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CARS & COFFEE WEST PALM BEACH – SEPT. 2019 | OctaneRed_392

CARS & COFFEE WEST PALM BEACH – SEPT. 2019 | OctaneRed_392

Hi guys, This is West Palm Beach Cars and coffee everybody online waiting getting a little bit
I represent the event started saying you know 6:43 on a Sunday
what’s going on guys octane really none until I had West Palm Beach cars on
coffee it is 643 in the morning and as you can
see people are waiting to get in I’m not even first car the event starts
at 8 o’clock it is 644 right now what’s going on everybody back again i
Terry Keenan – welcome back to the channel today we are here at West Palm
Beach cars & coffee part where all the more pars pretty much track canticle
bars talk to the president I enjoy what’s going on locked area 302 back in
it I hate West Palm Beach we got here
without the president Oh tri-county mothballs good friend of mine
set what’s up I’m Johnny a que boca so who’s the death on IG now you wanna tell
him to get done to the car Oh y’all got on the CB listen I ain’t scared to tell
whatever man no charge nitrous 85 straight pipe tuned those
five five five hours in the fact you know helped me grow up a little bit so
you stay ready I’m always ready bottles always am bar okay so Wow alright so
pretty much what hey okay no health care unless it’s built and they still got
something to work with once I do my Pistons are Rogers over
though who ever wanted there you go y’all seen it so we are
West Palm Beach coffee coffee the biggest we are monthly gathering in the
country so do I get a chance get out here now I’m gonna see trying to move
off and take up the whole row that whole row go back dance um hope you know
so a come to I see y’all later what’s going on guys I’d say ready for
another feedback it’s you again this is overpower customs and I have would be
running guys yeah hope our customs we do a lot of custom fabrication work
restoration work rust repair basically anything and everything you could fathom
to think of with your vehicle that you want done we could take care of for you
anything from mild to wild suspension work to exhaust work engine work custom
bodywork you want your car lowered you watch a car lifted you want your
whatever you want we can take care for you nice and we got prepared it right
here in West Palm Beach right on Silver Beach Avenue all right how do you go
guys come check them out make ready group alright guys what’s going on
so coming to an end on the car show for me anyway don’t get tired I walk around
so much my ankles swollen so go take a chill Sardi’s other calls and you sit
down and put my Chad just so many cars here but someone would leave in passing
by so did the restaurant like that Oh Jax what you doing how does father
said they gonna sponsor me so oh I just talked to me once opposed to me stickers
on my car that’s how you got the stickers were
harmful man wait for that check man I will stop playing with his John you see
this in person yet hey I need some of that I need some of
that shit buddy you

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