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Car Runs For 100 Years Without Refueling – The Thorium Car

Car Runs For 100 Years Without Refueling – The Thorium Car

a company known as laser power systems
believes that they can create a car that runs on something known as thorium and
as a result it can actually be powered for about a
hundred years on just eight grams up the fuel now for those of
you who don’t know with ornaments and I’m sure there are many %uh view because I had no idea with or emails it’s
actually a radioactive metal and there have been cases in the past where on nuclear power plants were supposed to be powered by Florian
instead of uranium however the nixon administration next it now it’s really really fascinating
mother boarded this great documentary that you guys should check out on
YouTube we took a little part a bit where they
explain what the worry im is take a quick look at that and we’ll discuss
this car a decade before he called nuclear power
society’s biggest now steenburgen Alvin weinberg was one
of the country’s leading nuclear physicists he invented the light water reactor the
world’s most common kind today the type used in Fukushima but in the
nineteen sixties as director Oak Ridge National
Laboratory he began to pursue another idea called the molten salt reactor instead
of operating at high pressure with the solid-fuel native uranium who
worked at low pressure using liquid fuel they could be made up
story amid 3m has many advantages it can produce
about 90 times as much energy as uranium in a fraction at the waist and that
waste isn’t useful for making bombs the reactor was considered walk away
safe because it relied on physics not
machines are humans to keep the reaction under control so so
why said Anna act I get so sad about all the progress
that was stopped in its tracks because once we started using uranium
and once we start doing nuclear power plants well then a whole industry developed around that way loved getting
energy around it you’re a great exactness right so then people like world and I
got no use for thorium like I don’t make money that way make
money this way that’s exactly right we’re gonna go in that direction for decades on end right or so what’s
fascinating about what’s happening today is obviously we need alternative forms
of energy right and thorium is a possibility for
that so so love you might wonder why is it that we’re not going forward with it well I would like to see more
information about it and you know I would like to see more research into it
and the wave doing more research the way of
getting more funding for it is to change the mindset about nuclear energy because
story on is another form of nuclear energy and of course there is a lot of
negative press about that so that’s what’s going on
with %uh you know power plants but let’s talk
about the car little bit so this story in fueled automobile would as I mentioned earlier run for a hundred
years I just eight grams a few at least that’s according to their concept car could I mean I can’t believe a car can
run for a hundred years period even if you have to refuel right but
like inconceivable to me so I is the funny thing is I’m so cheap
that I saw that part of the story and I thought you know what I don’t need it for a
hundred years I’ll just buy two groups I love your resume is just well president how expensive it is of
course but so apparently would be much more cost efficient yes let me tell you
how it would work %uh according are to the company because
thorium is so dense it has the potential to produce
tremendous amounts of heat the company has been experimenting with
small bit south of korea creating a laser that heats water
produces steam and powers a mini turbine arm just one gram but the
substance yields more energy then %uh 7300 ninety six gallons of
gasoline and a grab for power the typical car for a
century Scott frickin lasers on its head but now
I know that the designer the car doesn’t mess living in
North Korea but how badass and icarly yeah so that car is not the car that’s
being designed by laser power systems that’s actually different cards the
Cadillac world thorium fuel concept car sign up yeah it was designed I by a different
company I’ll face alone I’m going for a story if
you end up with or even a car should look like that and how cool story a name below mccade it is I look into this it is in fact
named after four because it was a scientist I believe from Norway that
given some information to sign this from Sweden who then you know the nail that down and and so
he named it after four the Norse God how awesome
would it be if it turns out for save the planet there are so many
exciting technological advances under way you
know the hyper loop you know all these great things that’ll
get us to where we need to go more efficiently and i’m looking forward
to that I hope I survive long enough to experience a little bit at least I how he learned to be if it
turns out the people who believed in four save the planet and not Jesus they go
around labor like oh what now Jesus what now turns south or was coming back
I’ve been seen online the says everywhere they say you know jesus promised their rid the
world to people ODN promise to rid the world of ice
giants you see any ice giants mean think about it had planned here are
12 four you come to the rescue 0

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100 thoughts on “Car Runs For 100 Years Without Refueling – The Thorium Car

  1. It will probably never take off as Governments need Uranium for their nuclear weapons and Thorium would never provide this. Also it would make conventional cars obsolete as you would buy a car and it would last a life time. The Billionaires of the world would simply not allow it.

