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Car Inspected1967 Ford Mustang pre purchase by Car Inspected In Kingston Ontario (2/2)

Car Inspected1967 Ford Mustang pre purchase by Car Inspected In Kingston Ontario (2/2)

hi everyone, This is Sinan From Car Inspected
and today We’re taking a look at this 1967 ford Mustang, It’s the convertible, and its
the, the pony as it’s called. the 289. We’ll start with the… Let’s start from the corner. And we’ll do a slow walk around. The engine started right up, and we verified
the transmission, the clutch, It’s in operational, in working order. great, ok. So, going into the interior. Some rubber needs to be replaced, Car was
repainted, about, i’d say, a 20 year old paint job. Get to the inside. The inside of the roof is in very good condition. This was installed, I doubt that it’s been
used much, since its been installed. These are the sun visors. Ashtray, This one needs to be adjusted. but as you can see, it does move up. but moving it down, it doesnt slide down. Alignment of panels here. Well let’s see if this side also works, as
you can see the rubber is old, but i dont want to cause more harm to the panel. As you saw from the interior is not in bad
shape. It’s in a good shape. The handbrake actually works, which is pretty
cool. The seats both slide front to back, I dont
see any installation of seat belts. Acouple of things to go through, number one
is the trunk space, so, key in right here. Here we go. inside of the trunk. This is the top of the fuel tank. This is the jack, and some 289 badges. Chrome trim and floor mats. you can see the
wiring . Let’s do Engine. So this is the handbrake, I have yet to test
these. Just taking a look at the engine while it’s
quite, before starting her up. Shocks, i think shocks need to be replaced. They are not in bad shape, but i can see that
they do need a replacement. Alright. Now. Let’s hear her rumble. I think the steering definitely needs to be
adjusted or replaced (the whole steering mechanism). So, we are in neutral. And the hand brake is engaged. Wipers. Radio, Let’s see, if it works. IT WORKS. Radio works, that’s great. Now let’s check,… The fan comes on too. And the doors as well, The defrost, or defog,
is not working. The lights, on. Horn Works as well. Tire tread depth is at least 7/32 of an inch.
or about, more than 5mm. Very smooth, a healthy engine. Looks good from every angle. Paint Thickness Measurements. It’s a… The body is solid. So there are some panels that have Bondo,
or filler, but it’s not to cover a hole. It’s just to
make the panel flat. or the surface flat. We went through with a magnet to verify if
everything is good, and everything turned out fine. This is a little bit thick here. Just randomly taking points for paint thickness. now , just to show you quickly, This is the
high beam, on/off. I’m gonna put it in reverse. Hand brake is off. As you can see, the car is moving. And in First gear now, OK. I had engaged the clutch fully, and disengaged
it, and it’s fine. Hand brake is very solid. i dont know what this is… oh, ok, that was
for the top. Ashtray. It is operational. I cant confirm the functionality here, but
i can confirm that this is working, this is working as well. Temperature doesnt seem to be, honestly. Gas, is a, not sure… I cant, i’m not a 100% sure, but i know that
the car has some old gas in it, that’s why i’m letting it run to consume as much gas
as possible. So that they put fresh fuel after. ok, keys in the ignition. Horn works, as we mentioned. Well, one final walk around. definitely a solid car, but needs some care,
just showing you the condition of the paint, just reflection off of the passenger side. Alright, well. This has been Sinan From Car Inspected. And this was a pre purchase inspection on
this 1967 Ford Mustang in Kingston Ontario. just a couple of hours away from Toronto. There should be another video with the underbody,
or the undercarriage. we’re putting it on a hoist to check it out,
because the seller happens to have access to a hoist, so when that is available, we
do put it up, if the seller allows it of course. Thank you for watching.

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