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Cars Race on the XRS Drag Racing Playset! | Pixar Cars

Cars Race on the XRS Drag Racing Playset! | Pixar Cars

– Hey, everybody, it’s me, Elisha. – And I’m Taj. – And welcome back to this episode of- – [Together] The Cars Garage. – Where we show you the nuts and bolts of some of the coolest “Cars” products. (hands slapping) (upbeat music) – Who’s ready for some- – [Together] Drag racing. – Drag racing is about
achieving maximum speed in the shortest amount of time. The tracks are short. The cars are huge, and the stakes are high. – Yup, and we’re going to be doing a little bit of our own drag racing today here in this garage. – Wait. (record scratching) Here? I don’t know if we have room. (laughing) Of course we do. Everything we need is
right here in these boxes. – [Taj] Are those XRS Drag Racing Singles? – Yup, we’re going to be checking out the XRS Drag Racing Playset, and the special drag racing editions of your favorite “Cars” characters. Each set sold separately. – Now, everyone can see
that I’m the fastest. – What? Excuse me. – Nothing. – I’m pretty sure you just
said you were going to beat me in drag racing. – You’ll see. – OK, let’s check out
these Drag Racing Singles. – First off, right here, we
have Nitroade at number 28, and here, we have Lil’ Torquey. – Thirdly, we have Cruz Ramirez,
and last, but not least, we have Jackson Storm at number 20. – Now, let’s open these
babies up and play with them. (car engine revving) – [Together] These are so cool! – This car has a giant spoiler. – So does this one. These cars also have big rear tires. – And they have these flaming flames. – Not only does he have flaming exhaust, he actually has visible exhaust. You can see all of the pipes,
and last, but not least, they have pistons that move up and down when you drive them. – [Taj] Yeah. – [Elisha] Just like a real car. – I wonder if these
engines make them go faster than regular cars. – Only one way to find out. – Time for the XRS Drag Racing Playset. Red, yellow, green, go! – Look, it even comes with its own Lightning McQueen Drag Racer. Ka-chow! It also has a yellow finish line with raised white, checkered flags. – And two red launch
buttons for each player. – [Together] All right,
let’s race this thing! – I’m picking Jackson Storm, the most coolest and
high-tech car in the world. – Oh, please, Ramirez
is obviously fastest, and she’s way more cool. Each sold separately. – All right, let’s do this. Are you ready? – Yeah. – Let’s do this. Three, two, one. (buttons clicking) – Yes! Yes. (upbeat music) – Well, Jackson Storm might be the fastest but can he jump? – Are you saying what
I think you’re saying? – Let’s turn this straight
track into a stunt track. (upbeat music) – [Together] Stunt mode activated! (hands slapping) – All right, are you ready? Three, two, one, go. (buttons clicking) – It said I won! Yes! Yes! I’d love to see that in slow motion. – No, I really don’t
think it’s that important. – Roll the slow motion! (upbeat music) Wow, drag racing is pretty awesome. – Yeah, just, you gotta
avoid the cactuses. Ouch. – Anyways, thanks for joining
us here on The Cars Garage. – See you next time. – [Together] Bye. (upbeat music)

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