82 thoughts on “Carvana! Rip Off or Legit?

  1. Hey Brian great video! Could you do a video on the process after the car delivery? I know you have to go to the DMV or something. Im expecting my car delivered next week ✌️

  2. My experience was the same i was completely Blown away by the process. I got my wife a 2014 Honda Civic LX 20,000 miles on it for $12,200 5.7% interest. For me just getting my credit fixed i was sold. I recommend at least check them out before wasting your life at a dealership…..

  3. So hey I’m in the process of buying a new car from carvana and used the code that you posted and they said I need your name and telephone number in order to use it.

  4. I can't say much about the man's car-purchasing expertise, but Mr. Ruppel's adventures in suburbia are amusing! 🙂


  5. Hi Brian, thanks for the great review. Was very helpful. I’m getting ready to purchase from them and noted the discount code you provided. I believe they will Ask for your phone number? Would you be willing to share it with me?

  6. Hi Brian. I am purchasing a car via Carvana and I attempted to use your code but I was told by an advocate that I need the make and model of your vehicle and your phone number. My e-mail address is [email protected]

  7. I love what carvana is doing with the industry, but I don't know if they are THE company to bring us to the future of buying cars.

  8. I used your code!!!! Thank you!!! Your videos really helped me with my decision. I purchased a 2014 Kia Forte with low miles

  9. Wish I had stumbled upon this video last week, I would've love to use that code. I'm picking up a 2016 Hyundai Tucson tomorrow. They are delivering it for free if we meet at a mutual location within 100 miles.

  10. Hey can you email me your info as well I’m buying a charger from Carvana and I need your phone number to access the code

  11. been a few months. how has the van worked out? I had the same van once. put 80k on it. great engines but tranny not very good

  12. Totally making the website seem half as good as it is. We went though he buying process, and bought an Audi A6, no bumps and we're very happy with out experience

  13. Thank you for your video review. I noticed a discrepancy where you indicated the price listed ($19,400) includes the tax, tag, and title. That price does not include the tax, tag, and title. That information is listed toward the bottom of the screen.

  14. well I went to website and can only find one minivan in the Washington DC area with less than >15k and "2013 & Older" option also that one minivan is "Purchase Pending" well that's useless…

  15. when your engine light comes on 6 months from your delivery date and well behind the 100 day warranty where do you bring the car for service? Do you bring it back to the vending machine? I'm somewhat being sarcastic but seriously, what mechanic/service center will service the car for you? Or are you completely on your own with no one to talk to?

  16. 7 days… Is that 7 business days? Can i return it on a Sunday? Also is it 7 days to call them to tell them you dont want it or 7 days including delivery time?

  17. I really have such a hard time with the whole process, being an, um, older woman. Just gives me heartburn to think of going through the whole push/pull crap at a dealership. I am glad to see the car industry is being disrupted, at least to some degree. Will definitely look seriously at Carvana. I suppose on a used car you have to purchase a separate warranty? Thanks….

  18. Wish you well on that purchase. Getting ready to donate my 2005 Chrysler T&C. We had more repairs with that car than any other new car that we ever bought. It left us stranded on 2 road trips. Got 206K out of it, but I am not interested in buying another Chrysler in my lifetime. And that thing chewed through breaks & tires. It does offer some great features and that is what sold us initially. I hope that they have improved this product and that ownership proves to be as painless as purchasing. Funny enough, I just bought a used Kia Sorento & LOVE IT!

  19. You kept a car that had a busted heater hose before delivery? How’s it been now that you have had it for a year?

  20. I saved your code, I’ll for sure use it when I get my car so look forward for some money haha, honestly was pretty skeptical about the whole Carvana deal but hey you really helped me finally decide on a “yes” to Carvana haha so thank you!

  21. I loved my experience with Carvana. Bought a 2017 Nisaan Altima with only 2400 miles so pretty much brand new. The process and paperwork was so quick and simple and no nagging salesman. I would do this again.

  22. My experience with Carvana was a FIASCO. The process started smooth and moved along very fast. I traded a Mercedes Benz for another Mercedes Benz. I received the vehicle as promised; however, after my honey moon with the vehicle was over, I noticed many discrepancies which were not previously disclosed. I contacted Carvana and I was offered $250 for the various damages. Subsequently, I took the vehicle to a Mercedes Benz dealer for its scheduled service. I was surprised when the dealer told me that this particular car was involved in a serious accident and it was sold at an auction. Needless to say, I sold the vehicle shortly after.

  23. loved the process wasted two weekends at dealerships and finally after done with pushy sales I was like let me go ahead and try this carvana. I am still in my 7 day test drive, got my code from my brother in law to save $500 and I think he got a little something too. when I say I wasted 2 weekends that is an understatement because I also looked at every dealer website.

  24. Im going to use a 500 code buying carvana.. I had no idea the prices shown were tax title fees out the door. that's good… good good.

  25. Idk why I thought it was more expensive to buy with them, all the reviews I see say they are very good, I'm going to go check it out again, thanks! Anyone have a code with credits left let me know I'll give my email or whatever so we can exchange info!!

