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Car sharing & rental with GetAround 🚘 |

Car sharing & rental with GetAround 🚘  |

Hi there!
I’m Marina from and in this video I’m going to tell you about GetAround, one
of our job offers! By the end of this video you will know everything about this app job and most importantly, how to apply for it! With GetAround you can make money with your car that you don’t use that often. And the best part is that you always
get to decide when to rent it out. So if you need it for the weekend there is no problem! GetAround uses a technology called Connect, which allows you to locate and unlock your car during a rental through your phone! The requirements for using GetAround are simple:
your car must be in good condition and have a mileage under 125,000 miles! And don’t worry about
your car’s safety. You will have a very good primary insurance. If you are interested in getting GetAround, I will tell exactly what to do! But first, make sure to click on the
subscribe button of this channel to get more videos like this! To start making money with GetAround just click on the first link in our description
box to go to! There you can Sign In or Join Now, select your city, click on
the category Private Car/Vehicle Rental to see if GetAround is an option for you. If
it is, just click on “Start Working” ! If you liked what you watched, give it a thumbs up and leave a comment telling us what you
thought about this video or if you have any question! Thank you for watching!

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