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carsales Celebrity Drv Episode 12: Lydia Lassila

carsales Celebrity Drv Episode 12: Lydia Lassila

G’day guys, Tommy Little here hanging out on the beautiful Great Ocean Road. And I’m hitch hiking but I have one condition for my driver, they must be a gold medalist. Lydia Lassila! As I live and breathe. What’s going on Tommy? I nearly ran you over. Oh, wouldn’t have hurt me. Can we go for a drive? Where should we go? Great Ocean Road? Anywhere you’d take me to be honest, I’m desperate and make no qualms about it. What are we driving here? This is the all-new Jimny from Suzuki. Did you pick this car because you thought there was a bit of you in it? I feel like she’s for me, she can jump. That’s very fitting for you. It is. How many knee recos has this car had? Oh she’s brand new so she’s got all the cartilage and suspension. We live in Lorne, on the Great Ocean Road and it’s a beautiful little spot. When you decided to take up skiing, you couldn’t ski right? I couldn’t ski at all, I was a good acrobat. And so they thought let’s see if we can get gymnasts and teach them how to ski and become aerial skiers. What was the highlight of your career up to this point? I think winning an Olympic gold medals not bad… It’s pretty good. Bronze medal was another highlight because, yeah. Because you went for a trick that has never been done by a woman in your sport. Correct. Quad twisty and triple somersault. Three flips, four twists. Do you land dizzy? Nup. I’d land and spew. Your husband is Finish. He’s skied on the national team. Does he have any Olympic medals? He has a world championship medal. Ah no, that wasn’t the question. Does he have any? No… So you are the winner. Did you get your licence first go? I did. We lived on a farm so I learnt to drive. Did you do some doughies in the paddock? Yeah, we did some like trench jumps and I think one time my brother ended up in the seat falling through the bottom of the car. Like the opposite of an ejector seat Yes Like a bogan James Bond. Last time I saw you on TV was Survivor, how was that? A blast. A blast? It was so hard physically, but I loved living off the land. No phones, no computers, can you imagine? It sounds, awful. It was so good. Do you want to practice the decent control in the Jimny? And it’s totally safe. That’s off a cliff into the ocean. It’s the great ocean though! It’s the GREAT ocean. Press the decent button and the car just controls itself down like a huge decent. I’d love that in life. This relationship will sort itself out, or it just dumps them for you. Yeah, I reckon it would do it for you. Oh god, a dump button. So this is the town? Yeah this is the main drag. Trampolines. Trampolines. Should we have a jump on the tramp? Let’s do it. You know I’m scared of backflips This is like the stepping stone, the front way one You go to your back then stand Mate I’m so scared Yeah that’s cork bro! You nailed it! Ahh that’s a great episode of Celebrity Drv with Lydia Lassila And let’s pretend that I’m meant to do that Why aren’t the single ladies coming running at me now after that sick trick? Those kids are looking really excited over there They look embarrassed for me

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