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carsales Celebrity Drv Episode 8: Hayden Quinn

carsales Celebrity Drv Episode 8: Hayden Quinn

Hayden Quinn you great man! Welcome.What an entry. I’m ready to go, should we roll? Jump in mate. Jump in. Quinnie. Mate, you sound like a northern beaches bloke already. This is where you grew up? I grew up in Dee Why.Growing up on the northern beaches you’re going to spend most of your childhood Surfing, swimming, nippers. Spend some time in the green room? Ah well that might be one that was made up, it’s like a David Attenborough “Oh and there we are over there we’ve got a surfer and he’s found some time in the green room” Little grommit hopes to spend some time in the green room. And there he is, doing waht he does best Throwing shakas. is it true you don’t like to call yourself a chef? I’m just a cook. A cook, which is someone who just cooks at home, they haven’t been to TAFE, they haven’t done their apprenticeship, they haven’t done those hard yards. A cook is essentially a chef without a job? Yes, exactly right. For me food has always been about sharing and travel. I’m more like a home cook, writing recipes, that sort of stuff. Not actually doing work.. No. yeah that’s the goal in life isn’t it? Worked on the beach for about eight years lifeguarding, and in the lifeguarding world The lifeguard would be the chef and the lifesaver would be the cook. What was Hasselhoff? He was a lifeguard, yep. You’re the Aussie Hasselhoff. Just less hair QuinnieHoff Did you ever combine your talents? I’ve just saved your life from the waves and there’s a croquembouche for you. There’s a lot of cool people here in their fitness apparel. I don’t trust anyone who, their activewear costs more than my first car I can’t remember how much I spent on my first car. Mitsubishi Starwagon, 1994. Pretty cool. Didn’t get the license first go which is a bit of a shame. It’s always a bit daunting, you’ve got the sweaty old guy next to you from the RTA, you know, looking down on ya the whole way. And he slammed the brakes on from the left hand side of the car. That’s an automatic fail. Second time? Second time we made it. What are we tooling around in at the moment? Jeep Compass Trailhawk You know trailhawk was my nickname in high school? No it wasn’t.. No, it wasn’t. It can hold its own, that’s the most important thing, you know. You’re good on the street, you’re good on the trail and that’s what I love about it. It sounds adventure, it sounds fun. It is! It would be a nice weekend with a little barbie. How good is a bacon and egg roll sound? Ahhhh Rooftop at my joint, got a little barbie up there. Here we are mate. Fry up some bacon, eggs. Happy days. Head down the beach, drop a couple off to the boys working down there, the lifeguards. Quinne, are you sure you can just park here? Mate, bacon and egg rolls you can do whatever you want. Boys, lads. I come bearing gifts. Geez they look good. Nothing says Sydney like lifeguards, standing eating bacon and egg rolls

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