (I’m happy to be able to use my regular ticket.) ♬♩♩♪ After all, I think it’s the church that has the tunnel over there. (There are many caves made by people to avoid persecution of Christianity.) ♬♩♩♪ Oh, there’s the cross. WOW~ (I inadvertently walked in and found a heart-shaped cave.) When people usually travel to Cappadocia, they only think about the hot air Balloon and Goreme village. Besides that, there are many beautiful terrain around. Isn’t it? / …, “Goreme Lookout Museum ” And it’s really big, isn’t it? / It’s so big. We would have been a little bored if we were in Cappadocia, right? In fact, the sunrise is over in a day or two. / I admit it. I’ll see this place for a few days. (It’s really hot.) (We also visited a place called Avanos Village.) Ice Cream!! Hello~ It’s huge!! (the dignity of real Turkish ice cream.) This is Turkish coffee. It tastes like espresso. It tastes really strong and you eat it in a small glass. I also ate Turkish pizza “Kıymalı pide” on the street. (Thumb-up!) Thank you. (While driving along the street, we got off where we wanted to stop and took a picture.) (This is Devrent Valley.) It looks like a camel! (Really, I can see that camels…
That’s why it’s called a Camel Peak.) What do you think of today’s Red Tour? Are you satisfied? Ah! yah. There were so many good places compared to yesterday and I am excited! I’m glad. It’s pretty everywhere we go.Right? Yes, you are right! There’s not a single failure. /
I liked the outdoor museum the most today. Or we can watch Balloon in the morning, sleep a little, and come out again. Well, you did, right? / Yes, it’s my experience. LOL.. And the road is really pretty like the road trip in the American drama. (Just driving in a car is an art.) (And it’s also cheaper to rent cars compared to other prices here.) (We visited Rose Valley to see the sunset today.) (look like the Great Wall) There are so many people. We are here…. in Rose Valley. It’s more fun to see many different people than Sunset. LOL~ yes (Many people came by ATV as a group.) (After sunset…) (After sunset, the procession to get out of ATV will cause traffic jams.) As the sun goes down, a lot of unique people come up here. (The Chinese sister in those specially visible fluorescent pants over there.) (She is going down…,) (and come back again!!) (swing~swing~♩♪♬) ♩♪♬ (This is Cappadocia’s night.)

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  1. 제가 떠나간 후 이렇게 재밌게 노셨군요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ자동차 렌트 넘 편안해보이고 좋아보여요,,,🥺 5늘도 영상 잘보고갑니당🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 개인적으로..길가다 멈춘 갈대밭?? 좋은데요. 역시 더울땐 자동차에어컨이군요. 그리고..중국..형광..후~ 패스.

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