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Car Rental in Cebu – Services

Car Rental in Cebu – Services

If you’re wondering what kind of services
Cebu Rent a Car provides? Here are some other Services we provide. We provide wedding car
service, Cebu Rent A Car has a full range of wedding cars that suits various wedding
transport budgets. We also give Sightseeing Service, Cebu Rent A Car offers a service
for those individuals and corporate clients who has plans on traveling or just sightseeing
with the standards of having a safety and comfortable travel. We also offer Personal
Tours, This services are intended for those individuals with plans of School outings,
Family reunion, Company tours and Etc. Lastly, we have Airport or Pier transfer service,
Cebu Rent A Car gives this services of those individuals who wants a safety and comfortable
travel going to there designated flights or shipboard. So, If you need one of those services
just give us a call!

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