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carsales Celebrity Drv Episode 14: Osher Günsberg

carsales Celebrity Drv Episode 14: Osher Günsberg

Hi, Osher Günsberg here, with another episode of carsales Celebrity Drv. Hey bro, this is my gig. Anyway, my next guest is… Well, I guess you just heard who my next guest is. Tommy, welcome. How are you? Good brother, Welcome. Floor it with a lot of noise. It doesn’t make any noise. You’ve got to make your own car noises in this one. What are we in? What is this silent beast that we’re in? Tommy you are in a brand spanking new 2019 Nissan LEAF. It’s 100% electric. This car has got everything But, as you can probably feel, right now, that’s a seat warmer kicking in. I wasn’t sure if that was a rash or that was a feature of the car. You may not know this, but if you just reach over, steering wheel warmer. Oh damn! It’s so good. 110 kW of power. And because it’s electric, you get that… Oh yeah. So, this is your hood. Did you grow up here? No, I grew up in Brisbane. Brissy boy. Are you a big listening to tunes while you drive guy? I just listen to podcasts. I’m sorry, I know you make a lot of money making FM Radio, but I just don’t listen. Okay, I’m over here listening to nerdy physics podcasts while I drive around going, oh, that’s interesting. You know we have a physics segment, a weekly segment, on our show? Oh, really? No. Take me back to your first car. My mum had a stick-shift Mitsubishi L300, which was actually a really good first car to drive because you’re quite high above the traffic. I failed my first driver’s licence test. I also failed my test the first time in America. I failed my test as a grown man at the age of 32. What happened grown man? I said, g’day, how are you? He goes, they call me the terminator, no one passes. And he was right. Did you, at least, give him a bit of I’ll be back next week? Osh, would you describe yourself as a good driver? I would, my wife would say no. What would she say is the main fault? That I don’t have total situational awareness like she does. When I did my scooter course, they teach a lot about where to look, and I was like, oh, that’s right, I used to know all this stuff. So, I think I’ve become a better driver since I’ve been riding a scooter. The Australian Idol days, what was it like being a rock star? I don’t think anything could really compare to those big grand finals that we did at the Opera House. To go and do live television at that scale, you just don’t get the opportunity to host a show that big. And we got to do it seven times. And it’s just amazing. Do you think working on The Bachelor has given you more or less faith in love? More. The greatest success stories I’ve seen on The Bachelor, the ones that last, are the ones that go, I’m the one that has to make the change if I want this to work. And you have this incredible moment of these guys truly becoming men and maturing in front of your very eyes. It’s a bloody lovely day today. There’s not a cloud in the sky, so I thought I might take you somewhere for a bit of a vista over the city. Are you romancing me? Bromancing. I’m sitting here in one of the most romantic vistas that I’ve been a part of, single, and desperately in need of help, what do I need to change? Just my personality? If you picture a bookcase, right, if your bookcase is full, here’s my work, here’s my job, here’s the thing I like to do on Saturday nights, if that’s packed, there’s no room for a relationship in your life. If you make a space in your life for the right kind of person to flow into that, I’m sure you’ll be all right I don’t have a bookcase, I’ve got a 70-inch plasma. Osh, I’ve had a great day with you. Thank you for taking me for a spin today. Thank you for coming for a spin in my car.

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