100 thoughts on “Car Hunk – SNL

  1. I have never understood why the guy in the real show just don't say no wait your turn when they say can I steal him a sec..

  2. Aidy is so freaking hilarious. Her, Cecily & Kate are the current queens of SNL. 🙌🏻 Being that funny is a gift & I’m glad they’re sharing it with the world. 🌎 😃

  3. I must be the only person that hates the Tide Pods joke lol. It feels like they wrote it in after the script was made to put it out there while it was trending. Just didn’t land well for me, idk. Love these Bachelor skits though!

  4. Oh dear, I got to how strong Jessica has become after training for many movies… poor Aidy seems to be hurt, but nonetheless everyone made we giggle hard!

  5. I'm half black and I have curly hair. I wouldn't even make it through the audition process.

  6. I had missed this one, this skit still has legs. Fun to see Melissa and Heidi getting a chance to steal him for a moment. I like that.

  7. “Well most of the people of my town don’t have teeth, so, I’m their queen there.” This was like the funniest joke in the sketch and no one mentions it in the comments. lmao

  8. Jessica Chastain is good in this sketch.I mean she was better than others.It is Natural in a way that rest are not,it is a subdued comedy.

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