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Carmax Review ~ How To Buy A Car From Carmax

Carmax Review ~ How To Buy A Car From Carmax

Hi folks it’s Mike with
with a tip for you on how to buy a used car. Specifically I want to share with you my car
buying experience from Carmax Now the video that you see here is from the
Carmax in Dublin Ohio I purchased a used truck from the Carmax in
Columbus Ohio But it doesn’t make any difference where you
purchase a used vehicle from anywhere in the country the way that they operate is exactly
the same at all locations By the way when I purchased my truck Carmax
had no idea that I was going to make a video I began my search at and I searched
for a low mileage pick up truck under $20,000 As luck would have it I found the pick up
truck I was looking for in Columbus so I contacted the store and spoke to a salesman This is the actual pick up truck that I purchased
now in the side yard of my home The website said that the pick up truck was
$18,599 with about 34,000 miles on it and guess what, that’s exactly what it was and
that’s exactly what the sticker said. No surprises no problems no complications Now even though I thought that the price Carmax
was asking for the truck was fair, I figured if I was a cash buyer that they might negotiate. So I made an offer of $17,000 for the truck I was quickly informed by the salesman that
Carmax does not negotiate price on vehicles. That the price on the website and the price
that you see on the sticker on the vehicle is the price you pay Three things that made me decide to purchase
my truck from Carmax. That is number one they have a five day return
policy with no questions asked. If you have the vehicle for five days up to
five days you can return it and get your money back The second thing is that they certified that
there is no frame damage Third thing that I like was the fact that
they certified that the vehicle had never been in a flood. As you can see from the contract on the screen
with some redacted information, I purchased the truck from Carmax, and I couldn’t be more
satisfied. There was never any high-pressure to make
the purchase. And specifically there was never any high pressure to purchase an extended
warranty. One was offered but I never felt pressured
to buy it. My advice if you are looking for a good used
vehicle, go to Carmax

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32 thoughts on “Carmax Review ~ How To Buy A Car From Carmax

  1. Went to Carmax the other day. Got an appraisal on my car to sell, but was a very low offer. While waiting on the appraisal, I checked out some of the trucks, quite a few smelled like an ash tray. Can't believe they didn't try and get the smell out. A smoked in car should be discounted drastically unless the smell is completely gone. Just my rant.

  2. carmax has very nice people I purchased my first car with 16k miles on it. weeks later I realized my tires were wearing out quick.i took the car back for an alignment just to find out the car had frame damage from a previous they don't want to fix my car and I have to pay almost $4,000 what a disappointment this people are only nice to you so you can purchase a car once you take the car and if you find a problem on it they won't fix it. I'll never go back there again

  3. before you buy it check spark plugs , see if the gaskets are bad…they sont inspec any cars they just clean them and put them on the lot

  4. If you do your homework and really shop around you'll find Carmax vehicles are grossly overpriced. If you think getting a little piece of paper that says the vehicle wasn't in a flood and another piece of paper that says they did a 125 point inspection check and that justifies paying 4 to 6 thousand more for a vehicle than you would somewhere else, then more power to you.

  5. I just bought a car from carmax myself. I agree completely with your video easy nice great buying experience. My question is over the two years you have had your vehicle what type of work if any have you had to do on your used vehicle? Has it been minimal nothing much other than fluids and oil changes small things like normal brake pad changes? You haven't had any bad experiences of service or anything have you?

  6. Hey Mike congrats on the Truck. I wanted to get you input about what you think carmax can do that other dealers don't or can't. For intense if I replicated your buying experience by going online finding a truck under $20,000 with low miles, but not at carmax and pay the listed price as long as it was a fair price couldn't I or anybody do that instead and have a better buying experience?

    P.S I have to admit I do work at a dealership so I am curious to what the appeal would be thank you.

  7. I really needed to see this video. This helped to set my mind at ease, because tomorrow (at the date of this post) I am going to be financing for the first time my car through Carmax.

  8. If you finance with them your will have a very high rate (14% )and usually they sell above market value and give your trade an auction value. at least that is what i hear. But if you are a Cash buyer with no trade I think it could be a smooth no pressure process for most people.

  9. Yep, I've purchase two cars from them. Very pleasant experience, and they did cover a small issue (vacuum hose connection to airbox) with no questions asked. One of the cars was shipped from 800 miles away. They inspected it for good condition before shipping, and after.

  10. Being a cash buyer does not give you any more leverage at a large dealership in fact it can be a detriment because dealerships are now trying to make more money on the backside of the deal in finance and then sometimes on the front side of the deal on the sales floor this is a common misnomer let people believe Cash is king in buying a car when it’s not

  11. Just as you described. Had a great experience last night at Car Max. Price was the same or lower than any other similar truck online and ebay. I also decided to pick up the extended warranty with my truck. For me it was around $1,399.00 for 60 months coverage with a $50.00 co-pay can be used at the Toyota dealer, can't beat it. Very happy with truck.

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