100 thoughts on “Cat doesn’t finish Vegetables

  1. I have watched this video more than 50 times at least…

    "Mega you eat your veggies" I heard this, may be it's wrong 😘😘😘

  2. Michael be like oh god no I gotta hide ya YeeT I AM DA ONE UNDA DA SUN DONT NEED DA GUNS TA GET RESPECT UPON D ASTREETZ

  3. How can a 14s video bring so much joy?
    This is magic.
    Thank you Aaron, from the bottom of my heart! 😻

  4. I realise these videos are done me for humor…but you should know better. Cats are obligate carnivores. Their digestive plumbing ain't able to digest vegetable matter. So, 'forcing' the cat to eat veggies violates his Eighth Amendment rights(no 'cruel or unusual' punishment).

  5. I think the eyes need to be a bit shinier and brighter-colored for the cat to look more realistic. Possibly bigger pupils, as well.

  6. only cats with anorexia consume vegetables because it causes malnourishment in carnivorous animals like cats making them skin and bones… cats also eat plants to throw up if they think they swallowed something that causes them to get sick

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