  26. Customer reviews on the Carvana site average 4.7 stars. But if you go
    to HiYa, Yelp, the BBB or any number of other sites that allow you to
    leave reviews for businesses, most reviewers tell of a nightmarish
    experience; the averages of these reviews ranges from 1.5 stars to 2.5
    stars. Obviously, this disparity calls for an explanation. By the way,
    I've looked all over the Carvana site and I cannot find out how to
    leave a review. That concerns me. Does Carvana employ a team of trolls
    to write fake reviews for their own site?

  27. Come on, no one will give you an incredible deal, unless there is something that makes them do this like this was a flood car, etc…
    Look at all these videos.. A lot of people got the car and it had all kinds of issues, and they sent it back.. Do you have all that time to waste with this???
    Pictures, so what?? They dont tell you if everything works in the car, how it drives, if it burns a quart of oil every 100 miles, if it has ever been serviced regularly, if it drives straight, if the engine, transmission, differential, etc., is getting ready to die…
    I will never ever buy anything this expensive without looking it all over physically, driving, etc., everything, first…
    Good luck with your purchase…

  28. Used cars at new car prices. Carmax did it first. People that love this place only like it because they don't know how to win at buying cars. I have been looking at manual transmission Honda Civic SIs for a track car. I can go to any dealer and get one for around $25K. That's a 2019 with 0 miles. Search for these on Carvana and you'll see 2017s and 2018s with 20K miles for 22k to 24k. Are you kidding me? Carvana is easy because they screw you up front and tell you they're doing it.

  29. getting ready to go thru the process, just reserved a truck, I have a good vibe about carvana, only thing left for me is to get three dealerships to stop blown my phone up,  just mention carvana and it seems that they dont need to talk to the manger anymore. lol I hope this really as easy as it seems.

  30. were looking for a car/. and all my local dealerships are masters at changing pricing when you arrive.. Its a new model so carvana doesnt have it yet.. and carmax you need to finance externally, generally their rates are super high

  31. Almost all the reviews of Carvana I've found have been positive, but I'm curious…when I visit the Carvana web site, I see lots and lots of late-model cars with low miles. WHERE are they getting them from? Car rental agency auctions, maybe? I know very, very few people who would buy a brand new car, put 10-15K miles on it and sell it a year later unless there was something seriously wrong with the car. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with Carvana's cars, but just interested in knowing how they acquire them.

  32. The best way to buy a car!! We had our 2nd vehicle delivered on Thursday. My wife has always wanted a Ford Explorer. We found the one she wanted on Sunday. They delivered it on Wednesday. On Friday, my wife decided it was to big for her. I called Carvana and told them we wanted to switch to a Nissan Murano. On Thursday they delivered the Murano. We got another 7 day window, but the car is perfect. The price on the car is not with TT&L. They add it to the final price, but not a problem. I wish I had more than 2 thumbs to give them 👍👍, but highly recommend buying from them!

  33. 1. Thanks for the review
    2. can’t believe u were making ur kids lag while u were playing video games, I would rage so hard because of preventable lag. (This was when I was younger but it scarred me this bad) it’s probably ok because I’m fine now and don’t play games anymore.
    3. I appreciate this YouTube experience, it was great. I am swayed towards caravans vs CARFAX rn, it just depends what’s available.
    Also, I would tip for that cousomer service 😭.

  34. Super over priced expensive off lease vehicles. 100 day warranty? Give me a break. How about a 3 years warranty?

  35. I'm confused. You said the price of $19,400 included tax and tags but at 4:04 you can see that is says the price is $19,400 plus $1453 tax and $50 tags = $20,903.

  36. Good news (2 years after this was posted) for people who have a credit union they can finance through (at least with mine). Carvana has partnered with credit unions to further simplify the process, and it looks like the quality of the site has improved noticeably.

    I got my loan through Northwest Federal Credit union and was researching local dealerships to go to for the type of car that I want. Then I got an email from my credit union and later a call from carvana explaining their business. The email basically stated "we have partnered with them, go here to buy a car". I decided to look into reviews and customer satisfaction and saw a lot of mixed reviews.

    This video was very helpful though, thank you.

  37. That asking price didn’t include tag tax etc for me, Carvana actually tacked on like another 1,500 on top of the asking price and not only that the finance charge was 5645, so at the end of the day I wanted to get a car that carvana had listed for 18,500 and when is all said and done the total cost of the car would have been 25,960 for a used 35k miles car that was originally priced at 29,000 dollars new, if I went through with that deal I would have been 10,000 down negative equity since at the time the car was only valued at 15,000 on the market for trade in…. be carful with carvana it’s not what it really seems to be…

  38. I don't know why you keep saying that tax, tag, and title are included…they're not included.

  39. I just want to say one thing, why do people let car salesmen push them around? Have some confidence in yourself. Dealers always add crap on. Tell them take that stuff off if not just walk. There are other dealers to go to. It usually takes me 3 to 7 dealers to visit before I get the deal I want. I just make a game out ot it. Why get bent out of shape over it.

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