  2. Unlike Cenk who only needs thorium for 20 years for his car, I am a longterm thinker and I need thorim for 100 years. I am 30 yrs old and I plan on living for another 100 years, which would make me the oldest person to ever live at 130 yrs old.

  3. It sucks that we cant shut down the power plants that use Uranium, if we did they would explode and there is no way around it.

  4. Just stop. People who have no idea what they are talking about shouldn't talk about things they no nothing about. I like the Young Turks but they are completely out of their depth, and are making complete fools of themselves talking about a thorium powered car. Nuclear reactors don't scale, you can't make a thorium, or uranium, fueled reactor that will fit in a car. You need critical mass, and in the case of thorium you also have to first convert the thorium into U233, then get a critical mass of U233. You also need massive shielding because of the neutrons generated in the reaction.

    Bottom line, a thorium powered car is a ridiculous fantasy, hoax, fake news story that the Young Turks let themselves get fooled into covering, kind of like the powdered alcohol story only even more ridiculous.

  5. I don't know of this and normally scientist are fairly vocal about possible technology. But in the end it all comes to more money to science and education. The more we know the better citizens of the world we are. Free computerized education please, I wanna get some doctorates without lifetimes of debt.

  6. you cant make bombs from thorium , this is why we have the current power plants… thorium is
    superior from what i can tell but you cant make bombs with it this is why we have the current system do we not have enough bombs. so in short we pay more for electric on the account of bomb production materials. so why do we give other countries the uranium plants fore… when it should have been thorium …. the internet has liberated the information from the few to the many….

  7. we should use thorium for space travel this should be enough to reach alien world's or other earth like planets that way our descendents have a chance of survival if earth dies we have another earth

  8. they're just like, hey look this fuel can run a car for a long time, lets literally make it look like a damn alien ship that uses 10 different sizes of bike tires. wtf?

  9. It has to run in uranium 235, it’s super expensive just to get in the first place. Plus, solar panels are much better and they are getting more efficient.

  10. Thorium was shelved in favour of Uranium cus it couldn't be weaponised back before the Manhattan project…which is a shame because thorium is way more abundand + cheaper.

  11. A Thorium reactor will happen. Why?
    Because China has already started working on building a Thorium reactor, taking the lead on power production.
    Once America becomes aware of Thorium capability, it too will be obliged to try to catch up.
    This will not happen soon but it will happen, leaving America trailing behind like a puppy.
    But a Thorium car ? We'll see….

  12. Thats like telling the medical field i have the cure for all diseases.. They will hire jet li to assasinate me lol

  13. For everyone saying big oil companies wont let this happen, i hope all you idiots know that we WILL one day run out of petroleum and if theres no petroleum, then they cant do shit about it

  14. ok so if what you're saying is true, then why the hell we 21st century humans still drive gasoline cars? this is just a gimmick that's why, there is no way we had Thorium power this entire time, and its more cost efficient, and we still didn't use it, no way on earth people are that dumb.
    But you know what I'd believe, this company is getting lots of press attention with this story, free advertising, how cool is that.

  15. I LOVE IT !!!! I have a 1967 Cadillac coupe DE ville it's almost 60 years old and it still runs a course you gotta put gas in it 🤹‍♂️🤹‍♂️♥️🤹‍♂️🤹‍♂️♦️🤹‍♂️♦️🤹‍♂️♥️🤹‍♂️🤹‍♂️

  16. yeah millions of cars with radioactive heavy metals driven by morons at high speeds… what could possibly go wrong?

