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Car Rental in Penang, MY | Big Thumb Rent a Car Ventures

Car Rental in Penang, MY | Big Thumb Rent a Car Ventures

Is this your first time in Penang. It’s
actually mine, but I don’t worry at all about transport. Tired of waiting for taxis, other public
transport just to get to somewhere. Hoping on and off buses just to get to a
destination can really spoil your mood. And taxi charges these days are crazy expensive. And I know how to deal with it. Oh my god! I’m so thirsty. I need a drink And what you need to do is rent a car. You don’t need to queue or wait in line, or even go through tons of document registration just to rent a car And what you need is a phone. I mean a smartphone. First, you need to go to and click onto booking now. Go to car rental
reservations. Click on your pick-up location and also your drop-off location.
Pick your car type and your pick-up date also the drop-off date. Just a few clicks
away to book a car of your choice and set the pickup time. The interface is
user-friendly and easy to manage And do you know that Big Thumb car rental offers the lowest
prices for any types of cars, compared to other companies. So what can I do with
all this money saved from choosing Big Thumb? Ahh, I can’t wait any longer ! The moment you walk out the airport the
car is here waiting for you. You don’t even need to say a word The journey starts now. It’s now 12:15am, and if you have to rent a car from other car rental companies, their operation counters would be closed by now. But that’s not the case for Big Thumb. Big Thumb always caters to your needs. Their friendly, affordable, convenient and efficient. Oh yeah, and one more thing, Big Thumb car rental, just a few clicks away.

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