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Car Rides – Trying Asian Snacks

Car Rides – Trying Asian Snacks

Hey guys, I’m Veronica. I’m Vanessa. And welcome to another car rides! I just spit.This is car rides where we get in the car and we just ride in the car. And we talk, today we have a mission We need to get mangos, for our mom But she wants us to go to this specifically go to this specific store which is not close but we’re going to go get mangoes We should write a song about mangoes. Gonna get mangoes, gonna get mangoes, we’re gonna do the tango while we get mangoes Mangoes, mangoes, mangoes, mangoes, tango, tango, tango, tango. Gonna get mangoes while we do the tango Tango, tango, tango, tango, mangoes, mangoes, mangoes, mangoes, mangoes. Ow! Oh, sorry, I just elbowed your elbow. You went like [grunts]. I elbowed your elbow. [coughs] Roni, don’t do that! Guys I actually- Gonna get mangoes, gonna get mangoes [laughs] -don’t like mangoes. Gonna get mangoes, gonna get mangoes- Maybe we should make a different song. What? Can you come up with a mango song? I like my mango song. We’re gonna get mangoes. We’re not gonna do the tango. Because it makes me angro So let’s go get some mangoes, we’re gonna get mangoes, we’re not gonna do the tango ’cause it makes me really angro So let’s go get some mangoes It’s hot! Ow, my ears! in my hand if you really knew everything I don’t see [actually], [what] [okay], okay? Bingo Bango Bango when I make those painful things having crappy Harbour I can beat that girl is a real snake [I] [only] [do] this Because I got back mangoes going bankrupt [to] my face – you must be obvious only didn’t ask I am takin English [goin] Baby, [all] right you guys so we’re going to get make our mission is to get mangoes and we’re going to maybe get some something big blonde Teriyaki we got some and you understand even [better] doughnuts, okay [alright], so we got to make oh, oh, oh, I mean those two interests We’ve got and we got some other things. I think first thing you he is okay, so we got we got some asian food We got some mochi. We are so smokey on me, huh? It’s like different Take it melted No What’s wrong? If I move here? What’s wrong with this those were not [the] Multi. I know That person just to anything this is her baby snack. He’s a good little poop. We shout out to a hick We were as we were talking shout out to in Johanna [Kirino] She said to her her favorite snacks. We are depending on your opinion, and I [blokey] you look like a sausage links We love my sausage who’s Josh’s Jackie are brown tito I do it Just drag on a pencil right here On the right guys they don’t look like little cuckoo, but they want to see my charge we said like um So she needs of the pieces graph is idea [okay]? Why did it get tapioca Pearl is it? Skips any fish myself. Do you need me [carry] [it]? What um, we’re going to try [to] I think [you’re] supposed to put them in water for them in water [do] you don’t know how you supposed to eat them? Well, there’s love in case you I’m not [saying] [okay] Watch out for the live broadcast later this week where we make bowl of cheese time for should eat these okay? Get ready for the live broadcast later this week of this. Oh yeah, what the heck is that it’s purple That’s the reason I got it. They’re purple yam. Powdered milk Candy [he’s] [alright] um again. [can’t] a turd milk candies, but there’s purple yam Come on. So interesting [look] at it guys. Oh one [two] see [personalities] you [know] what know how bad you don’t like it. Do you? Going on, okay? Don’t touch me you guys, but I saw that and I [was] like what the heck don’t wanna Die okay? So we saw this we don’t know what it is It’s [gooey]. It’s going it looks like cheese for some sleep. You know. It’s like Gelatin pTolemy’s Stop paying to thin Hmm Just feel like anything Yeah no more trash it was Well again, I just love [like] [a] [some] nothing no It’s not not bad. We got mango Me peanut riches. Why are you afraid either? Not like it anyone yourself, okay, I? Want to try these? Candies are carefully ham Candy I Guarantee Spontaneous payment that powered Kenny G no, what happened – [he] said it’s like [truck] Any Cantina music Extro let’s ruin it for me this one is [much]. That’s good. I got three mango nectar [rick] [he] can’t see so you can pick a little fish are You ready? My friend, I think my friend Josh had this was I’m [not] going to like it nice delicious. It’s straight up mango nectar Like a mango you don’t smell it. This is jug. Yeah, [well] it cuz you when you’re gonna. Take a sip, you’re gonna smell it taste make [Moxa] [psyllid] first does We’re late so leave in the comments below What the food we ate was because I was really like to know because I know that’s an Asian store But they had a ton of Japanese Chinese, and I guess filipino food, too So let us know, what snacks we had Ba [La] [haha] laughter hello Wow Hello, hello work, haha Hear you laughing on the other line. [I] like it here Wow, hey, I think I heard you say something. Hello, I need a Mic come I Can’t excuse you fuck you shit. This is hello [she] [takes] [me] paints two more things on phones upside down hello hello hello Maybe you should catch it in your phone around Hello. No. I heard you go home Hola. I’m starting how was the song because of me second to the 5.3 with Latinos in the bag the [bag] being participant at me notice [imagine] every wrinkle Can I thank you can see at the maracle’s where she got was in a bag and we’re going on the [storage]. That’s what which means the bag [hey] ladies and gentlemen Brian Vanessa anything else interesting one opening dose of the bag she Got me holding the bag Coming out in the bag We jumping on the probably jumping on top we got [into] the bag because we use in the bag And thanks for watching if you like to see you, Mr. Of [we] [do] subscribe [to] our channel follow us on all of our social medias make sure to follow us on Twitter and get our Notifications on course you know when we live broadcast. We might do my broadcast of us making those Tapioca balls, so make your say to be diving off a or later this week Check out the [fuzziest] again, and we’ll see you guys next time bye

