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carsales Celebrity Drv Episode 9: Dean Lewis

carsales Celebrity Drv Episode 9: Dean Lewis

*Dean Lewis – Be Alright plays on the radio* You’re listening to Carrie & Tommy and that was Dean Lewis with his huge hit, Be Alright. You’re listening to your own music again mate? Where did you come from man this is crazy? I’m quick! I’m listening to you one second then you drop into my car. Magic. When I think music star, I think big Range Rover, blacked out windows. What are we rollin’ in bro? We’re rollin’ in a 2011 Corolla. Oh yeah. You have absolutely let stardom go to your head already. I’m all about the money, the cars, the fame, all that stuff. And when I drive I want everyone to see me and be like “You’ve got that song!” How was the moment that you looked at the Australian charts and you saw that Be Alright was number 1 and Drake was number 2? I was in Los Angeles and someone from my label was there, Nicole. And she goes “You’ve just gone number 1!” And it was incredible, incredible. And my phone was dead and I wanted to call my mum and dad, and my brothers and let them know. You’re such a lovely guy, my first thought would be to call Drake and say “Suck it! How’s number 2?” I love that you put the word ‘mate’ in. And I look forward to, when you tweak the verse and make it more Aussie and go “Bloody oath it’s over mate” That’s the Aussie remix Now, you never have to break up with anybody again. I’m bad with confrontation so I’d wait ‘till we’re stopped at the lights and be like hey babe, boom and get out. Who taught you to drive? It would be my mum and she would be like… She’d be doing that like what are you doing Dean? The nervous braking And she’s be really obviously slamming on the brakes My mum did this, and staring at me. When’s the Brittney Spears, shaved head phase of Dean Lewis? The meltdown? Probably after this car ride. Not really. Do you ever get scared with writing something that’s too emotional in a song? Or 2, makes you too vulnerable? I always think, even if I’m saying something a bit, that makes me a bit go oooww, when I play it live if people connect with it, if its real then I just go with it you know I mean, even Be Alright, that’s quite a tough song, it’s a break up song Yes, it’s about a bunch of relationships, things that friends have told me, so when you combine them all, it’s like a super breakup It’s the megatron of breakups People come up to me and they’re like “Are you okay?” When are you touring Australia? I’m touring in December, which is very soon. I’m very excited about it My last one was like 6 months ago or something, everything has just doubled Playing the Metro in Sydney which is going to be so cool because I’ve seen so many bands play there when I was growing up and now I can play there. Which is cool, it’s a moment Dean man I’ve had such a great time, but I’ve got stuff on, I’ve got to bail bro So I guess you could say it’s over mate? Tommy? He’s gone, thank god.

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