carsales Celebrity Drv Episode 13: Conrad Sewell

Mr Sewell? Mr Little…you’re late. I’m kidding! How are you brother? Good to see you. I’m ready to do this, whatever this is. I believe you have a show tonight. I do. Good news is I put the show in chauffer. Should we go for a drive? Let’s do it. We’re here with homegrown but now international superstar Conrad Sewell. Welcome back into the country. Thanks, it’s good to be here. You’re a Brissy boy. I was a boy from the bush trying to make it in the big smoke really. I love Queenslanders ’cause generally they’re the loosest people in the country. Hey do you remember your first car? I do actually, my dad worked at BMW. He got my brother a BMW. And his hand-me-down was this BMW 316i. I got my licence really young, so as soon as you could get it at 16. So you were 16 and tooling round without your parent in the car, in a Beemer? Did you get your licence on the first go? I just figured instead of having lessons I’d just go for it until I got it and then figure out how to drive afterwards. Failed first time. Second time got it and then driving home I almost flipped the car and realised oh wow I really don’t know how to drive, and I’ve been driving like an 18 year old grandma ever since. A lot of people get that wake up call just reading that thing that says do the 120 hours. You’re like no unless I nearly die. You drive with a man bun. It keeps me focused, I’m like a shark Yeah, but then if your hair is down is it like blinkers? What do you drive? I drive a Mercedes C300 Coupe. So this is controversial. Is it Coupe or Coupé? So I say Coupe but. I think you’re being lazé by dropping I think Coupé is a bit fancy What’s the difference between Australians and Americans apart from Americans say literally? I will literally kill you if you say that again. I would literally die if you killed me. Literally. Literally die. But also its kind of nice thing about Americans, they are very positive about everything so here it would be like ‘Oh mate you want to be a rock star, good on ya’. But if it was there It’d be like ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to buy your album’. Sometimes I find with Americans you can be in a room full of ten and they all think that they’re the best. Statistically speaking, we can’t all be the best. Some of us has to suck. An American never goes, ‘You know what I’m not very good at my job’. What music did you listen to growing up? I’m talking like Spice Girls, I’m talking Hanson. You could be a member of Hanson Yeah I’m the fourth member of Hanson I was a huge Spice Girls fan, specifically Ginger Spice. I had a full on thing for Ginger At what stage in your life did you decide singing was something you enjoyed? I can just picture you as a 10 year old going ‘who has a studio?’ I was. I rented my first studio when I was 8 or something like that Did you really? Yeah it was like this bootleg studio out in the middle of woop woop Your new single, LIFE? Yes and the new album is called LIFE as well so it coincided quite nicely. We didn’t even plan that. Didn’t you? No, well, I mean I guess we kind of did And that song is like the ultimate wedding love song, so I figure we can play weddings for the rest of our lives. I actually need to pick up Matty my guitarist Oh so now you’re using my car like your car? Oh Matty boy. Give him some chords or something. I’ve got an instrument. Tommy Little on the T ri angle Tommy’s in the car He can even play behind his head We know we’re going far Say we’re the new band, we be the band Tommy’s on atriangle, because he’s the man Triangle What a jam Well boys, we are here at your gig. Triangle skills, I’m assuming I’m coming in. Thanks boys, have a great show We’re out of here Thanks for us borrowing your car You know what, keep it Do you do vocal warmups?

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