  17. morons, you are the reasoon people dont trust the media. you are so stupid. just please dont make such shit posts. this is all just bullshit

  18. I got lost in Korea in my HUM-V driving for "TEN HOURS!" I still had a 1/4 tank. The fuel is called "MOGAS". Greed! Something everyone knows doesn't matter when we die, has STOPPED human advancement that was advertised in the 50's. We thought it was b.s. We have technology such as fuels for cars that can cure our current b.s. fuel problems. THERE IS NO FUEL crisis.

  19. Cenk is a fruitcake and Anna is better fit to make me a sandwich.
    Check out Louder with Crowder for real content. beep beep…

  20. How is Thor's hammer not made out of this stuff??? Or at least smelted in a Thorium furnace or something….Marvel dropped the ball on that one….

  21. Wish you couldget the info without the personalities of these emotional nitwits….theyd be funny if their potential to stir up violence and immoraloity wasnt so effective

  22. Jesus will save from evil only those who want to be, Sir. Please consider becoming one of them. With my deepest regards

  23. I made my own electric pedal bike have a solar panel to charge the batteries very rarely have to plug it the wall only on days I run it

  24. Just watched this, 4.5 years later… LOL!!! HYPERLOOP!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! THE FUTURE IS NOW!!! LOL!!!

  25. Odin actually never promised to rid the world from Ice Giants. At least not in the actual mythology (comic books dont count). But it doesn't make the meme any less hilarious. =oD

  26. If thorium was is incredibly dense, then wouldn't it be a measurement of volume that the company would be flaunting instead of weight? 8 grams of thorium is about .8 cubic centimeters, that is incredibly tiny, and would do LITERALLY nothing. Perhaps something that uses a measurement of volume would work better. Such as meters cubed. It is the same thing as saying you can run a car off of 8 grams of water because it is so dense. That is stupid, and weight is not the correct measurements.

  27. Tyt have absolutely no brains. Even though thorium has lower waste than uranium, that doesn't make it environmentally safe. Imagine if every car tire was a thorium generator. And look how many abandoned car tires you see. Nuclear powered cars were proposed in the 50s, but they were abandoned for the same reason. Google Ford nucleon.

  28. Let’s hear you say those things about Mohammad, but since Jesus is the easier target let’s pick on him right?

  29. Chinese creating a thorium reactor right now. It will take decades for America to catch up with China in this respect. But we will be humbled when we realize we made a mistake and not going with thorium.

  30. Even if they made this car i dont think the rich billionaire oil and gas companies would sit around an lose more money. they would hire a hit man in a second to kill the investors an everybody near that car. So they can keep their business going instead of investing in the car since they have the money already

  31. Just to clarify to people in comments thorium causes alot less radiation than uranium. The main issue is that itvrists the vessal that contains it

  32. I wouldnt be surprised if the owners and engineers all died off in( natural) deaths and then this car was forgotten about in 10 years like everything helpful cor humanity has happened recently.

  33. The US discovered the Thorium technology first but let China steal our research and build their Thorium based nuclear energy and technologies. Oil companies also paid the Democrat, CIA… to take Nixon down, they nixed it!
    Now they're doing everything to keep Trump busy defending himself from the Russian collusion and impeachment, etc, so he cannot go further with his energy independence innovation, and declassify the Nixon's UFO capsule which his uncle John Trump had also involved.
    The Democrat party has been bought by foreign countries to destroy America and obstruct clean and abundant energy for humanity!