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100 thoughts on “Car Rides – Trying Asian Snacks

  1. I watched this 2 hours ago and am still walking around the house with 'Mangos in the bag' stuck in my head!! Thanks Veronica.

  2. Omg the Asian food your eating all of them I've eatin ( of course cause I'm a Filipino ) pls eat the yellow moby that's my fave

  3. Roni: this was nessas idea bubble tea
    Nessa: smells it
    Roni: gimme gimme gimme
    Nessa: breaks into song

  4. All goes back to whos most likely to randomly break into song

  5. them eating asian snacks makes me wanna teach them how to properly eat it
    purple yam is a filipino delicacy .. the candies one kinda taste bad because it only cost a penny
    sapin sapin is a sweet type of street food
    Moby is actually a junk food but like a sweet one .
    and lastly mogu mogu (what vanessa is drinking)
    is a juice with nata de coco

  6. I watched this video so many times .. the mango song never gets old
    Nessa's mango song 😂
    This is how many people love Roni's and laughed at Nessa's

  7. Ohhh!!guys you always make me smile when ever i watch you videos love you i hope you love sapin sapin hhhahahahah!!!!

  8. pulls out some moby from my bag

    Nessa and roni: so we're going to try asian food first one up is moby

    eats moby with the merrell twins

    Btw the snacks you just ate are filipino snacks

  9. Some of those were in Philippines, the Sapin-sapin, Moby, those purple candy yams AND the Mogu-Mogu Nessa drank when Roni drank the stuff that Nessa smelled. Those are DELICIOUS!

  10. Gonnas get Mangos gonna get Mangos,were gonna do the tango while we get Mangos Manago,Mangos Mangos tangos tangos tango tannnnnngggggoooooossssss!

  11. How can you not like mangoes?? Who else has seen the video with Oli White (I think, I am probs wrong) where they ate all the foods that the Merrell Twins ate, and one was mangoes. Such a good video, though.
    Their harmonies though!!

  12. I comment every time I rewatch a video. I wonder how many times I repeated myself or talked about the same thing lol. For all I know, I may have made this comment here already.

  13. Who else realized that there user name is merrelltwins and it used to be Merrell Twins

    I just realized this cause I have nothing to do in my life…

  14. Hi guys:D
    i love you so much and I've been watching you guys from the beginning<3 and btw, the Sapin- Sapin is a Filipino dessert and your supposed to eat it with the dip that came with it;) but i love how you loved the MOBY, its my fave snack for philippines!!

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