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Car Park Surfacing and Parking Reinforcement With Gridforce

Car Park Surfacing and Parking Reinforcement With Gridforce

This video demonstrates the installation of
Gridforce ground reinforcement grids being used for grass covered car parking area. Gridforce is a durable, sustainable system
that provides strong support to car park surfacing with proper drainage and anti-weed protection.
The honeycomb system allows for seeding for normal grass growth, while the 100% recycled
grids provide strong support for up to 400 tonnes per square meter. Installation of this car park surfacing is
simple: A permeable sub-base material is spread and
leveled over the chosen area. Over that sub-base level, a layer of sharp
sand is spread and thoroughly compacted to create a flat and level surface for the base
of the car park. Coarse sand is the most effective solution at this stage. Sand can easily be leveled by hand using rakes
or (if necessary) it could be screeded. Once the sub-surface of the car park is prepared
and leveled, then Gridforce car park surfacing grids can be laid. Where necessary the grids
can be cut to fit into awkward angles or unusual spaces. An angle grinder is usually the best
tool for cutting the right shapes. The ground reinforcement grids are interlocked, keeping
them firmly and tightly in place as the process continues. The edges of each grid have tabs on them that
neatly interlock with complementary groves on other grids. The Gridforce system is able to cover a small
or large area in a short space of time. The grids are easy to drop and click into place
and need minimal effort. Once the grids are laid they can be settled
into place using a vibrating plate compactor. Once that’s complete, you can simply fill
the grids with your chosen topsoil and seed with grass.

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