  34. OK – so a couple boneheaded journalists tell of the wonder-drug Thorium which can power a car for 100 years and Voila – we must get rid of this nasty oil and use nice clean burning rocks. And it's been proven to work by a scientist in the 1940 and 50's. You know what was also tested in the 40's and 50's and thought to be safe? Well, asbestos for one. They made baby clothes out of it, decorated houses with it, even fake christmas trees… But no, i'm talking about putting thousands of service men on ships in the ocean to watch a nuclear bomb go off to see what happened to them. Thorium is safe. You can pick it up and not melt. But to harness it's power it needs to be irradiated, and when you do that it releases U-232 which is a very unhealthy dose of radiation. Think about that the next time your kid gets in a fender bender in your car. Then of course is the problem of low-pressure fission requires water for controlled power cycle. How do we store water in a vehicle that is exposed to sub-freezing temperatures? And what happens if the system springs a leak and the U-232 water runs into the drinking water supply? And unlike a nuclear reactor that runs pretty much continually – how do we start/stop the thorium reactor every time we need to run to the store? There will be no outlet to bleed the power from the system. I say we go back to baby clothes made from asbestos – it sounds safer…

  35. Kinda funny that Ana Kasparian – an Armenian name – is on a show called "The Young Turks", named after the people who caused the Armenian genocide?!

  36. Come on guys. U know very well that the human hand innovate allot of alternative resources of energy but nobody dare to use it . We r in Oily world .

  37. Geez, you guys need to do some research :
    (1) Thorium as a nuclear option was not jinxed by Nixon – it was well known as an option before the (uranium/plutonium) nuclear bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Hence, the decision to go the uranium + plutonium option was made during WW II (Roosevelt), because it could be weaponised (and feed the military -industrial complex , as well as Big Construction). Thorium is much more plentiful than uranium (though both has enough resources though to last for centuries).
    FYI a Thorium reactor is also safe, since it can be shut down in a second, simply by stopping the electron accelerator used to activate the thorium – no overheating & no meltdown will occur. It also has orders of magnitude less nuclear waste that uranium/plutonium based reactors – in fact, it's claimed that it can in fact use up existing uranium nuclear waste (this needs to be verified though).
    (2) Not much further research is necessary – all the necessary fundamental research had been done a long time ago, but was obviously shelved. It can no doubt be improved upon of course.
    (3) Development of thorium reactors will not likely be done anytime soon (though at least China does have one or two running) – due to Big Construction & MI Complex running government.
    (4) The Lord Jesus Christ had never stated His objective was to rid the world of evil, quite the contrary, He clearly stated huge evil to come (already happening)- what Bible have you (not) been reading ? At least get your facts straight !

  38. Greed will kill thorium! Anything to eliminate gas fuel will be eliminated! US going on opposite direction. China goes electric, China builds bridges, US builds walls! Who is communist?

  39. Have YOU seen any Ice Giants? (Feel free to comment your sightings/findings below. Btw, we all KNOW you haven't. No hard feelings. Odin wins.)

  40. Oh shit if this is true then their making a competitor called Lokium 😂😂😂 watch out Thorium ur evil brother is coming 😂😂😂

  41. No one gets away with murder anymore they just rewind the satellite video to the minute on the grid, you ever see your car on google maps if you zoom in well it’s way more sophisticated, even if u wore a mask they can rewind the week before in the area, they always wait a month to bust the murderer so no one catches on, they have to make it seem like hard detective work, they also have shot cams that can tell difference from gun and fireworks, as soon as you fire gun it pinpoints location and snaps photo, there is so much more tech but this is really all they need.

  42. there is a video saying this is all bullshit, and if you think about it a moment you will agree it is too good to be true

  43. Wow, it took a whopping 1:56 for Cenk to get political. What a mindless hack. And Ana, did you even take high school chemistry? Obviously not.

  44. Lots of claims about how great nuclear power is, due mainly to the power density. The world does not run on power density, that is why solar PV and Wind are displacing fossil fuels and nuclear power. If the nuclear proponents want to make some headway, they need to make a dryer sized box that powers a home for 30 years, and displaces grid electricity, natural gas, wind, solar, etc at the consumer price, not the utility price. Something like an average of 30KWH per day, with peak power of 50 KW, should do the job. Come on nukes, make the product!

  45. careful… The Industrialist and Politicians might report that the inventor "Did a suicide" God please let this become a commercially viable solution within our lifetime… enough with the Big oil already.

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