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Car Washing – Nissan Micra K11 Car Flipping

Car Washing – Nissan Micra K11 Car Flipping

Hey Guys, Welcome to another video. What we have for today? As you may have seen in the inicial footage, Micra its all shitty… So we’re gonna wash it today, a quick wash It won’t be a detailed wash, but he’s embarrassing, full of moss. He’s pretty badly treated, today we are going to do a little washing… We won’t use detail products, we’ll use regular products. Watch the video to the end, I hope you like it, leave your thumbs up ans Subscribe. So stay there for the video, let’s watch this baby boy’s wash. Okay, and that’s it, we’ve given a little wash, in the end we passed a beeswax, just to protect until the car is polished. The painting’s in bad shape, it will be all polished up. Because he really needs a painting correction. But with the beeswax it’ll last a while longer. We’ll leave you with the final footage. Dont forget thumbs up and subscribe the channel, Okay?

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